Skyrim Clothing to Pack for Your Next Adventure

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Be it items those who came before us would wear in the Old Kingdom or new-fangled Skyrim apparel for fans of the Elder Scrolls series, there’s something here for everyone.

The Elder Scrolls series swears by open-world gameplay; where there’s no linear way of playing. Rather, you get to do anything.

I had dreams like that as a kid, and here we are now, those dreams are a reality. Check out this Skyrim clothing so it can be yours too!

1. This Dovahkiin Wants to Know What You’re Waiting For

Dovahkin SweaterSource:
The Dovahkiin prophecy is one of grave importance to the realm. It tells of the return of God of destruction, Alduin. Along with this, it tells us of a Dovahkiin who will be born with the power to defeat him and save the land. That’s us, geeklets. You can wear the default protagonist to go out into the world, guns blazing. Or, like, swords swinging, I guess, is a better metaphor for this. Tackle the dragons in your life by staying strong and warm this Fall!

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2. An Elder Scrolls Cowl Hoodie That’s So Different

Elder Scrolls Cowl HoodieSource:

We at DGHQ collect cool hoodies. We’ve given you geek hoodies; we’ve given you Galaxy hoodies, Assassins Creed hoodies and, heck, even Kingdom Hearts hoodies! We all consider hoodies to be an essential part of a good wardrobe! When they’re hoodies that reflect our interests and maybe are ones we’ve never seen anybody else in, though? Man, I’d like to take a snapshot of that feeling. This hoodie is a piece of Skyrim clothing that does all of the above.

(Did I mention we really like hoodies?)

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3. Dress Up Your Feet in Skyrim Clothing Too

Skyrim Cloud SneakersSource:

Don’t let your feet go without getting a piece of the action. They’re important parts of our body and we must protect them! Converse, Vans, and sandshoes, in general, have been so good at bringing sweet new designs to us. These canvas shoes give you a sense of being lost in the game. You don’t really have to be a Skyrim player to wear them either, the design is that awesome. Still, I can’t lie. It helps ’cause the game’s awesome.

(If you’re a shoe fanatic, you might like these Deadpool shoes!)

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4. Dragonborn Power Gym Tank Top

Dragonborn Gym TankSource:

Train like a warrior, as it says on the front. As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, working out is difficult in leather pants, biker boots, and an unironic Hawaiian Jake the Dog shirt. The easiest clothes to wear to work out are tanks tops and compression gear. It helps even more if there’s a positive message on said (optionally) Skyrim clothing. You’ll never beat Alduin if you haven’t touched a kettlebell. Just sayin’.

(Gym rat? Check out these superhero compression shirts!)

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5. Go on a Date in this Hooded Dress!

Skyrim Elder Scrolls Hooded DressSource:
I’m not a dress-wearer. I like to dress up for my outings like I wish I could dress up for the gym (SEE ABOVE), but I do also find it cool that there’s Skyrim clothing that’s targeted to girls. As a tomboy growing up, there was never much out there for us to wear that didn’t have Minnie Mouse on it or Daisy Duck. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bedding was marketed for boys and my dinosaur shorts were the same. So yeah, it’s still nice to see when geek apparel it catered to the wide spectrum of gender. (As in, you don’t have to be a girl to wear a dress! Be you, it’s beautiful).

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6. You Took an Arrow in the Where?

Arrow in the Ni T-ShirtSource:
I didn’t quite catch it the first fifty times you said it, you might have to repeat it one more time. “I took an arrow in the knee” is, to Skyrim, what “Hippity hoppity” is to Overwatch: overused and underrated. Mixing it up with Monty Python’s Holy Grail is the kinda mash-up DGHQ loves. That, combined with the pun that whatever ge-NI-ous came up with, makes every day brighter.

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7. Skyrim Sock it to ‘Em!

Skyrim SocksSource:
We didn’t forget about shoes, so let’s not forget about socks. Between us, geeklets, I made the mistake of walking five miles in sneakers and no socks on Sunday and, let’s just say, I had to scrub my feet for the better part of fifteen minutes. I just want you to know what you’ll be risking if you don’t adequately line your feet under your shoes. ENTER: Skyrim socks. Aren’t they pretty?

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Skyrim Unicorn SweaterSource:
There can be if you use mods. I’m not kidding. Do a quick google if you haven’t yet! Like hoodies, it should be of no surprise to you that we love unicorns. These glorious, rainbow-puking horses-with-horns are real and exist and never went extinct. NOR do they have wings. (That’s a pegasus, duh. Also real). I forgot where I was going with that, so let’s take a moment out of our time to appreciate this piece of Skyrim clothing that mixes our protagonist with the creature Noah better have put on that damn ark.

(Have a look at some angry unicorns while you’re here!)

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9. You Can Also Get Hi-Tops if You Prefer Those!

Skyrim Hi TopsSource:
I don’t. That said, I don’t prefer them because the one pair I had when I was younger were so big they made flip-floppy sounds when I walked, but I didn’t have the courage to admit it to my mother. (This was evidently before I realized you could exchange stuff…) They do look really cool though, especially with leggings or skinny jeans. I’m forever looking for the right pair and these Skyrim ones might just be what I’ve been looking for.

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10. Be Comfortable When You Jog! Or When You Lounge!

Elder Scrolls SweatpantsSource:
You might call these joggers or they might be lounge pants. You could wear them for both like I do, though they do get sweaty and they do get too hot. I used to be so against wearing sweat pants when I went out on my adventures to save Skyrim but these days, I’ve lost all care. There’s too much going on in the land! There are dragons and the unicorn is just a mod.

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11. Now Here’s Some Armor to Wear (Sorta)

Skyrim Armor T-ShirtSource:
Channel your Dragonborn and the Vikings’ Lagertha at the same time in this piece of Skyrim clothing that’s different to anything else out there. When you wear this outfit, you’ll feel borderline indestructible because you will be. No dragon will be able to stop you! No arrow will be able to pierce your knee! Never again will you need to worry about finding an awesome pair of pants. You’ll be too busy making a statement with your t-shirt.

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12. Get This Badass Skyrim-Themed Hoodie Personalized

Painted Skyrim HoodieSource:
The design on this hoodie is custom made on each garment. No two of them will be the same. LITERALLY. This item is an amazing gift for a Skyrim lover as it can be fully customized with your/their name or gamer tag as well. This artist does some amazing stuff, I’d keep a look out for them if I were you. I know I will! Sure am after my own private Payday hoodie. I can see it now: “FENDERQUEER”. (Steam. Add me!)

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13. Take the Dragons to Obi Wan Kenobi

Star Wars Elder Scrolls ShirtSource:
These are, indeed, the dragons you’re looking for. I’ve just put you in a Force coma where I can make you say anything I want. Like, “These dragons are clear, let them through” or, “I’m an idiot!” This Star Wars/Skyrim clothing mash-up is everything. Just when you thought a Dovahkiin couldn’t look any cooler, you realize that one that’s also a Storm Trooper actually does. He’s probably gonna miss every hit with his sword, though… Troopers have no hand-eye coordination, like, at all.

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14. Tip Your Skyrim Cap to Your Loyal Twitch Followers

Skyrim SnapbackSource:
If you’re not a Twitch streamer, what are you waiting for? Personally, I’m waiting for a computer that runs more than one program at a time at a decent FPS as well as the ability to control my curse words each time I die. BUT that’s just me. Caps never went out of fashion, nor will they. This cool black and red design (it comes in other colors, no need to worry) has a tiny Skyrim logo on it. You know, just to remind everybody of your superior taste in video games.

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