Ain’t No Bedroom Like a Minecraft Bedroom!

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That’s why we freaked out (in a good way) when we realized that there are actually enough bits and pieces of Minecraft merchandise and stuff that can build a bedroom in its entirety.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like when my room has a theme to it. It’s Halloween, there’s going to be monster string lights and a green light bulb; Christmas, also monster string lights and a green light bulb.

BUT, if you’re a Minecraft fan, “Minecraft Bedroom” is probably an aesthetic you didn’t know you could have. Surprise! You can, and I’ll show you how right now.

1. Surprisingly, This Minecraft Pixel Wall Torch is Not Actually Made of Pixels

Redstone Pixel Minecraft Wall TorchSource:

I mean, obviously. The fact is, though, that it looks like it is. ThinkGeek is a company that keeps geeks in the front and center of all of the products they have, which means they’re not just going to create a Minecraft light that has patterns on it (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but that they’re gonna go all out. You’ll actually feel like you’re in your favorite game everytime you go to bed at 5am because you’ve been up playing it all night. That said, if you’re in the wrong frame of mind, entering your bedroom and seeing pixels might be the last thing you want before bed. On the other hand, it might just enhance your trip. In which case, you do you.

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2. Such a Creepy Comforter to Sleep In

Minecraft Creeper Duvet CoverSource:

And yet…

Honestly, if you guys read our Minecraft clothing article, you’ll already know that the love I personally have for Creepers is second to none. (Legit think the only thing I like more than them is Ursula in the Little Mermaid). There’s also so many puns you could use if you had this as part of your Minecraft bedroom set. Creeper comforts, for one. I’m a Creep, I don’t sleep here, for another. I’ll let you do the rest because it’s way more fun when you’ve got the bed covers actually in front of you.

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3. This Minecraft Wall Decal is a Chip off the Old Block

Minecraft Steve 3D Wall DecalSource:

The beauty in Minecraft decals — and I say that as a plural because there’s so many of them that it was hard for me to pick which one I liked the most — is that they give off the same sort of illusion as the 3D graffiti art some people do. If you haven’t seen the pits of hell that somehow look as if they’re legitimately carved into the earth but are actually just paint on a street, I super recommend googling 3D street art. It’s like a Patrick Hughes piece you can walk on. (Or pose beside if, like me, you’re scared of infinity walkways). But back to Minecraft bedrooms, on the same tangent, the decals look as if they’re chipped into your walls. Who doesn’t want Steve there?

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4. The Safest TNT You Will Ever Come Across

TNT Minecraft Bedroom Cube CushionSource:
Comfiest, too. This TNT cube cushion is perfect for a bunch of different things. You can use it as part of the scenery, sit on it; put your feet up on it, leave your games controller there when you remember you haven’t eaten in 24 hours because Minecraft. It’s a familiar feeling to most of us, don’t worry about it. Then, you can put your plate/bowl on it. There’s nothing you can’t do with a cushion this big and between us? I feel offended I don’t have it in front of me right now.

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5. This Vintage Style Zombie Pigman Poster has Hardcore Sideshow Vibes

Half-Man Half-Pig Minecraft Zombie PosterSource:

There’s a lot of Minecraft posters that are suitable for a Minecraft bedroom, but this one was so clever in its execution that it felt wrong not to include it here. When the zombie pigmen were first introduced, the fact they dropped porkchops was dangerous to those of us who, I don’t know, may be vegetarian. Mainly due to the fact that pixel pork chops look so much more delicious than actual pork chops. Lucky for us, the update that made them drop rotten flesh makes starting a pigman war much less desirable, and this Minecraft poster looks freakin’ awesome.

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6. Cuddle Up to These Enderman and Creeper Pillow Buddies

Enderman and Creeper Minecraft PlushiesSource:

What if all the hordes in the Nether weren’t antagonistic at all? What if all they really want in life is a cuddle? (I mean, same). It’s not out of the realms of possibility. It’s so easy to be easily unimpressed and maddened when the world feels as if it’s — and is literally — being ripped from under your feet. If all they want is love and a squeeze or two, preferably when it’s nighttime and cold outside, and we’re in the position to give it to them… Just imagine what a Creeper could do to help you build. All I’m saying.

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7. A Light Switch is a Useful… Tool

Minecraft Tools Printed Light Switch CoverSource:
And that was a terrible pun. Until I was researching cool products to share with you guys, I had no idea you could get stickers or covers for your light switches. Given the one I’ve got in my bedroom is covered in the paint I used the last time I decided I wanted to change the color of my walls, it’s about time I had one of these too. Didn’t I tell you at the beginning that a Minecraft bedroom was totally within reach? If this light cover doesn’t prove that, then I’m not sure what will!

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8. No Minecraft Bedroom Set is Complete Without a Matching Comforter and Pillow Case

Minecraft Bedroom Quilt & Pillow SetSource:

Unlike the Creeper comforter, this set is made for a single bed, making it ideal for kids bedrooms and single people who gave away their double bed to make more room for wardrobes. (What? No, I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about the other girl deciding which Star Wars pop vinyl she wants next…) This set has character faces on in pixel stylings, making it kind of the ideal companion for the TNT cushion up there. Picture it. Go on.

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9. Steve is a Piece of (Art) Work

Minecraft VS Lego Canvas ArtSource:

Who’d win in a celebrity death match between Steve and the Lego Man? Today is the first day I actually realized that there was such an insane difference in size between the two. Logically, it makes sense. Steve is a human — in a manner of speaking — Lego men are… men made of Lego; the bricks of which, by default, are pretty tiny. I still want to know who’d win. Steve is bigger and has his pickaxe, but we’ve all read the story of David and Goliath…

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10. This Minecraft Cushion Comes in Two Different Styles

Minecraft Cushions (2 Designs)Source:
My advice is to get the Creeper one if you’ve got your heart set on the TNT cube cushion, but if not or you just want both, it’s not going to do anything bad to your Minecraft bedroom. Not at all. These would look good on a couch too, whether it’s in your room or in another. The best part about most of this stuff is that it could work in any room. Yeah, even the Creeper comforter. (Come on, like lying on the couch under a duvet isn’t the best way to live).

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11. This Ender Dragon Plush is Huge, but it’s Not Going to Burn Anything!

Deluxe 24" Enderdragon Minecraft PlushSource:

Just promise to cuddle, take care of it, and love it forever. Ender dragons are quite like us human beings when they’re given the chance to be. Huge human beings with scales and wings, but if you ever saw Dragonheart, you’ll remember just how big a dragon’s, well, heart can get. Ender is no different. He wants to fly around your Minecraft bedroom, he wants to snuggle at night. You’ll never need a relationship again!

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12. This Comfy Minecraft Blanket Will Keep You Warm

Comfortable Minecraft BlanketSource:

It’s weird to say that pretty soon, the cooler months will be coming. Before we know it, the heat will have to be turned up so high we wake up sweating after going to bed freezing. Blankets are an essential part of a home. There’s no sensation like wrapping a blanket like this one around your shoulders while you play the next episode of Life is Strange. I’m not saying I’ve already got my Fall planned out, but…

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13. Keep Your Minecraft Bedroom Tidy Using This Storage Crate

Minecraft Bedroom Storage ChestSource:

Crate, granted, is a word that’s used loosely, but its pixel style goes super well with almost every single product featured in this list! It’s one of those things that, if you have nothing inside of it, you don’t have to have it out, so even if you’re not a Minecraft fan, you could have it. (How could anyone not be a Minecraft fan, though? I refuse to believe that’s possible).

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14. Your Room Will Come to Life with This Color Changing Potion Bottle

Minecraft Glowing Potion Bottle LightSource:

Unlike a bunch of different color changing night lights, this magical potion bottle cycles through eight different colors rather than a maximum of five. All you have to do is tap the lid! I get it, though. It’s confusing that one minute it’s a health potion and another a fire resistance one, but the… potion bottle doesn’t actually help you like that. It just keeps the mobs away.

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15. When in Doubt, Throw a Creeper On It!

Minecraft Bedroom Creeper ThrowSource:

That’s my personal Minecraft motto, much to the chagrin of anyone who likes to play Minecraft to avoid destruction. Still, regardless of your play style, this microfiber Creeper throw blanket is so warm and cozy that all you can do if you have it is basking in its glory. My only warning is, it’s so cozy, you might never want to stand up again.

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