The Coolest Star Wars Dresses in the Galaxy

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The full-length trailer for The Last Jedi was released this week. Along with feeling many emotions at once — including ugh Kylo, sob Carrie, and OMG Jedi is plural — I can say we at DGHQ are super excited.

As a mark of celebration of the fact the movie will be with us in JUST TWO MONTHS, we pulled together some cool Star Wars dresses that are out there for you to see…

1. You’ll Never Forget the First Time You Saw the Episode IV Artwork

Vintage Look Star Wars DressSource: Think Geek

I've never been a dress-wearer. Never. Not even as a kid when there were times when I wore them because it never occurred to me that clothes could be anything more than as necessary a chore as brushing one's teeth. Who knows if these Star Wars dresses had have been around then, whether or not I'd have grown up to wear them or not (probably not, but I might have!) This one, in particular, is really neat. The skirt part features A New Hope inspired design with a few of the main Star Wars characters on. Its vintage cut ironically makes it super in fashion too!

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2. Lost in the Desert? This Star Wars Dress is Basically an Oasis Just For You

Star Wars Desert DressSource: We Love Fine

If you ask me, it'd look really nice at the beach. Somewhere sunny, but not somewhere that has two suns and a lot of sand people (sorry, Tatooine, but your tourism Star Wars posters is lovely all the same). It even kinda reminds me of Greek dresses, like the one Angelina Jolie wore in the movie about Alexander the Great that Oliver Stone did and everybody not-even-deliberately forgets it existed. With a nice Star Wars desert scene and X-Wing fighters flying up in the sky, there's a decent amount of serenity that comes from even looking at this. So, wearing it? Would be even more awesome.

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3. Darth Skater Knows Not to Underestimate the Power of the Ollie

Darth Vader skater dressSource: Superhero Stuff

As should anybody who played any one of the Tony Hawk games. I was so much better skating in video games than I was in real life, but if I did I'd have worn an outfit like this (with pants). I love the shape of skater dresses though, and just because they're called skater dresses doesn't mean you have to skate or play Roller Derby. Their existence is literally to make you look rad as hell. Had Luke Skywalker been skating instead of trying to kill Darth after The Big Reveal, maybe he'd still have his hand. You don't know.

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4. Han Shot First, So Who’s to Say He Didn’t Wear This Dress First?

Han Solo Cosplay DressSource: Think Geek

Also, who's to say a girl can't dress up as Han? Girls, we can do anything we want to do, including wearing Star Wars dresses if that's our choice. In this dress, you get to cosplay as the rogue space pirate himself -- not Captain Tightpants, the original -- without having to be confined by a whole bunch of layers that, on a night out, just get annoying. We can even be one of the last Jedi because it's not exclusively a boy's club anymore. Same with Ghostbusters (which, check out these Ghostbusters mugs if you like either of the lineups) and it's so damn neat.

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5. R2 Aware of How Awesome You’d Look in These Star Wars Dresses?

R2-D2 Print DressSource: Think Geek

If not, you will be by the time I've finished you. I'm going to don my best keds and make sure you look fabulous. R2-D2 patterns abound on this Star Wars dress that you could wear any time of year. Grab some geeky (or plain, I guess??) tights and a nice leather jacket and wear it for fall. As much as I hate to admit and have to keep repeating to myself until it sinks in, fall is here, and all we have are goosebumps and Pumpkin Spice Lattes to show for it. Let's go one better. Let's show the world that geeks can look hella-rad too.

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6. If Wearing Black Means You’re on the Dark Side, I Must Accept My Fate

Imperial cowl Star Wars dressSource: Amazon

Everybody needs a little black dress in their wardrobe (if they wear 'em), so why not take that idea and put a geeky spin on it with a Star Wars dress that'll make everybody you meet want to join your cause. That cause is the dark side of The Force, by the way, and if you join, they do actually have cookies for you (served up in Batman cookie jars for whatever reason). I love the few Star Wars dresses that have hoods as part of them too, they make for an endlessly classic look that'll make you look like a nerdy Bette Davis in seconds.

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7. Just Because Chewie Doesn’t Shave His Legs, Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Wear a Dress

Chewbacca dressSource: Superhero Stuff

That goes for all of us geeks too. Girls and guys. Shaving is such an overrated deal for Chewbacca, who likes to go au naturel and because of his fur, he actually can. This one time, he lost a bet with Han (for once) and because they were both drunk on whatever they'd been serving at Chalmun's Cantina on Mos Eisley, and he ended up having all of his hair shaved off. To protect his modesty, Han gave him a dress that looked like his outfit. Now you get to wear it too!

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8. This Star Wars Dress is Totally Fett-ching

Boba Fett DressSource: Amazon

The cut and the material of all of these made by Her Universe work for every body type. I never like seeing people left out because maybe their legs are too long for tights. Everybody should be able to wear the clothes (and Star Wars dresses) they want to wear. And, why wouldn't you want to wear Star Wars clothes? There's not much that's cooler. I mean, none of the designer clothing has BB-8 on it. (But there are some Star Wars must haves that do).

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9. Bring Back the Blue or White Dress Extravaganza With This One

R2-D2 skater dressSource: Superhero Stuff

What color did you see? It feels like only yesterday that a simple photograph of a dress sent the whole Internet into a frenzy when they realized that everybody sees colors and shades differently. It's kind of a metaphor for life if you think about it. Everybody sees that differently too. There are so many different people and personalities and viewpoints. That said, I feel like everybody loves R2, which makes this Star Wars dress a keeper.

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10. Speed into Hyperspace Wherever You Go

Millennium Falcon skater dressSource: Superhero Stuff

Who else gasped out loud when they saw The Force Awakens and Han Solo's beloved Millennium Falcon showed up in the junkyard? (Also, little-known fact: Simon Pegg plays the ugly creature who ran the establishment and tried to buy BB-8 from Rey. You know the one). I know I did. I love the Millennium Falcon and there's not a second I'm here on this earth that I think about it and don't relive the first time I saw it over and over and over again. Now you can get a Star Wars dress with it on, it makes me want a shirt with it. Wear this one for me, geeklets.

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11. Rey the Force be With You… Always

Rey Hooded Cosplay DressSource: Think Geek

Speaking of Rey, aka My Captain Oh My Captain, aka one of the Jedi and better not befriend Kylo, aka the true star of the newest wars, this Star Ward dress mimics the outfit we first saw her in. When we see her living inside of an AT-AT and saving BB-8 then walking him over the horizon, she's got the most unmistakable of looks and this is the closest a person can get while still being presentable! Pretty cool, huh?

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12. Don’t Be a BB-8, Be a BB-10

BB-8 DressSource: Amazon

It's easy if you wear one of these Star Wars dresses, even if you're not yet convinced of it. There are so many talking points associated with each one and this BB-8 one is no different at all. The beloved droid can be found pretty much everywhere when it comes to Star Wars merchandise, but for him to also be a dress just feels like kismet.

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