These Kingdom Hearts Hoodies Are the Key to Unlock Your Heart

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Kingdom Hearts was the ultimate mash-up game. Where Mario Party and Super Smash Brothers brought Nintendo characters out of the wings to fence off against or with each other, Kingdom Hearts was what threw different universes together.

Disney and Final Fantasy collided for Sora’s first adventure, where he learned about the Heartless and that the way to overcome them was the Keyblade: a key in the shape of a heart.

It was an amazing game then and the series still holds up to this day. If you forgot how much you loved it, here are some Kingdom Hearts hoodies to kick start your recollection!

1. Like This One That Includes Nearly the Whole Cast

Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
Besides Sora, who do you picture first when you think of Kingdom Hearts? For me, it’s Donald Duck. For some reason, he’s the first Disney character I remember seeing in the first game I played, and so it’s always stuck with me as a positive memory attached to my saying, “Hot damn, this was a good idea!” This hoodie throws him dead center underneath Goofy and amidst the mass of characters we all know and love.

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2. Looks Like Navi Found the Keyblade…

Legend of Zelda Kingdom Hearts Keyblade HoodieSource:


“Hey! Listen!”

Does anyone have a fly swatter by any chance?

So, as annoying as Navi is, she’s always been pretty good at helping Link to find things. If he found himself in one of the realms of Kingdom Hearts, that would almost certainly mean he’d be the one who found the blade first. It would negate the whole story, so I’m afraid they must both stay in Hyrule. At least we’ve got this Zelda slash Kingdom Hearts hoodie to immortalize what could have been, right?

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3. It Also Looks Like You’ve Already Found the Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts Logo HoodieSource:
As far as geek hoodies go, there’s a surprising lack of good Kingdom Hearts hoodies that have the heart logo on them. This one stands out from the masses in its simplicity, because sometimes, you just need to go to work not dressed like you’re an Assassin that’s just crawled out of a brawl with the Templars. What it lacks in color, this cute little hoodie makes up for in wear!

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4. This Watercolor-Style Kingdom Hearts Hoodie is Beautiful

Kingdom Hearts Art HoodieSource:

Depicting Sora winning at life by finding one of the Kingdom Hearts, the design on this is gorgeous enough for it to easily be a poster on your wall. Lucky for you, you can have it be both wearable and as a display. That’s the beauty of geekwear, your walls can wear it too. It has a “northern lights” feel to it as well, which are magic enough that they might as well have been invented by the game. Except they’re real.

Space is awesome. Check out these galaxy hoodies too!

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5. What if the Heartless Just Want a Friend?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sketch HoodieSource:
What if that’s all they’re looking for? Like, King Mickey wants the Keyblade, but have we ever gone into why the heartless are void of emotion. Somebody had to have given them the name in the first place. And sure, yes, their existence was made up of the darkness we all have inside of us but that’s not their faults. How about we hug them when they try to attack us rather than fight back? Oh wait, you lost your last life. SORRY. NEXT. PEACE AND LOVE. DAMN THOSE HEARTLESS…

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6. Kingdom Hearts, What a Wonderful Phrase!

Hakuna Matata Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
It means no worries for the rest of your days, and that it’s Sora’s problem now so all you have to do is turn off your console and he can deal with it all himself. Ah, the joys of being the gamer rather than the protagonist. Can you imagine if the Truman Show existed for video game characters? It could be like Wreck-It Ralph or it could be like a really weird, multi-species Terminator. …and I’m not sure which I prefer. This is one of the Kingdom Hearts hoodies that makes my heart soar. I love the Lion King.

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7. Seems Like the Heartless Have Found the Keyblade Too

Heartless HoodieSource:
And it appears that they don’t know what to do with it, which paints the scene here as being four different Gollums finding the ring and not actually knowing what it means or why it exists. Need I remind us all that these adorably amoral beings are the ones we have to face in the games? Because they are. What do you mean, “There goes my last life. Thanks for nothing, hippie”??? It’s a cute design!

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8. Here’s Another Full Cast Design!

Kingdom Hearts 3 All Over Printed HoodieSource:
Tag yourself. I’m Goofy staring up at everyone else that’s climbed to the top with disdain, with a side of Donald Duck dashing up in panic and worry. I love the colors on this, they give you the feeling of actually being lost in a rainstorm as if the weather and the world are trying to fight to make you a less cute, more soaked-to-the-bone heartless too. They’re waiting right there in the walls. Look closer.

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9. Sora in Your Pocket, as Cute as Can Be

Pocket Sora Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
Surprise! He’s holding the Keyblade, too. Mickey and Donald are guaranteed to look everywhere but your very visibly full chest pocket, making for the perfect disguise for Sora and the best way to avoid being pulled into the fight for you. It’s just a shame you can’t wear one of these Kingdom Hearts hoodies actually in the game. Methinks this one would make a very successful decoy.

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10. Get Ready to Meet the Pumpkin King

Nightmare Before Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
You know what would be awesome? A Kingdom Hearts-style game using early Tim Burton movies. One of my favorite bits of the Kingdom Hearts series was the fact that Halloween Town was included. Jack, Oogie, and the whole world mostly made me sad that I couldn’t stay there the entire time. Hence, a Tim Burton Kingdom Hearts created for me and me alone would be the perfect way to make me feel less bad about going to the gym. (Which, by the way, you could do in any one of your Kingdom Hearts hoodies).

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11. Stained Glass is in this Century (and Last)

All Over Print Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
It’s also perfect as far as matching the Kingdom Hearts world goes. Another of the standout pieces of those games for me was Beast’s castle. I forget which of the games it was in but I remember being stuck on the level for quite some time. I saw those damn stained glass windows far too much for my own liking, so at least the fact that’s the style of this hoodie makes it somewhat wearable… I should mention, it’s a really neat design too.

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12. Mirror Mirror, What is the Most Beautiful Design of Them All?

Printed Kingdom Hearts HoodieSource:
A fact that would send shivers down the spine of the evil queen in Snow White, not even a poisoned apple or evil sidekick of a mirror could prevent that from being the cold, hard truth. This Kingdom Hearts hoodie is my favorite one. Sora, one of the Kingdom Hearts, the Keyblade, all mixed up into a colorful take on the idyllic scene from A Nightmare Before Christmas. If you were to set me aside and ask me to pour all of my favorite things into one design, I don’t even have to because it exists.

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