Rainbow Six Siege Merchandise Full of Ideal Geek Gifts

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I associate Tom Clancy books the ones you pick up 2-for-3 at the bookstore; a bargain you can’t say no to when books these days cost upwards of ten bucks.

What I’ve learned is that I’m the only person who didn’t realize the Tom Clancy from the Seige video games was the same one who wrote the books they were based on.

Here’s some cool Rainbow Six Siege merchandise to make up for my lack of geekdom.

1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, But it Doesn’t Get into His

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Merchandise Chibi Smoke Action FigureSource: Amazon

You have to weigh up the pros and cons of wearing a gas mask like Smoke does. Pros include not getting the winter sunlight in your eyes, being able to breathe in the subway, looking like one of the miners from the Silent Hill movie, and being able to conceal those tears. Who cries at anything? Not me. (Shut up, Before the Storm and your hella-rad Life is Strange merchandise). Cons are... I mean, I guess you can't eat unless you take it off, but I'm on a diet anyway.

Get the chibi Smoke action figure on amazon.com

2. Why Don’t You Make Some Notes About Your Fave Rainbow Six Siege Merchandise?

Rainbow Six Siege Merchandise NotebookSource: TeePublic

There are many ways to do it these days. The stock notes app on your phone, other kinds of apps; you can even get sticky notes for your desktop should you choose to do so. As a writer, though, there's no real replacement for a good notebook. Not only will you remember how to write with it, you can get dozens of geeky designs and stickers to really customize it and make it your own. If nothing else, we geeks are great at being original. One might say... u-geek-ue.

Get this hardcover Caveira notebook on teepublic.com

3. It’s Always Super Awesome When a Game Series is Based on a Book

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six NovelSource: Amazon

Also way more likely to succeed than a movie based on a game, but let's not get into that, lest I go off on a tangent about the horror that was the completely unnecessary just-to-use-3D Silent Hill: Revelation. You don't want to hear it, not when you're here looking at Rainbow Six Siege merchandise. (I'll save it for later). Like I said in the beginning, the Tom Clancy book Tom Clancy is the game Tom Clancy. So, what Tony Hawk is to skateboarding, Tom is to siege games. And I didn't know. But now I do. (Yay me?) If you like stories like Sean Connery's Hunt for Red October, you'll love this.

Get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novel on amazon.com

4. Can This Stein the Heat of Coffee?

Rainbow Six Siege Stein Drinking GlassSource: Amazon

I asked this in our Game of Thrones merchandise article, and I have no doubt I'll mention it again at some point in the future. Seriously, the only way I'll stop is if somebody hand-delivers me a glass stein that's the size of a coffee pot and can withstand the heat, personally. Until then, I'm just gonna have to keep on whining. Quick, somebody get this and test it out for me. I've read the McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit and I'm weak. Won't somebody think of the caffeinated children?

(and by that, I do mean me)

Get this Rainbow Six Siege stein on amazon.com

5. Tom Clancy is the Poster Boy (Heh) for Book-to-Game Franchises

Rainbow Six Siege Poster Wall ArtSource: Amazon

Which, had I not already admitted that I both didn't know they were the same Tom Clancy or that it's him that does all the Jack Ryan novels, I would have pretended to have known it all the time. I guess this is why the Rainbow Six strategize before they partake in any of their missions. To make up for it, I hereby dub this silkscreen poster a sixscreen and assure you that it's a rad addition to any growing Rainbow Six Siege merchandise collections.

Get this silkscreen Rainbow Six Siege poster on amazon.com

6. We All Need a Little Help to Slay Sometimes (Even Buffy)

Rainbow Six Siege Game Guide StratedySource: Amazon

Isn't that the only reason Xander was around for so long? It's not weak or lame to ask for help when you need it, and the reason for having a team is so you can give it and take it out. Sometimes, though, no members of the team can help you out and you get a little lost. Except, that is, for in video games, when there's always a handy game-guide somewhere around. You know why? Because, my lovely little geeklets, you're never alone.

Get the official strategy guide for Rainbow Six Siege on amazon.com

7. Put a Rainbow Six Siege Shirt Under Your Rainbow Six Siege T-Shirt

Rainbow Six Siege ShirtSource: Amazon

Create Rainbow Six Siege merchandise-ception! (Man, that was a mouthful). During the colder days, it's always a good idea to level up, which is why I'm a huge fan of long-sleeved shirts. Put one under your jumper, your t-shirt, wear one to bed, and you'll stay so much warmer than you would if you wore a t-shirt. There are so many badass shirts out there (Groot shirts! Nightwing shirts! Death Note shirts!) that it seems like a shame not to be able to wear geeky stuff. Enter: the long-sleeved shirt, and very warm, happy arms.

Get this Rainbow Six Siege long-sleeved tee on amazon.com

8. Backpack Up Your Things and Get Ready to Head into Battle

Rainbow Six Siege Bag Drawstring Bad MerchandiseSource: Amazon

There's really nothing making you take a gigantic pack that just slows you down when there are options like this lightweight backpack that carries a whole bunch of stuff without the extra weight. If you like bigger bags that can withstand laptops and other devices, you can have a look at these Zelda backpacks or Super Mario backpacks but for small stuff like overnight clothes and stuff, look no further than one of these.

Get the Rainbow Six Siege logo drawstring bag on amazon.com

9. There’s No Fire Without Smoke, Geeklets

Smoke Rainbow Six Siege Shirt T-shirtSource: Rage On!

So, remember what I said about t-shirts? It still stands, which is why I pointed out that long-sleeved ones like the one featured earlier can go underneath regular shirts and then not only will you be doubled up for warmth, you'll look like you're straight out of Dogtown. And if you're going to double up with anything, might I suggest this particular Rainbow Six Seige shirt? It's just so cool it's got me wanting it to be summer again.

Get this hella-rad Smoke t-shirt on rageon.com

10. Ash Does Make a Killer Entrance, and With This, You Can Too

Wall Tapestry Ash Rainbow Six Siege MerchandiseSource: TeePublic

Sling this tapestry on your wall for the true, geeky version of Chloe from Life is Strange vibe. These are so good and I like them better than posters. The only thing is, you can really only have one of these without your walls looking too full, and so you have to find the right one for you. If you're in the Rainbow Six Siege fandom, there are a few quote-based ones you can get. This one is my favorite. First because of Ash and second because, well, I do.

Get this Rainbow Six Siege quote tapestry on teepublic.com

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Because why wouldn’t you? We all get a little tempted around the holidays.