9 Destiny Shirts to Wear as You Fulfill Yours

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We’re close enough to consider ourselves friends now, right, Geeklets? (Please say yes).

That means I can confess something…

While picking out my favorite Destiny shirts to share with you guys, I internally screamed the part in Young Frankenstein where Victor has a dream about his own. Over and over again.

I know, so shocking. Call the Daily Bugle now!

Or you could just keep reading…

1. Approaching Crota’s End is Not For the Faint of Heart

Destiny Shirts Crota's EndSource: For Fans By Fans

That leaves me out. I'm weak today, and I only have episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm to blame for my feels. (And myself for playing it again). Crota's End is an expansion raid that, if you haven't played it yet, you should get the DLC because it's really frickin' beautiful. And hard. But beautiful first and foremost. Don't be me, don't avoid it, or there'll be no rewards at the end. All the shirts on For Fans By Fans are also, as they say, made by the people who love the games, just like us, making their Destiny shirts designs top of the pile. I'll, um, be over here with my Life is Strange gifts...

Get this Crota's End shirt on forfansbyfans.com

2. Puppies are the Main Reason Anyone Should Do Anything

Puppies Shirt Destiny Do it for the PuppiesSource: TeePublic

A large part of America agrees that puppies are the reason for living, as evidenced by our super scientific and totally not at all a reason to google pictures of puppies insight into which state prefers what: Batman or puppies. When Cayde-6 mentioned in the live action trailer (which is amazing, by the way, watch it if you haven't) that everything on earth -- including puppies -- was gone, we all had the same reaction of running away to save them. Who needs morale when puppies are at stake? Not me.

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3. The Rise of Iron… Wait, Like Iron MAN?

Destiny Shirts Rise of IronSource: GameStop

Sounds like a question Tony Stark would ask, alongside other questions like, "Why is Blake Shelton the sexiest man in the world when I exist?" and "Does Stephen Hawking realize I'm smarter than he is?" This just in: Everything iron-related is about Iron Man! Including the irons you use to get creases out of your clothes or the clubs you use if you play golf (or old school golfing video games, which are infinitely more fun). Indeed, Iron Man invented golf clubs, irons, and the actual metal. (Don't tell him, but this is definitely a Destiny shirt).

Speaking of iron, how 'bout that Iron Fist merchandise?

Get this badass Destiny t-shirt on gamestop.com

4. Watch Where You’re Looking, Guy!

Destiny Statement T-Shirt WomensSource: TeePublic

This might be one of those Destiny shirts I read too much into, especially as "eyes up, Guardian" is such a memorable phrase, but if it's on a shirt and is as such, there's got to be a pun in there somewhere. Destiny's voice actors are so good and so geeky that if you think about it, you have Game of Thrones (I mean, sort of before being replaced by Nathan Drake himself), Firefly, and Fringe all going on at the exact same time. Deliberate geeky move? Probably, and it works. Because of Nolan North, "Eyes up, Guardian" could very well be the franchise's tagline.

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5. Talk About Statement Tees… Might This be a Destiny Shirt?

Destiny Shirts Destiny 2Source: Rage On!

Just a theory I had that the design doesn't give away at all. Nope, not one bit. Where was I? Sorry, I got lost in my lies there. You understand. T-shirts with all over print designs like this one are some of my personal favorites to wear. Your nerdery won't get called into question. In fact, the last two times I wore my favorite Star Trek shirts, I had multiple people comment on both them and the silver leggings I wore to make it seem like I actually was on the Enterprise. Seriously, they're awesome!

Get this all-over-print Destiny tee on rageon.com

6. You Can Work Out in This One Super Easily… if You Work Out

Destiny Shirts Athetic Destiny 2 MerchandiseSource: Amazon

If you don't work out, don't worry about it, you can still wear this Destiny shirt anywhere and you can still look rad in it. That's kinda the joy of geek shirts. You can work out in them, wear them to go to a party or a club or concert, or wear them to bed. It's not like they're like two-piece suits and dress shirts where, while cool in the right environment, they'd feel a little crappy on the treadmill. I actually mostly love this Destiny shirt because it's got a Game of Thrones/Lannister vibe to it. (As does this Game of Thrones Merchandise). I mean, obviously.

Get this Destiny 2 o-neck tee on amazon.com

7. So, Then, the Iron isn’t Iron Man? Tell Me For the Puppies!

Destiny Shirts Rise of Iron Destiny MerchSource: For Fans By Fans

It's not, Tony Stark is full of it (what else is new?) it's actually a DLC expansion for the video game. Which, if you're here, you probably knew already. Considering there are so many Destiny shirts related to Rise of Iron, it serves as no surprise that the expansion is a fitting and exciting addition to the first world. Expansions were just a pipe dream back in the days of the N64 and original PlayStation. Less than that, even, they weren't even a straw dream. Ceci n'est pas une pipe... dream.

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8. OMG Stands For Something Wholly and Entirely New Now

Ghaul Destiny Shirt Funny Geek TeesSource: TeePublic

This is the perfect replacement for gamers whose families, around Christmas, suddenly remember they ever had an inkling of religion inside them. Don't take the Lord's name in vain, etc, it's totally fine to take this warlord's name in it. I also think you'll find that any Destiny 2 lovers out there have probably uttered this phrase more times than they realize. He's got the power of the Steam glitch from 2013's Tomb Raider where there's no possible way of beating the final boss battle and can't somebody just kick him between his legs to save us all some time?

Get the Oh My Ghaul! Destiny shirt on teepublic.com

9. I Just Love Playing World of Warlock

Warlock Symbol Destiny Shirts GamingSource: TeePublic

That one was for Harry Potter (and his merry band of Harry Potter action figures). I like to call the warlock guardians the "Jedi guardians", mostly because "Jedi knights" was taken and I believe every geeky fandom in life needs a Star Wars reference or eighty. Warlocks are also the class that reminds me the most of healers in other franchises (not naming any names, Overwatch, Smite, or League of Legends), which are my bag. (My Agent Carter crossbody satchel bag, to be precise).

Get the warlock symbol Destiny shirt on teepublic.com

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See ya soon, sugar.