Legendary League of Legends Merchandise for Leaguers Far and Wide

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League is a game that gets under your skin, digs its claws in, and injects itself into your system.

It’s a game that you go to bed thinking about, wake up thinking about, and dream about in between.

There are only a couple of games that do this. The other being Tetris. These games couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t change the fact that, well… yeah.

So, have a look at this awesome League of Legends merchandise. Because I am, if nothing else, an enabler…

1. They Say Honesty is the Best Policy, Don’t They?

League of Legends ShirtSource: Amazon

They say a lot of things. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong. As far as League of Legends merchandise and the gamer base itself goes, I'd say They have it on the money this time. Do you think this They is just a supervillain or mastermind that goes by the name They?  

  It would make so much sense as to why their name is brought up as much as God's or varying forms of excrement depending on the age of the audience. No shade to Din, Nayru, and Farore, but I think we have a brand new threesome in town. (It's all right, we still feature cool Legend of Zelda posters).

Get this funny League of Legends shirt on amazon.com

2. Shiver Me Timbers, Miss Fortune is Lookin’ Poppin’

League of Legends Funko Pop Vinyl Miss FortuneSource: Amazon

The only misfortune here is that I had to limit the number of League pops I feature. They're all perfect, and choosing which to include was the hardest thing I've ever done in the last twenty-four hours. That's including getting up. (I know, right?) Miss Fortune had the edge. I'm afraid of her. She's a babely bounty hunter and damage is a class I suck at in League and every game like it. (But hey, I'm a healer. DPS and I need each other).

Get the Miss Fortune pop on amazon.om

3. Well, Rammus Just Upgraded From Scary to Adorable

LoL Rammus League of Legends PlushSource: Amazon

I mean, I say scary. He was never really scary (only frustrating, and only in going up against him) but compared to this plush version of him, a tiny kitten with long whiskers, mewing into its bowl of food is scary. (Sure, you can watch it sixty times, but come back when you're done!) A plush armored-dillo is precisely what you need this Christmas-slash-birthday-slash-random day of the year. He'll damn well sure chase away those Predator action figures.

Get this deluxe Rammus plush on amazon.com

4. Do We Think This Can Withstand Coffee?

League of Legends Merchandise Glass Mug LoLSource: Amazon

Likely not. But, in my never-ending search for a coffee mug that's as big as my head (the closest we've gotten so far are these Batman cookie jars and they are, well, cookie jars). The steins we found for our Game of Thrones merchandise article could, possibly, be up there, but they weren't glass like these ones are and where's the fun of not being able to show everyone you drink a vat of strong, black coffee every day?  

  I guess I can wait a little longer. There are some Star Wars must-haves when it comes to coffee. I'll distract myself with those.

Get the League of Legends pint glass on amazon.com

5. Ashe-tually, Art is Cooler Than Even Dan Brown Would Believe

Ashe League of Legends Canvas Wall Art PrintSource: Amazon

Dan Brown as in the writer and novelist a bunch of people claim to hate but they keep making movies of because, despite the arguments, he writes some fricken cool stories. This wall art is absolutely stunning. I find there's a lot of League of Legends art and posters out there that it wouldn't take a lot of convincing for me to put on any one of my walls. Which... kinda makes it a shame I don't have too many of them to do just that. Which is why, geeklets, we must combine our arty League of Legends merchandise collections.

Get this Ashe canvas art on amazon.com

6. There’s No Way You Can Hat(e) Any League of Legends Merchandise

League of Legends Merchandise Cosplay Hat ReplicaSource: Amazon

Not especially when there are replicas like Teemo's hat here. The bucket hat trend of 90's England might be over, but if you ask me, the rarer it is to see somebody wearing something, the more you should want to wear it. (Case in point, any of these Joker shoes are so much more rad than my Batman ones - and I love my Batman kicks). This could work for a cosplayer, a costume party, or just wear it to kick around the house and play League in. Whichever way you choose to go, you can't go wrong with Teemo.

Get the replica of Teemo's hat on amazon.com

7. Try Not to Jinx Yourself Next Time You Play

Jinkx League of Legends Action Figure LoL MerchandiseSource: Amazon

It'll be hard because, if you're anything like me, as evidenced by these League of Legends hoodies, Jinx is one of your favorite League characters. To have a statue of her looking like Tank Girl threw up all over Jet Girl and out popped Jinx would make you the highlight of all Leaguers. At the very least, you'd see it every day and feel happier about being who you are; never a feeling to be trifled with as a geek. (And yes, we have Tank Girl merchandise too. I'm way too easy to please if you serve up a rad female character).

Get this Jinx statue on amazon.com

8. Thresh is Tote-ally Intimidating

Thresh Tote Bag LoL League of Legends BagsSource: TeePublic

How badass do you have to be to be drawn in chibi form and still maintain every ounce of intimidation you had when you were -- how do I say this without insulting Thresh to his face? -- a horrifyingly creepy Maleficent-looking mofo? The answer is very. Which Thresh is and should gloss over the 'horrifyingly creepy' part to get to the message that really matters: Thresh is very badass. (And cute. But cute has its limits).

Get this Thresh tote on teepublic.com

9. Jhin is Canvassing to be Your One and Only

Jhin Canvas Print League of Legends Wall ArtSource: TeePublic

Sorry, Jinx and Thresh, this canvas might have helped him to win me over. I still love you guys, it's just... I mean, we've grown apart in the last two seconds between my saying you guys were my favorites and me seeing this piece of League of Legends merchandise. You understand. Sometimes time is our biggest obstacle. It's not you guys, it's me.  

  And how much I love this Jhin print, a lot of it to do with the fact it reminds me of V from V for Vendetta... Also? Death masks.

Get this Jhin canvas print on teepublic.com

10. Surprise Your League Buddies with a Funko-n Cool Gift

League of Legends Pop Limited Edition Collector's BoxSource: Amazon

Video games and the element of surprise go hand-in-hand (if they're a good game), so what does this collector's box of super secret League of Legends pop-related collectibles contain? I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you (on a Steam game of my choice, 'cause I'm only good at, like, one). Oh, heck. You convinced me. (But seriously, let me choose the game). The Funko collector box contains a mini Lucian, a pocket pop Thresh keychain, and Amumu. (A pop of Amumu, not a mumu. Silly).

Get the limited edition LoL POP collector's box on amazon.com

11. You Have Gravesly Underestimated the Power of a Cool Phone Case

Graves League of Legends Phone Case iPhone X SamsungSource: TeePublic

That's not hard to do. There are so many phone case choices out there that you might be wondering why iPhone hasn't made it so that you can put two of them on your phone at once yet. I suspect it being too bulky and not being able to see the screen has something to do with it, but why would I practice logic when I'm overwhelmed by choosing between Overwatch phone cases and Deadpool phone cases? I have to, quote Graves, /deal with it/. I mean, there are worse things than having too many choices...

Get the Graves phone case on teepublic.com

12. You Must Always Adhere to the Scout’s Code (Unless You’re Using the Bathroom)

Scout's Code Poster League of Legends Wall ArtSource: Amazon

How different is the Scout's Code to the Jedi code? (See the latter amongst these Star Wars posters). Teemo probably hasn't heard of the Jedi one, so he had to adhere to his own rules when it comes to no emotion, just peace; no chaos, only harmo-- wait, that is the Jedi code. So, wait, what is the Scout's code then, huh Teemo? Maybe if we search inside of the quotes on this poster we might actually find it without having to ask him (thereby distracting him from losing yet another match).

Get this League of Legends poster on amazon.com

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