12 Super Mario Plush Toys To Help Keep You Warm

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Super Mario 64 was my first foray into the land of Mario, Peach, and Bowser. I was a Sega kid, so the move to Nintendo was, primarily, because it was the console of the time.

I still regret nothing. That game supplied me with hours of fun. That, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, and the eventual Mario Kart on the Wii (with the wheel) were huge parts of so many lives.

You’re never too old for a Super Mario plush or two, just like you’ll never be too old for a Minecraft plush.

1. It’s Goomba Be a Good Night’s Sleep Tonight

Super Mario Plush GoombaSource: Entertainment Earth

I've only just realized that the Goombas are... toadstools too. They're like the ugly ones that grow in your garden like a plague but are almost always harmless. It's the red and white ones that are dangerous. In Mario's world, the red and white guys are, for the most part, good guys, and the Goombas just wander around waiting to be killed by a short, stubby ladies man. (That's Mario). This Super Mario plush can hop around during the night to make sure Bowser doesn't get you.

Get this Goomba Mario plush on entertainmentearth.com

2. Yoshi Would Like You to Know That Pink is His Favorite Color

Pink Yoshi Mario PlushSource: Zavvi

To be fair, this Yoshi plush comes in a variety of different colors like the species itself. These guys have no limit to the colors they can be, and if you own some glitter, you can make them premium Mario plushies. (Am I the only one who'd do that?) Yoshis might be the cutest and most popular species in the whole entire Super Mario world, or at the least, are tied in first place with Baby Toad. (PS: #TIL Yoshi is short for Yoshisaur).

You're welcome!

Get the pink Yoshi plush on zavvi.com

3. This Baby Super Mario Will Hurt You With its Cuteness

Baby Mario PlushSource: Entertainment Earth

If I recall correctly, the baby characters in Mario Kart were useless in comparison to their older selves. They were fast as sin because of how light they were, but on some tracks -- cough, Rainbow Road, cough -- that wasn't exactly the kind of driving style you needed if you wanted any chance of winning. Regardless of how useful they were, if nothing else, they were freakin' cute. We're talking Baby Groot gifts levels of cute. How's that for an intense statement about a subject I'd never lie about? (Also, how are these Groot shirts working for ya?)

Get this small Baby Mario plush on entertainmentearth.com

4. Boo Will Never Stop Trying to Be Scary (and Failing)

Boo PlushSource: Amazon

I always found the Boos cute. I even found the big Boos cute, which made them being a "boss" on one of the levels of Super Mario 64 really difficult to take seriously. Unlike the creepy-as-frick eel in the underwater level. I get that they can hurt you as Mario, but they... shouldn't because, as ghosts, aren't they transparent? This Mario plush version of Boo isn't transparent, for obvious reasons, but the legit Boos have to be see-through. Right? I mean... Uh, maybe we should take this to the Ghostbusters mugs...

Get this Boo plush on Amazon.com

5. Waluigi Could Give Slenderman a Run For His Money

Waluigi Super Mario PlushSource: Entertainment Earth

And Enderman, if we're being fair. I know you Minecraft geeks might have been wondering why I didn't go with him first, but no worries, we've covered him in plenty of articles like this Minecraft clothing or the one about Minecraft bedroom stuff and Slenderman is feeling left out. I picked this Waluigi Mario plush over the Wario one because I'm not as familiar and he creeps me out a little more, so if any dolls come to life the next time I'm babysitting and try to kill me, Waluigi will kill them.

Get this giant Waluigi plush on entertainmentearth.com

6. This Mario Plush Doesn’t Leave Mushroom to 1UP

1UP Mushroom Mario PlushSource: Think Geek

If I got an extra life for every bad pun I made, I would have at least two lives left (I can't get past the piranha plants. Sue me). No matter which Super Mario game you're playing, the red mushroom is a symbol of good things. A life, a speed up, a boost; it makes you wish they existed in real life, but then if Super Mario World was real life, we'd probably be longing for the ennui. This little guy must have grown in size. He's a lot of Mario plush to cuddle, but with Baby Mario being super tiny, someone has to make up those inches in height.

Get the retro 1UP mushroom plush on thinkgeek.com

7. Everything is Simply Peachy Now!

Super Mario Peach PlushSource: Amazon

When are we going to get another game that's based on Peach not being the damsel in distress? Super Princess Peach was a great attempt, but it was also on the DS and, in a time before Candy Crush and the Stranger Things 8-bit game, I didn't think I could play anything on a handheld screen. I'd never been a Gameboy girl, see. It would have taken me a long time to figure it out, even if it was criticized for being hella-easy to play. We need a Princess Peach game that's as challenging as a Tomb Raider one. Just... with fewer Steam bugs.

Get this cuddly Princess Peach plush on Amazon.com

8. Age is Just a Number if You’re a Toadstool

Grandpa Toadsworth Toad PlushSource: Amazon

Welp, now I want a Golden Girls-style sitcom with Grandpa Toadsworth and whoever Mario and Luigi's grandpa is. (Clearly a plumber). It's time the older video game characters got their place in the sun. They won't be here very much longer. To get an older Mario plush is to show them the love they deserve for not caving in and going to the dark side with Bowser and his Twitter BFF Darth Vader. Convinced? If not, I have a Sarah McLachlan song ready to spin.

Get the Old Grandpa Toadsworth plush on amazon.com

9. Luigi Has Always Been a Bit… Special

Cat Luigi Plush NekoSource: Entertainment Earth

I'm not being fair to him. All of the characters could wear the cat suit (not to be confused with catsuit, for obvious reasons), including Toad, but Luigi is the type of character who was made to poke a little fun at. Other examples would be Pinky in Pinky and the Brain or Sans and Papyrus in Undertale (Undertale shirts are over here!). It's a trope that goes back years and years, though it's also sometimes reversed so that the fat one is a little dumb and the tall, skinny one is the brains. I'm pretty sure that's not the case with Luigi, but since I always root for the underdog, I'd take this over a Mario plush any day.

Get this cat Luigi Super Mario plush on entertainmentearth.com

10. Do the Bob-Ombs Know That Scott Pilgrim Named His Band After Them?

Bob Omb PlushSource: Amazon

If they do, do you think they approve? Bo-bomb has one of the greatest comic book drummers Of All Time, Kim Pine, so surely they can't hate it. It would be different if Sex Bo-bomb was an a cappella group...

  One that went to regionals 50 times in a now-defunct TV show. That would be something to file a lawsuit over your name for. I think the bo-bombs are chill enough that they're into good music. Like The Clash at Demonhead. (Don't tell Scott I said that...)

Get this Bob Omb plush on Amazon.com

11. Chrome is My Favorite Bowser, What About You?

Bowser Mario PlushSource: Entertainment Earth

Did you chuckle? No? I don't blame you, but I tried. Bowser is the most misunderstood character in the history of video games. So, he's a big monster who continually kidnaps Princess Peach, but if you think about it for long enough, you wonder why it is that Peachy hasn't thought up any defenses to prevent this from happening yet. Not only has it been happening for thirty years, she's a Princess. It's not like she doesn't have the money to hire a task force to protect her. I think she wants to be there. I think she's the mastermind. Bowser is just in love. (And this theory makes me love her a lot more).

Get the big Bowser Super Mario plush on entertainmentearth.com

12. Looks Like Someone Went to the Little Shop of Horrors

Piranha Plant Super Mario Plush PuppetSource: Think Geek

These guys used to make my life a living hell when I was in my Mario-phase. I also, because of them, couldn't stop dying and ended up losing so many lives that, for a while, I spent time on the loading screen pulling Mario's face around. (Honestly, that could've been a game of its own). I do have a fondness for venus flytraps though. I bought one once. It died because I have no idea how to take care of it, but if I think about how many times the piranha plants killed me over the years, I don't feel too guilty.

Get this Super Mario plush Piranha plant hand puppet on thinkgeek.com

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