League of Legends Hoodies You Can Wear While You Game

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Last night I had An Experience™ with another battle game that’s gonna remain nameless. Because of it, I figured: Why not go back to LoL? You used to be so good at it!

(LoL, as an acronym, is right).

It did remind me how good of a game it is, though, so while I’m gonna have to practice again, there’s nothing stopping me from looking at League of Legends hoodies to amp me up!

Wanna join me?

1. This Orianna Hoodie is Magic

Orianna HoodieSource: rageon.com
I think the artwork comes from Deviant Art, which tends to be 90% hit, 10% miss. If you have some designs on there you think would make good apparel, this is one of the League of Legends hoodies out there that shows you should give it a go. Orianna’s origin story is one of the saddest in the game. See, she’s actually a robot version of her father’s daughter, killed in battle. Relatable in the fact that she doesn’t always feel like she fits in and that people question whether she feels at all, this design shows both sides of her. And? Both are the same.

Get this Orianna Hoodie on rageon.com

2. Thresh… Being… Adorable, What?

Thresh Shut Up HoodieSource: teepublic.com
Whether he likes it or not — he won’t — this Thresh hoodie sure plays on the Chain Warden’s need to torment. An evil spirit such as this guy shouldn’t be as cute as this Chibi League of Legends hoodie seems to portray him as. But oops, all is fair in love and art, Thresh, I’m afraid. If it eases your conscience (or lack thereof) any, being cute is the ultimate torture for those around you.

Get the Thresh Shut Up Hoodie on teepublic.com

3. These League of Legends Hoodies are so Elegant

Thresh or Yasao HoodieSource: amazon.com

With this, you can pick between one of two designs. Or, you know, get ’em both. The two designs are of Thresh and of Yasuo, so you can either go for your favorite character or your favorite design. If you still can’t decide, go like I did with choosing my new Star Wars comforter and go for good vs evil. At least, “well-meaning” vs “plain evil”. Nobody will judge your choice. Fellow players will want a hoodie like it and those who don’t play won’t know either way.


Get the Thresh or Yasuo Hoodie on amazon.com

4. Mini Gnar in the Streets, Maxi Gnar in the… Streets Also(?)

Cute League of Legends HoodieSource: amazon.com
If you don’t play the game, you’d never know that the adorable fox-like creature on the front of this League of Legends hoodie is actually a hell beast when he’s angry. Look at it from a Mogwai perspective from our article on Gremlin toys: those who haven’t seen the movies would NEVER know what can happen to those adorable creatures if they’re fed after midnight. It’s the cutest creatures that are the most deceiving. (See, Thresh?? I told you so).

Get this Cute League of Legends Hoodie on amazon.com


Dat Ashe HoodieSource: amazon.com

How many times have you League of Legends players said that in your time playing the game? More than fifty, I’d put a buck on it. Archers are generally a pain in the neck in games when you aren’t playing one. Also if you’re playing one and you have crazy lag leading you to not being able to hit anything (raising my hand here, hi). Ashe is an awesome champion, thrust into a role of power at a young age, and is somehow, surprisingly zen.

Again, we say, dat Ashe.

Get Dat Ashe Hoodie on amazon.com

6. Wreak Havoc in This Jinx Hoodie

Jinks HoodieSource: amazon.com
She’d appreciate it if you did, you know how she is. A mixture of Harley Quinn and Animal from the Muppets, Jinx is the loosest cannon ever to be part of the league. We also love her because of it. This Jinx League of Legends hoodie is as unique as the character it portrays. Show your love for the girl who doesn’t care who you are or what you do. We’re all fair game to mess with in her eyes. And, since Harley’s kinda busy with Ivy…

Get this Jinx Hoodie on amazon.com

7. How Can You Not Love Poros?

Cute Poro HoodieSource: teepublic.com
These little guys and girls are literally made with love. They’re the shape of hearts, for crying out loud. If you don’t like them, I’m sorry to break this to you, but, like Thresh, you have no soul. Not to be confused with Tauntauns (there’s no room inside their guts to keep you warm and, also, how dare you?) the Poros inhabit cold climates not because they’re cold, but because they’re warm.

Get this Cute Poro Hoodie on teepublic.com

8. Ryze Up in This League of Legends Hoodie

Ryze the Rogue HoodieSource: rageon.com

When the cold months hit and you don’t have a Poro anywhere close to you, one of the best ways to stay warm is to wear a hoodie and play video games. Better still is to play video games in a League of Legends hoodie and win, which is something you can do with a decent team if you have Ryze on it. One can’t help but wonder what a chill out session would be like with Ryze and Zenyatta from Overwatch. I’m sensing an Enya soundtrack, I don’t know about you.

(Check out these Overwatch gifts!)

Get Ryze the Rogue Hoodie on rageon.com

9. Aatrox a Mate in This Hoodie

Luxury League of Legends HoodieSource: amazon.com

A mate or just somebody to play League of Legends with, depending on what you’re looking for in life. Pokemon Go’s new gym raid feature is lonesome if you don’t have anyone to play with. While League of Legends isn’t as bad, it still sucks to have to go in alone all the time. Still, if you do, Aatrox isn’t a bad character to go in as, and this red and black League of Legends hoodie is probably gonna make you the center of your own universe.

Also known as: being a gamer.

Get this Luxury League of Legends Hoodie on amazon.com

10. Let Blitzcrank “Alien” Through Your Chest

Blitzcrank HoodieSource: amazon.com
We began with Orianna, so it’s natural to end the list with one of her only sort of allies, Blitzcrank. Metal superstars gotta stick together, I’m sure Lars Ulrich has said at some point in time down the way. (Get it? Metallica?) … ANYWHO. Are you after a champion that hits all the right spots of your steampunk obsession? One with a heart of gold and fists of aged bronze? Do you want to channel the Iron Giant in all of his glory? Wear this League of Legends hoodie and you can be him, too.

Get the Blitzcrank Hoodie on amazon.com