God of War Merchandise Even Zeus Would Want a Piece Of

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For any gamer that’s into Greek Mythology and hasn’t played the God of War franchise, you’re missing out. This game series is heaven for Greek Mythology nerds and the God of War merchandise that’s out there is even better.

As a brief, the God of War series pretty much acts as an interactive encyclopedia of Greek Gods. Not to destroy the image any, but you do wind up having to kill most of those Gods. But running into them has the same feeling as discovering a new Marvel character on any of the Lego video games.

Except, you know, with death.

For the latest installment, the main character, once-Spartan, Ghost of Sparta, and eventual God of War, Kratos, finds himself in a realm full of Norse mythology.

It might even make up for how long season 2 of American Gods is taking…

1. Kratos is Hungry for Vengeance (and a Shelf to Live)

God of War StatueSource: Entertainment Earth

It takes a lot of energy to be so angry all of the time, and whether he was charmed to do it or not, Kratos did kill his family. The burden he carries is deserved, but since we have to walk through his story with him, I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially because he looks as cool as he does, bathed in the ashes of the aforementioned family. (Punishment enough?) This limited edition statue of him sneering will give you consistent reminders to start the God of War series over and over again and one freaking cool piece of God of War merchandise.

Get this limited edition Kratos statue on entertainmentearth.com

2. The Ultimate in God of War Merchandise

Source: ThinkGeek

We love books filled with video game art. At Discover Geek, we consider them to be the most essential of cool collector's items and this is even more true in the case of God of War merchandise. Worlds that we could only imagine in our wildest dreams are right there in front of us. Hollywood isn't any good at it. We've all forgot the unnecessary remake of Clash of the Titans back when they were trying to make Sam Worthington happen, right? Or had before I reminded you. Oops. Forgive me and have more cool video game art that can be found in our BioShock merchandise and Overwatch gifts articles, or the Art of Atari hardcover book.

Get the exclusive Art of God of War book on thinkgeek.com

3. Can You Find the Secret?

God of War Collectors BoxSource: Amazon

There's more bits and pieces of God of War merchandise in this collector's box than we know where to start when it comes to listing it all. Every piece of it is a piece we wish we had. Heck, every piece of it is a piece that Athena would wish she had if she hadn't... er... died. A few times. Who said we can't start over? If somebody with a legacy as bloody as Kratos can, any of us can. We haven't played this newest game here at Discover Geek yet, but we can all say that we can't wait to get our hands on it. We want to guess who'd win in a fight: Kratos or Thor? (Or God of War merch vs Thor merchandise).

Get the PS4 Collector's Edition of God of War on amazon.com

4. Wear Your God of War Merch With Pride

God of War Baseball CapSource: Amazon

After months of convincing ourselves that snapbacks and baseball caps would go back out of fashion, we - read as: I - have finally relented to the fact that they're not going anywhere anytime soon. And also, they're actually pretty damn cool when they're not basic sports merch or sports team related. Geeky baseball caps are super fun and unique. Your friends might have Wonder Woman t-shirts and Pac-Man shirts but you? You have God of War merch with style. You have a God of War CAP. What's a Yankee anyway? What's a Laker? Who cares??

Get this God of War baseball cap on amazon.com

5. BOY! If You Get Any God of War Action Figure, Make it This One

God of War Action FigureSource: Amazon

Every fandom has its action figures, but there's something extra special about the God of War action figures that are out there on the market. That special something is that they're covered in the ashes of Kratos's family! No, no. That's morbid. They're just really neat to look at. Take this one for example. If you held it at a distance, approaching enemies wouldn't know whether it was actually Kratos or not. This Kratos action figure is based on the newest game and the level of detail might make you insane with joy.

Get this Kratos action figure on amazon.com

6. The Axe is the Only Reliable Narrator Here

God of War ShirtSource: Amazon

Genuinely, the stuff that Kratos's axe has seen would make the least squeamish of horror movie enthusiasts cringe. Because of its part in the murder, death, blood, and gore of many-a-soul, the stories it would be able to tell you, while horrifying, would be really interesting. It would be able to dish all the gossip on Kratos himself. Does he sleep? How does he sleep? If he has bad dreams about the family he killed every night, surely he must sleep. And if he does sleep, we repeat: HOW? Sigh. We guess axeing questions in a funny God of War shirt never hurt anybody.

Get this God of War shirt on amazon.com

7. Sock it to the Rest of the God of War Merchandise

God of War SocksSource: Amazon

Even in summer, you get to an age where you really want socks. These days, you don't even have to reach the age because there are so many cool pairs out there that can help you to express yourself and your interests. While also protecting your feet. (I mean it, if I'd have known there were superhero socks out there when I was a kid, I wouldn't have wanted anything else for my birthday or Christmas). Geek socks are the best. These God of War ones look so comfortable that they quickly made it onto our Discover Geek letter to Santa. Where kids want the world, we just want socks.

Get these God of War socks on amazon.com

8. Gussy Up Your Next God of War Cosplay

God of War Weapon ReplicaSource: Amazon

Ares might have forced these babies onto our anti-hero but it could have been worse. Imagine if he'd bestowed lacy wings or a dress on him. Not that that's bad, both of those things are amazing and hip, but do we really want to see someone like Kratos in a skirt? "Not I," said the little geeky gamer. (That's me). Since God of War is huge again at the moment, why not dress up as Kratos for your next Comic Con visit? After Infinity War, there'll be fifty Thors to sixty Lokis. But you? You'll be unique. And flour can make you look like the Ghost of Sparta super easily.

Get these God of War twin blade replicas on amazon.com

9. Kratos is a Bit Wobbly, is it the Grogg?

God of War BobbleheadSource: Entertainment Earth

I don't know the alcohol tolerance for Spartans, but I sure know that the Norse Gods and Vikings like to drink a /lot/. If you see Kratos wobbling around the landscape after starting his new life, don't worry or think he's suddenly become an alcoholic; he's likely just had one drink. This Kratos bobblehead is a cute piece of God of War merchandise that you can take with you in your car, keep in your dorm room, office, or all of the above. He's small enough to pack into your Legend of Zelda backpack and tough enough that his head won't fall off. (Much as that would annoy those who used to live on Olympus).

Get this Kratos bobblehead on entertainmentearth.com

10. Even God of War Shirts Are High Definition These Days

Kratos God of War ShirtSource: Amazon

Luckily for Kratos and Atreus, high definition doesn't affect computer-generated characters the way it does us human beings. There's a reason those gadgets that put our faces on top of characters on the Wii didn't work out so great. This God of War shirt (and all the other official God of War shirts that are in the range) is pretty damn beautiful with its all-over-print and shield to protect you from the numerous enemies Kratos has made in his life (that totally can't be dead).

Get one of these amazing God of War shirts on amazon.com

11. Show Everyone Your Warrior Status

God of War TapestrySource: TeePublic

Kratos has been to hell and back and you've been there with him. LITERALLY. Like three times, too. And what do you have to show for it? Kratos has a bunch of battle wounds and an ego the size of Gaia but us, we have a need for more of his story and a desire to play the game when we're nowhere near our consoles. We dream of God of War and have no God of War merchandise to wake up to every day... and that's where this rad God of War wall tapestry comes into it. See Kratos as he technically should have been a billion times already: Skeletal!

Get this God of War tapestry on teepublic.com

12. Can a God of War Merch Article Be Complete Without a Pop?

God of War Aterus Funko PopSource: Amazon

We're really antsy to get our hands on the new game, mostly because of Atreus, whose existence seems pretty damn fishy to us. What luck would have Kratos escaping death so many times to land at a faraway land that's cold (but not cold enough that he needs to wear a shirt ever) to conceive of a son after his last brush with monogamy ended so, well, deathly? There has to be more to this kid and we can't wait to see what it is. Plus, he's the cutest of the whole God of War POP collection. We'd be remiss to leave it out.

Get this Atreus POP on amazon.com

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