15 Overwatch Gifts to Supplement Your Habit

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The Best Overwatch Gifts and Ideas

  1. Junkrat Action Figure
  2. The Art of Overwatch Book
  3. Gaming Mouse
  4. Nerf This Tote to Carry Overwatch Gifts
  5. Overwatch Backpack
  6. Nendoroid Overwatch Figure
  7. Overwatch Adult Coloring Book
  8. Limited Edition Reaper Pop
  9. Overwatch Wallet
  10. Overwatch Chibi Figures

Overwatch gets in your system. You’ll start playing to see what the hype is about and, with time, when you least expect it, you’ll dream about it during the day and during the night.

The traction for the Overwatch phenomenon is still just beginning to build, which means it’s nowhere near hitting its maximum hype. Not yet!

Check out these Overwatch gifts that are great gift ideas for your Payload pals!

1. It’s a Perfect Day for a Junkrat Action Figure

Junkrat PVC FigureSource: amazon.com
Junkrat is the bringer of Mayhem. When played correctly, he can do so much damage with his grenade launcher that you’re guaranteed to see a whole lot chaos when you’re in a game with him. He’s like the Joker on steroids, setting traps for unsuspecting victims, all because he enjoys a little fun on a Friday night that involves destruction. At least he’s staying indoors to cause it on video games rather than actual life. There’s a lesson to be learned here, Joker.

Get this Junkrat PVC Figure on amazon.com

2. The Art of Overwatch Book

The Art of Overwatch BookSource: entertainmentearth.com
Coming to book stores and the internet worldwide just in time for Christmas, this book is an ideal gift for the Overwatch aficionado. There might be someone you know who’s an illustrator, one that would maybe like to get into character design for video games. Stuff like this art book is essential for that kind of a person. As well as the cool art, it supplies frame-by-frame pictures of our favorite champions, storyboards, and information from the developers.

Get The Art of Overwatch Book on entertainmentearth.com

3. This Gaming Mouse Might Up Your Skill

Overwatch Gaming MouseSource: amazon.com

Then again, it might not. Once upon a time, I was more of a console gamer; still would be if I had the time, space, or the energy. For the most part, I stick with PC. I’m good at games after I learn how to play them with a keyboard and mouse, but since I got a gaming mouse that flashed rainbow colors, I swear my skills got so much better across the board. This mouse is a great Overwatch gift for the PC gamer in your life. Yeah, that one. Taking up all the space.

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Get the Overwatch Gaming Mouseon amazon.com

4. Nerf This Tote to Carry Overwatch Gifts

Nerf This Tote BagSource: lookhuman.com
Go on, I dare you. D. Va does, too. Tote bags are a great invention that, though they’ve been on the go for almost a couple of decades now, it took me a while to get into. As per usual, my hate was not justified, and now I’ve accepted the power of the tote into my life, I can happily fit a vinyl record and my laptop inside of it comfortably. I only wish I had this tote bag specifically.

Get the Nerf This Tote Bag on lookhuman.com5.

5. But, if You’re Not Tote-ally into Them, There’s Also a Backpack

Cool Overwatch BackpackSource: amazon.com

Backpacks are just as handy — if not more so, just harder to navigate when you want your coat off — as tote bags. You can fit your school books in here (it’s back to school time, geeklets!), your laptop, maybe not a vinyl record but hey, it can’t hurt to try. You’ll be the belle of the ballers with this Overwatch logo backpack that’s hella durable to boot.

(Looking for more backpacks to go back to school/work? Check out these Super Mario backpacks or Legend of Zelda backpacks!)

Get this Cool Overwatch Backpack on amazon.com

6. Mei the Force Be With You

Nendoroid's Mei FigureSource: iwantoneofthose.com
Nendoroid figures rival Funko’s pop vinyl in being the most adorable out there. What Nendoroids have that Pops don’t is that innate ability to help stress slip off your shoulders and into the trash! Why do I say that? Because they’re stress balls! At least, they’re kinda like stress balls. You can’t squeeze them. You can, however, buy them accessories. Like Barbie and her dream house with all the cutlery, you could get that was, in retrospect, slightly dangerous for kids our then-age. But neater. Because geeky. AND, because you can get this Overwatch gift as Mei or as Tracer.

Get Nendoroid’s Mei Figure on iwantoneofthose.com

7. The Overwatch Adult Coloring Book

Overwatch Adult Coloring BookSource: target.com
We love coloring. We love the stress to takes away, if you haven’t lost the colored pencil you’re looking for or the black hasn’t run out that is. This coloring book is an Overwatch gift for gamers and fans everywhere. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t even think about it! Shut down for half an hour and color, then go back to it with a clear head, channeling your Zen(yatta). Trust me, I’m a stress-head pro.

Get the Overwatch Adult Coloring Book on target.com

8. This Limited Edition Reaper Pop is So Cool

Exclusive White Reaper Pop VinylSource: amazon.com
The regular Reaper pop vinyl is as well. So, picture that. Picture the original Reaper pop and then think of it in the El Blanco skin. You’ll come up with this. All he’s missing is the hat, really, but let’s not hold that against him too hard. He’s too intimidating and might steal our souls. In which case, I’m going to shove you in front of me, just because I don’t have much of one left. SORRY.

Get the Exclusive White Reaper Pop Vinyl on amazon.com

9. Keep Your Money Safe in This Overwatch Wallet

Overwatch Logo WalletSource: amazon.com
While you can’t keep bitcoins or your Paypal balance in a wallet — even though you can on your phone, what weird kind of world is this? — having one proves handy to have in your pocket the best of times. Having a wallet means you can capture the payload without constantly checking to see whether or not that dollar bill fell out of your jean pocket. Because you’ve got it safe inside here and nobody wears jeans to fight anymore. This is a great Overwatch gift for anybody that owes you coffee!

Get this Overwatch Logo Wallet on amazon.com

10. Adorable Overwatch Chibi Figures

Chibi Tracer and D Va FiguresSource: amazon.com
With these two, you’ve got both levels of reality covered. Tracer can protect you physically and D. Va, because she’s like us but a little more talented at pwning, can make sure nobody else finds the keys in a Ready Player One-type of scenario. You never have to be frightened again with these… admittedly very, very small PVC characters. Size doesn’t matter though, remember that! Not when you’re this cute.

Get these Chibi Tracer and D. Va Figures on amazon.com

11. A Ganymede of Your Very Own

Ganymede PlushSource: thinkgeek.com
Bastion may have the actual Ganymede, but having a plush version in a little carry case is almost as great. You can cuddle him, take him with you to take photographs of him posing in front of famous bird statues (and/or the pigeons that occupy every single city in the world). There’s so much you can do with this plush that’s an Overwatch gift for a fan of any age. Who said only kids got to have a pillow buddy?

Get this Ganymede Plush on thinkgeek.com

12. A Silk Zenyatta Poster That’s Outta This World

Zenyatta Silk PosterSource: amazon.com
Meditate (or game, same difference when you’re winning?) beside this gigantic silkscreen poster of one of our favorite Force-abiding heroes. Zenyatta cares not for material things, so it took a lot of convincing for him to put his hippie, meditative ways to one side so he’d pose for this poster. When he saw the design of it, he was immediately onboard. I don’t blame him either, this poster is so awesome.

Get the Zenyatta Silk Poster on amazon.com

13. This Cool, Panel Tracer T-Shirt

Tracer ShirtSource: amazon.com
At one point, this kind of cut of a shirt was called a baby doll. Why I’ve no idea, but I’ve always liked the shape of them and the way they cling to your form. As I mentioned in the Overwatch phone cases article, just about everybody loves Tracer, so having a t-shirt of her on our list of Overwatch gifts for you guys is kind of a given. It’s just a bonus that it’s such a neat one.

Get this Tracer Tee on amazon.com

14. The Ultimate Coffee Mug

Ultimate MugSource: amazon.com
Don’t you hate it when you accidentally use your ultimate after it’s taken way too long to charge? I do. We all do. It happens though. Sometimes, depending on the champion (if you’re me, granted I’m not a native in the ways of the console) you activate your ult and nothing happens which is always kind of a bummer. This cheeky little mug is a great companion for FPS gamers of all kinds. It’s a tough life to be stuck as a healer/tank…

Get the Ultimate Mug on amazon.com

15. Wrist Nothing When You Wear This Genji Watch

Genji WatchSource: amazon.com
As I mentioned in the Captain America watch article, watches and the wearing of them is such a lost art. Now we have phones, we don’t have to wear one, but it’s nice to. You don’t want to be attached to your phone at all times, and they come in handy if you’re gaming, want to check the time, but don’t want to either get up or look at another screen just to see. And, this Genji watch is basically just that awesome.

Get this Genji Watch on amazon.com