12 Funky Fortnite Shirts to Battle Your Royale

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Fortnite is the newest gaming sensation that’s taking the world by storm. Gone are the days of Counter-Strike and Overwatch (for like five minutes), the time for Fortnite is now, and the real task is to go that long without playing.

This is a game that combines everything I love about online gaming. All of the things I wished for games to be in the days of Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis as an only child with no friends can be found right here in the best Battle Royale since the movies.

(Have you seen them? Talk about hardcore versions of The Hunger Games realness).

Fortnite is all about teamwork, but let’s not beat around the bush! These Fortnite shirts will give you and your friends something that is totally cool and unique.

1. I’m Not a Bush, You’re a Bush

fortnite shirts bush camperSource: TeePublic

I'm not gonna pretend like half of these Fortnite shirts aren't puns and takes on bush campers 'cause that would be a straight up lie. Most Fortnite players both love and hate bushes. They are amazing when you're the ones inside them but when it's your opponents, then that's when it sucks plain ass. Still, however you feel about bushes in the interim, they're a huge part of the Fortnite world and to deny them their place in Fortnite shirt history would suuuuck. So camp away, campers. (Unless you're not on my team...)

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2. On the Edge of Glory… and the Plan

living on the edge fortnite shirtsSource: TeePublic

There are two types of Fortnite player. Both of them have strategies that involve a gaming version of BRB. I'd never judge it, not when it's often the only way to win against 13-year-old players who have become legit professional gamers because of it. This Fortnite shirt should guide you well when it comes to strategizing. When in doubt: live on the edge. You may starve or run out of ammo in the process, but if the Hunger Games were anything to go by, that cornucopia is full of death.

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3. Fornite Shirts Won’t Cut You But the Loot Llama Will

loot llama fortnite shirtSource: TeePublic

Supplies can run slim in the world of Fortnite, but with one of the newest updates to the game, the loot llamas full of supplies can be the difference between a loss and a victory. Plus, they're cute if you're into animals that are related to camels and are, therefore, somehow actually incredibly scary. Llamas are also pretty rare though, which I guess makes sense considering the treasures that are inside them. If all else fails, you can always pull a Luke Skywalker, Tauntaun style! (Speaking of Tauntauns, you might find some in this Star Wars pops article).

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4. Slurp Juice at the Ready!

fortnite shirts slurp juiceSource: TeePublic

If it came down to choosing between Slurp Juice and Gatorade, I'd say it would be one of the most difficult of choices you'd ever have to make in your life. Or... this round of Fortnite. The two these days might as well be the same thing and as much as I like the energy I get from Gatorade to stay up and play video games, it's the Slurp Juice that keeps me from, oh I don't know, losing to 13-year-old boys. (No, I'm not over it and yes, I realize the majority of gamers these days are 13). Back when I was 13, we had Ocarina of Time. (As displayed in these awesome Legend of Zelda posters).

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5. Be the Fornite Unicorn in This Fornite Tee

fortnite unicorn shirtSource: TeePublic

Generally, my personal advice in life is to always be the unicorn and never the ass, but the only way this can be any better is if you combine a unicorn and a weapon. OH WAIT. Fortnight did that with the rainbow unicorn smasher and what a pickaxe it is. I would argue that every pickaxe should be just like this one, but then I'm also the girl that, before Paladins went ahead and drove away half of its audience, spent a lot trying to get a damn unicorn mount. What do I know? Fellow unicorn lovers, we have some unicorns barfing rainbows and angry unicorns just for you. Because why wouldn't we?

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6. For All of the Problems, BluGlo Ain’t One

99 problems fortnite sweatshirtSource: Amazon

Considering that there's 99 of them and not one of those is hiding in a bush, I'd say those are good odds. There is also only one thing worse than not finding any BluGlo when you need it. What's that, you ask? Finding it and then getting disconnected. Your BluGlo will go bye-bye and it will annoy you more than you ever thought possible. That's when the substance may become a problem, but technically, if you don't have it because of your connection, it's your 'net that's #100.

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7. He Who Smelled it, Dealt it

who forted funny fortnite shirtSource: TeePublic

Whoever built the first fort gets the props. As a player who prefers to let other people do the work while I hide in a bush with a sniper, I would totally cosign whoever made the fort in the first place being captain. In any event, whoever it is that's at "fault" (which could easily be a play on the word fort in the same way as the game's title), gets the warm place and is the last one killed. I just made up the rule now and I'm sticking with it - be on my team??

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8. In Fortnite, a Good Positioning is Everything

where we droppin fortnite teeSource: Amazon

Be prepared in advance lest you die hella quickly. The advice on this Fornite shirt is pretty great, and it works every way since the advice is basically something you can (and do) say to all of your Fortnite buddies in the run-up to the Battle Royale of your lives. (Or the one of today, at least). All jokes aside, in games like Fortnite, positioning truly is everything. And so are bushes for some of us. I'm sorry, it's true. Playing by the rules is hard.

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9. Only One of These Things is Mandatory (Spoiler: it’s Fortnite)

eat sleep fortnite shirtSource: TeePublic

Try as any non-gaming adult may, sleeping and eating are 100% able to be put by the wayside for Fortnite. Eating can be done while you play, which is pretty lucky, but sleep? Well, isn't that what endless vats of caffeine being poured into Wonder Woman mugs or Walking Dead coffee mugs is for? Gamers are, unfortunately, no strangers to FOMO. Have you ever gone to bed after hours of playing a video game you're obsessed with and been able to play it in your mind as you're trying to sleep? We've all been there.

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10. What IS Education, Really?

fortnite is importanter shirtSource: TeePublic

I speak from experience when I tell you that education and gaming can go hand-in-hand. I wasn't good at school, mostly because it was way more boring than playing Duke Nukem 64 or watching Power Rangers. The way I got through it was to promise myself that if I got my homework done as quickly as possible, I would be able to play video games for the rest of the night. I'd say it worked but I'm still waiting for that one job where I'll be able to wear one of these Fortnite shirts and play video games at the same time. A geek can dream.

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11. I’d Buy a Tree That Told Me This, Wouldn’t You?

groot bush camper fortnite teeSource: TeePublic

Oh, Infinity War, let us count the ways. You should be no stranger to the fact that us over here at Discover Geek love Groot. If these Groot shirts and Baby Groot gifts don't tell you that, I don't know what will, but will totally be up for examining just why he's the best character in the entire MCU. That's also not including the fact he's gloriously played by Riddick himself, Vin Diesel. This Fortnite shirt and its Groot reference are a must-have for the nerdiest of Fortnite fans.

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12. One Should Think About Their Alibi Before Sharing It

not a bush camper fortnite shirtSource: TeePublic

Bush campers rejoice! We finally have a great excuse for our unbeatable shenanigans. Who knows what mods are out there in the future for this to become a reality but given so many people like to complain about the hiding if they want a reason why we're doing it (besides to win) it's finally here. Displayed boldly and proudly(ish) on a Fortnite shirt that all of us who like to hide should have in our closet. I mean, not that anyone will see it...

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