Cool Batman Car Accessories for your Batmobile

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Whether you love your cars, have people you love that love their cars, or generally just enjoy pretty things, there are a ton of cool car accessories out there. Those accessories get even cooler when you throw geekiness into the cauldron and out spits BATMAN car accessories.

We’ve thrown together the most awesome Batman car stuff we’ve found, so look no further than here! (If you’re more of an arty type, we’ve got some Batman wall art for you, too…)

1. License Plate (Maybe Not) to Kill!

Batman Chrome Gotham License PlateSource:

You are the Dark Knight, defender of Gotham City. You are the boy whose parents died after a particularly mediocre opera (or whatever the Waynes had been to before their mugging, in the last Batman oriented piece of media you imbibed). You’re a model, you’re perfect, you’re Linda Ebatgelista.

All jokes aside, if you’ve got a car and you love Batman, I don’t think there’s a neater car accessory to have. If there is, I’d like to see it. This license plate is solid chrome with edges that mimic Batman’s famed ride, the Batmobile and it’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve seen in my life. After Poison Ivy, that is.

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2. A List of Batman Car Accessories Needs to Include a Bobblehead

Funko Robin Dashboard BobbleheadSource:
Why shouldn’t that wacky wobbler be vintage Adam West-era Robin? Funko, masters of the fandom, have covered all bases when it comes to collectible vinyl figurines. When I first saw them, I did have a moment where I wondered if these were the new bobbleheads, or if their heads did in fact nod up and down like those dogs everybody used to have. That’s what they reminded me of. Seeing actual bobbleheads for your car created by Funko makes me feel warm inside. Robin isn’t the only dashboard buddy you can get, either…

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3. Pimp Your Ride with these Cushioned Batman Seat Covers

Batman Car Seat CushionSource:
Even these days with car seats that have been manufactured for our comfort, sometimes a drive can be too long and your butt can start aching. I’m not sure when car seat covers became uncool or if they ever did/were, to begin with, but comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your fancy vacuumed car seats for what can only serve to remind a person of being too short to see out of car windows. These Batman car seats are so comfortable, you might not even remember you’re sitting on them. BUT when you do, you’ll stand up and see the Batman logo. And for a minute, all will be right with the world.

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4. Let Batman Take Care of the Guy Honking At You to Speed Up

Batman Car Laptop DecalSource:
This decal will stare menacingly at anybody that’s trying to get your license plate number, literally to complain about the fact you’re going at the legal limit and so it’s your fault they can’t overtake. It’s going to come in real handy, we’ll leave it at that. This is one of several of the Batman car accessories on our list that can come in different sizes/forms, including smaller decals in both black or white, in case you wanted one for your laptop or tablet too. Boy, do we love a cool, multitasking geek accessory.

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5. Spruce Up Your Hitch with this 3D Batman Hitch Cover

Batman 3D Hitch CoverSource:
“Hitch covers. Why?” An essay by anybody that hasn’t had a hitch cover but have wondered why their hitch was getting a little rusty. I shan’t pretend to know the ins and outs of vehicular encyclopedias (should they exist) but I can tell you, truthfully, that everything looks good with a chrome Batman bat on it. Batman socks, Batman coffee mugs, your car, you name it! Batman car accessories might start on the dashboard, but don’t let them end there. We’re just getting started.

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6. Don’t Forget Your Keys!

Batman KeychainSource:
Literally, you’re going to need your car keys if you want to even get into your car. Sure, you might be able to hotwire, but I’d class that as being in more of an Arkham resident’s skillset than Batman. Then again, who knows! All good car keys need a good keychain and this strong rubber Batman one is the ideal, low key (ha) addition to your set of keys. The only thing better would be one of those that whistle every time you lose them, but they can just get annoying…

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7. Don’t Forget Your Batman Air Fresheners Either, They’re Indispensable!

Batman Logo Air Fresheners 2pkSource:
At the very least, they’re gonna make the Batmobile smell less like you’ve just been in the sewers searching (again) for Killer Croc and more like you’ve bathed yourself in magnolia and lemon. These air fresheners are necessary Batman car accessories to have. They don’t stick out as much as seat covers or mats would, but they’re an understated way of maintaining your geekery at the best and the worst of times. (And they smell so freakin’ good).

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8. OR Your Thick, Durable Rubber Car Mats – Batboots Get Messy

Batman Rubber Car MatsSource:
Fighting crime isn’t the cleanest of jobs. It’s no cleaner doing it in the city than it would be in the country. The streets of Gotham are grimy, and you’re not gonna find the Joker or Penguin hanging around in a fancy hotel with golden chandeliers. At least not unless they’re planning to destroy it. Your boots are going to get messy and if you’ve just had Alfred clean up the Batmobile by changing the interiors, the last thing he’s gonna want to see is whatever you’ve picked up on your night out hunting down the Scarecrow. Every driver needs these rubber mats (bats??) if they value their vehicles.

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9. This Chrome Batman Emblem Can Go Anywhere on Your Car!

Batman Bat Chrome EmblemSource:
This badge doesn’t limit you to having Batman car accessories that require a specific car part. Or, like, a car at all. There aren’t many symbols cooler or more recognizable than the Bat signal. I don’t know about you, but every time I see it I get a sense of belonging. Like I may not be a billionaire orphan but by God could I be played by Christian Bale on a bad day. Spruce up your car/room/life with the only chrome bat you’ll ever need. Make your own day. Make the driver behind’s day, as well.

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10. Soothe Your Shoulders with Batman Seatbelt Covers

Batman Padded Fiber Seatbelt CoversSource:
We all know by now that it’s not safe to not wear a seatbelt. Something we tend to forget when we call an uber or jump in a taxi at the first opportunity. Back in the day, cars didn’t have them, and then when they did start to get them, for a while they were only in the front and middle seats. That made for literal cutting discomfort when wearing seatbelts became a requirement, and stuck around into adulthood when you just kind of can’t breathe. These Batman seatbelt covers will ease all of your worries, your shoulders, AND will make wearing a seatbelt cool as well as life-saving.

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11. Freshen Up with a Wobbly Batman!

Batman Character Air FreshenerSource:
Sometimes a novelty air freshener is as exciting as seatbelt covers that aren’t going to make you want to risk your life. When they smell good, it doesn’t really matter how they look, but when they smell good and happen to look like one of your favorite characters from your favorite franchises… I mean, it’s Batman. Adam West blended with Michael Keaton Batman. And it’s gonna make your car smell good enough to eat.

I wouldn’t, though…

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12. These Batman Projector Emblems Will Bring the Joy Back to Driving

 Wireless LED Batman Welcome Laser LightsSource:
Doesn’t matter if you’ve been stuck in traffic for an hour at six in the morning on your way to work, or if the school run ran late because everybody drives these days. When you’re where you want to be and you open your car door, then people around you stare agape at the Bat signal appearing on the floor underneath your doors as if by magic, all the time spent singing along to the Carpenters (again) is going to have been worth it. With these Batman LED projectors, there’ll always be a bat light at the end of your tunnel.

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