12 Pieces of Undertale Merchandise That Are The Right Choice For You

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After our Undertale shirts article was such a hit, I decided to revisit the game. Much to my dismay, I didn’t do very well and got stuck, even with help of walkthroughs.

We all know what that means…

I said goodbye to Undertale for approximately six hours.

We’re friends again! Yay.

So, naturally, I thought it a natural pre-Black Friday act to see what Undertale merchandise is out there. And then share it with you guys.

1. Melancholy! Yes! That’s the… Spirit!

Napstablook Undertale Gifts Tote BagSource: Teepublic

My darling Napstablook is the most relatable video game character for me personally, since Chloe Price. (Is anyone playing Before the Storm? Are you guys feeling painful things in your chest, too? Also, check out these Life is Strange gifts). When you first run into him, you literally do run into him. Lying prostrate on the floor of the first dungeon, he blocks the door so you can't move unless you tell him what he wants to hear. His mood is so low, however, that it would be like telling Lumpy Space Princess she's flat and that Brad sucks. Talk about difficult (and, yes, relatable).

Get this Napstablook tote bag on teepublic.com

2. Oh, Just a Pep Talk From Some Undertale Merchandise

Undertale MugSource: Amazon

There's nothing like getting advice from your morning cup of coffee. I wonder how many times you have to read it or fill the Undertale mug up before you actually feel the determination? Well, there's one way of finding out, and I'm gonna leave it to you geeklets to do, so I don't have to. (I would, but literally, my cabinets are bursting with geeky mugs like these Ghostbusters mugs and there's barely any room left!) Let this piece of Undertale merchandise empower you to beat the game for me, too. I'll sit and watch.

Get this filled with determination Undertale mug on amazon.com

3. In Undertale, Choices ALWAYS Matter

Undertale Book Choose Your Own Adventure GeekSource: Amazon

Sure, Undertale is the one game around in which you don't have to kill people, but I killed Toriel accidentally once and the game wouldn't let me reset so she could be alive. That's right: it remembered. (Damn it). So it does happen and you will be judged on the choices you make the first time around. I hate to break it to you if you actually care about the characters. Some actions just can't be unlearned by a gamer who likes shoot-em-ups. This is a great piece of Undertale merchandise though. A choose-your-own-adventure book for a game all about choice? I know what I call that: I call that smart as heck.

Get this Undertale Choose Your Own Adventure book on amazon.com

4. This Undertale Plush is Sans Jokes (For Now)

Undertale Plush SansSource: Amazon

If the selection of Undertale merchandise on the web is to be believed, Sans the skeleton is the majority's favorite character from the series. Along with his hilariously flamboyant brother Papyrus (who is, surprisingly, supposed to be hunting humans), he pops up in the game a lot and tends to have a bone to pick with you. See what I did there? I said bone because Sans and Papyrus are skeletons. Isn't that a difficult and super rare joke to make that nobody ever would think to do???? (Work with me here, I have pride). Oh, and this plush is awesome.

Get this Sans plush on amazon.com

5. Don’t Sweat It, There’s a Geeky Sweater For Practically Everyone

Undertale Sweatshirt SweaterSource: Rage On!

Including -- but obviously not limited to -- all of the Undertale characters that are on this one. The adorable chibi-style print on the sweatshirt has me doing grabby-hands at the screen. I wonder, if I concentrate hard enough, I'd be able to use my telekinetic abilities to pull it through the vortex of time. Wait, I'm getting myself mixed up with Eleven from Stranger Things. I don't have any psychic abilities, so she'll have to do it for me. (She's good for that. Find the new season 2 Eleven pop along with the others in our Stranger Things pops article and see if she can do it for you too*). *If it doesn't work, it's just because she's tired.

Get this Undertale sweatshirt on rageon.com

6. Give a Little Piece of Your Heart to Frisk

Undertale Pixel Heart Necklace KeychainSource: eBay

It's what humans are lacking and Toriel has too much of. But then Toriel doesn't need it to battle, not really, her love is powerful and it takes a few turns to get past her. (Which I did and, yes, killed her. At least I think... Oops). This Undertale jewelry set consists of seven different colored heart pieces, a necklace chain, and a keychain. You get to mix and match at will. Some outfits require a red heart, others blue, so it's helpful to have a few choices. In addition to its fashion bonuses, you also can't get bored if you have twelve different ways to use something.

Get the Undertale heart piece necklace and keychain on ebay.com

7. Bury Yourself Under the Covers For a Little Tale of Magic

Undertale Duvet CoverSource: Amazon

We're not talking Hogwarts magic. For that, we've got Harry Potter wands, Harry Potter action figures, and Harry Potter jewelry. No, we're talking the magic of having a game that appears, on the outside, to be so simple, but actually, like, isn't. At all. Far from. It's much easier to kill bad guys and zombies than talk different creatures out of doing things, especially when they keep attacking you in the meantime. Clearly, nobody taught them manners. More importantly, we're talking about the magic of sleeping in cool bedding.

Get the Undertale duvet cover on amazon.com

8. Apparently, Undertale Merchandise = Sans Merchandise (No Complaints Here!)

Undertale Phone Case Sans Cute KawaiiSource: Rage On!

How can you find anything to complain about when there's a phone case that's this cute? Sans in chibi form is even better than Sans in regular form, and I imagine if any of these heads of his were to open their mouth and speak, their jokes and riddles would be delivered in a high pitched voice akin to one of the Chipmunks. While that might be untrue and, instead, they sound like Vin Diesel, you won't know unless you get it to see.

Get this cute Sans phone case on rageon.com

9. Just in Case You Needed More Tales From the Under

Undertale Surviving the Underground BookSource: Amazon

This book is another choose-your-own-adventure, only this time, the real key is to survive. You are the last of the eight humans to fall into the Underworld and you always will be, unless... unless there are more to come... Maybe you'll find out if you read this book and pick the right choices, or maybe you'll never find out even if you do. Now you have to make the choice of whether you'll get this piece of Undertale merchandise or not. Choose wisely, human.

Get this Undertale adventure book on amazon.com

10. A Geeky Halloween Costume is Always a Good Idea

Sans Mask Undertale Cosplay HalloweenSource: Amazon

There are three types of people at Halloween. There are people that like to stay true to the horror of the season by dressing as a vampire or ghost, those who prefer to go the Sexy Route, and then those who dress as characters from pop culture (Jillian Holtzmann, Virgo, avid skier, and gluten-full at your service). If you're the last type like me, there's a chance you or one of your kids will like this Sans mask. A great idea, since there's a Papyrus one as well, would be for parent and child to go as the brothers. Get geeky next year. It's fun!

Get this awesome Sans mask for Halloween on amazon.com

11. Show Toriel That You Love Her Like a Mom

Toriel PlushSource: Amazon

All I wanted to do was be a good child for Toriel. I wanted to stay in the human who came before Frisk's room, eat breakfast, and read comic books, but apparently, the sentient lifestyle isn't a choice in Undertale. Makes you think how pacifist a game it actually is, doesn't it? Okay not entirely, but I do love Toriel, and I did kill her, and I do and will always feel guilty about it. Stupid game. Maybe cuddling this plush will help.

Get this Toriel plush on amazon.com

12. Do They Take Debit Cards in the Dungeon?

Undertale Bifold Wallet SansSource: eBay

Kinda hope so, I don't tend to carry cash on me due to the lack of pockets in almost every female garment ever to be created. EVER. And since there are no stores down there, I couldn't go and buy a coat that does have pockets. If I had this slinky little wallet, I could keep it in my bra or hand or the back of my jeans, and use it at all. If the Underworld doesn't accept debit or contactless? Well then, I'm going to have to pass on being the ninth human.

Get this awesome Undertale wallet on ebay.com

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