18 Must-Haves For Every Willow Rosenberg From Buffy Fan

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It’s been 20 years since Buffy Summers and her friends hit our screens for the first time, and we can hardly believe it. One of the characters on the show that had one of the biggest arcs over the seasons was Willow. You don’t always hear many people talking about her, but her story was relatable to a lot of people. We’ve compiled 18 must have gifts that every Willow fan should have in their collection.

 1. Willow and Tara Forever T-Shirt

Willow and Tara Forever T-ShirtSource: lookhuman.com
Don’t talk to us about Willow and Tara. In fact, don’t talk to us about Tara Maclay’s fate at all. Seriously. As far as we’re concerned, Kennedy didn’t happen and Willow and Tara became The Rosenbergs. Don’t fight us on this!

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2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Funko POP! Willow Rosenberg

Funko POP! Willow Rosenberghttp://amzn.to/2ntzUX5Source: amazon.com
We freakin’ love our Funk POP!s and we are more than happy to leave our collection behind in our wills. This adorable Season 1 Willow vinyl figure does its job of showing us the softer side of Sears.

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3. Willow Rosenberg Votive Prayer Candle

Willow Rosenberg Votive Prayer CandleSource: etsy.com
Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of Sunnydale, by the powers of witches everywhere — sorry, God — you can pray to Willow as your Wiccan Goddess daily or nightly. Or not at all. Just watch the world burn.

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4. “Willow Volume 1: Wonderland” BtVS eBook

Willow Wonderland BookSource: amazon.com
This graphic novella combines inimitable artwork and more into Willow Rosenberg’s individual psyche. It’s about time we had her take on things. Can she keep the darkness out of Sunnydale as well as herself?

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5. Dark Willow “Bored Now” Hand Painted Mug

Dark Willow Bored Now MugSource: etsy.com
Dark Willow was kind of our favorite. Willow Rosenberg as we hadn’t seen her before: dark, and a little bit gay. She opened a host of questions for real-verse Willow and if you don’t have this phrase in your vocab, what is your childhood trauma??

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6. Willow’s Ugly Pink Sweater iPhone Case

Willow’s Ugly Pink Sweater iPhone CaseSource: lookhuman.com
You know the one. Yeeeaaaah, you do. Willow didn’t know it then, but in hipster 2017, she’d have been all the rage. Now you can be by dolling up your phone.

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7. Vintage Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Willow” Action Figure

Vintage Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Willow” Action FigureSource: amazon.com
Official vintage figurine of Season 1 Willow from the 6” collection (2000), she is long, long out of production. Perfect gift for hardcore BtVS collectors and Willow fans alike.

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8. “The Many Faces of…” Willow Rosenberg Women’s Scoop Tee

Willow Rosenberg ShirtSource: redbubble.com
Light or dark, everybody has a bit of both to their personalities. Willow’s just happens to be a little more… vein-y. (No? Mmk.) With this t-shirt, you can have every side of her.

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9. The Official Grimoire: A Magical History of Sunnydale by Willow Rosenberg

The Official Grimoire BookSource: amazon.com
Author A. M. Robinson has compiled a book full of spells and magical stories, as told to by Willow herself! Every witch needs her book of charms and with the grimoire, you can add your own.

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10. Willow and Tara “Lesbian Gay-type Lovers” Text Print

Lesbian Gay Type Lovers Art PrintSource: etsy.com
Pride season is almost upon us but why wait until then? If you and your girlfriend are both Buffy fans, or even if you just love what it says, we cannot recommend this adorable, unique print of Willow’s timeless coming out enough.

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11. ToyFare Exclusive BtVS Collection: Vampire Willow

Vampire Willow Action FigureSource: amazon.com
Vampire Willow returns with a vengeance in this official, exclusive figurine. In all of her goth-bae glory, she even has a blood-spattered base, true-to-Evanescence color palette.

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12. Wood Antique Leather Look Book Box

Antique Leather Book Box SetSource: amazon.com
Tuck away all your spells and totems in these book-shaped boxes that will transform your shelves into The Magic Box. Trick demons and Xander alike!

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13. Black Velvet Pentagram Choker Necklace

Pentagram Chocker NecklaceSource: etsy.com
Whoever thought the 90’s would come back this soon? (No, it hasn’t been 20 years. You’ve been 20 years!) We love chokers, and we know Willow would own six of these. Why wouldn’t she?

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14. Willow Rosenberg Occult Tarot Card Sticker

Willow Rosenberg Occult Tarot Card StickerSource: redbubble.com
Emblazon your laptop or tablet with this sticker. A hand-drawn design that’s a wonderfully unique take on tarot and — BONUS! — if touched, won’t hex anyone. Can’t lose.

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15. Vintage Buffy the Vampire Slayer Paperback: “The Willow Files Vol. 1”

The Willow Files Vol. 1 BookSource: amazon.com
This book series was released in the 90’s. (I know because I’m old and I owned them.) If you want to know more about our favorite witch, why not start by reading about how she overcame her painful shyness? How she fell in love with Oz? (#dreamysigh)

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16. Literary Jewelry Willow’s Witchcraft Book Earrings

Willow’s Witchcraft Book EarringsSource: etsy.com
Show the world you can read and the neighborhood that you’re their friendly — or not so friendly — witch with these danglies.

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17. Scented “Sunnydale Library” Candle

Scented “Sunnydale Library” CandleSource: etsy.com
Smell is one of the strongest senses that connect us to our memories. Bring back the days of working after hours in the library, researching demons, opening hellmouths. Y-y-ou… mean we… weren’t… supposed to do that?

Get the Sunnydale Library Candle on etsy.com

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Complete DVD Series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Complete DVD SeriesSource: amazon.com
All seven seasons of Joss Whedon’s genre-breaking show pulled into one slinky red package. It’s perfect. You know what we say, treat. yo. self. Put aside a week and binge them, and feel all the feels there is to feel.

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