9 Assassins Creed Hoodies That Will Get You into the Brotherhood

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The war between the Order of Templar and the Assassin Brotherhood has been going on for longer than most ancient kings were a glint in their parents’ eyes. Most notably, during the Third Crusade.

The Assassins Creed games are standalone in their stories and their sandbox style gameplay, inspiring us in ways we don’t expect. Don’t we all wanna see our past lives?

These Assassins Creed hoodies can make you look like one of the Brotherhood in your everyday life!

1. This Exclusive Silver Blade Hoodie is One of a Kind

Silver Blade HoodieSource: amazon.com
All of the Assassins Creed hoodies and Assassins Creed jackets here are going to have a similar vibe. The sort of vibe where you could see the characters in the games wearing them if they’re around, like Desmond, in the 21st Century. This limited edition hoodie made of 100% cotton will keep you warm this fall and next spring, keeping the Assassins Creed style but also making it into a more modern design. (How weird is it to say 21st Century still, though, even 17 years later?)

Get the Silver Blade Hoodie on amazon.com

2. A Military-Style Assassins Creed Jacket

Hooded Military JacketSource: amazon.com
Cosplay away in this militaresque (how much do you love that word?) Assassins Creed hoodie that will make you look like you stepped right off the screen from the Holy Land and into the future. I personally love military coats, so this navy hoodie is one of my favorites and it keeps a sweet balance between the actual jacket worn by the protagonist and something you could find on the shelves of any cool clothing store. I’ll take three, please.

Get this Hooded Military Jacket on amazon.com

3. This Vitruvian Assassin Hoodie is Da (Vinci) Bomb!

Vitruvian Assassins HoodieSource: teepublic.com

The Vitruvian Man is a 15th Century drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci (not to be mistaken for Leonardo the Ninja Turtle, though the painter names of said Ninja turtles are not to go unnoticed!) that’s one of those images I’d put my money on the fact that everybody in the world has seen it at least once. It’s also a namesake for one of the unlockable achievements in Assassins Creed II. If you’ve got the trophy, you should get this Assassins Creed hoodie and wear it with pride.


That was hard.

(Speaking of difficult games, check out these Limbo shirts!)

Get Vitruvian Assassins Hoodie on teepublic.com

4. You Might Look Like a Dementor in This Cardigan

Assassins Creed CardiganSource: amazon.com
A Dementor or one of those creepy hooded ring dudes in Lord of the Rings; a win whichever way you look at it. Fall is fast approaching and stores around the country are already stocking up on sweaters, hoodies, and cardigans. Were Kurt Cobain an Assassins Creed fan — I feel like he would be, given the chance — this hooded cardigan would be the first thing off the shelves and onto his back.

Get this Hooded Cardigan on amazon.com

5. What do You Mean “Keep Warm in a Headscarf”?!

Assassins Creed Hood ScarfSource: thinkgeek.com
Look. Before you go panicking that we’re going from old man (cardigan) to old lady (headscarf), hear me out. This knit hood scarf was made for the cold weather. We’ve seen Snoods, we’ve battled to get ski masks arrested by the Fashion Police, so it’s now time to let the royal blue, hooded knit scarf have its time to shine! (As a side note, this scarf would be amazing for blocking out the world on public transportation as well. Just throwing it out there. Not that I’m antisocial or anything…)

Get this Knit Hood Scarf on thinkgeek.com

6. If You’re Not into That, Join the Knights Templar Instead

Knights Templar Insignia HoodieSource: rageon.com

This Assassins Creed hoodie is not to be confused with being a hoodie that bears the mark of St. George, because as annoying as both can be in canon, the Templar worked the red cross long before England ever did. If you’re looking for clothing that’ll make you stand out, that might also be historical as well as geeky, I don’t think you can go very wrong here. And, if you do, you can just quit out of the game of life and restart.

…i-is that not how the world outside of video games works?

Get the Knights Templar Insignia Hoodie on rageon.com

7. Get This Slick Leather Trench With its Removable Hood

Assassins Creed Arno HoodieSource: amazon.com
The last thing you want when you’re out in the “non-video game world” (scary as it is, we all have to do it sometimes) is to be confined to a leather garment that’s made ten times heavier (okay, half-a-time heavier, I hate maths) by a leather hood as well. There’s also the times when you want a hood, so the fact you can remove this one gives it Assassins Creedence (heh).

(If you also suck at maths, have a look at these Pi gifts!)

Get Assassins Creed Arno Hoodie on amazon.com

8. The Brotherhoodie!

Brotherhood Assassin's Creed HoodieSource: amazon.com

I am nothing if not a well of terrible puns. This one will look killer on you, no matter your age or size and will also serve as a decent wind breaker in the bleak midwinter which is too close for our own good. It seems like only yesterday I was musing about summer and Whenever-it-WasBC.

C’est la vie.

Get the Brotherhood Assassin’s Creed Hoodie on amazon.com

9. Entrench Yourself the Assassin Way

Leather Trench CoatSource: amazon.com
It’s the only way you’re going to truly learn how to connect with what came before. This long, elegant trench coat will make the perfect companion for the winter months. You can even cosplay in it! The quilting and detail on the back of it would make the Order of the Templar consider switching sides even, and you know how into traditional values they are! If anything can make a traditionalist switch, it’s a good trench.

Get this Leather Trench Coat on amazon.com