12 Best Man Cave Chairs in 2021 – Recliners and TV Chairs

Finding the best man cave chairs for your perfect lounge is easy as long as you know where to look and what to look for. After all, things like comfort, practicality, color, and style all matter, and factoring in all these things will help you find the perfect chair that you want.

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Finding the best man cave chairs for your perfect lounge is easy as long as you know where to look and what to look for. After all, things like comfort, practicality, color, and style all matter, and factoring in all these things will help you find the perfect chair that you want.

And to help you out in your journey, we reviewed all the most promising options available on the market today.  We’ve got several different options listed below, from recliners, gaming chairs, massage chairs, and even full reclining units for the perfect relaxation moment.

Top 10 Man Cave Chairs

With all the different options currently available online and in stores, it’s kind of difficult to narrow your choice to just one. To help you, here’s a list of the best ones we found:

Homall Recliner Chair

man cave chairs top 1

Our top pick is the Homall Recliner chair, which is made with high quality leather that is friendly on the skin and is super easy to clean. It also features thick, high-density sponge that has high permeability and resistance.

This reclining push back cave chair comes with a padded seat to give you the option of leaning back in three different angles, meaning, you can find the perfect position to relax, watch TV, or even take a nap. It doesn’t recline a full 180 degrees, but it does go back far enough to let you sleep comfortably.

Moreover, the upgraded doubly thick footrest keeps your legs in utmost comfort, while the metal frame maintains sturdiness as you recline. All in all, the Homall single recliner chair is the epitome of the ideal man cave furniture for lounging.

  • High-quality leather construction
  • Double thick padded footrest
  • Wide curved armrest for added comfort
  • Easy to assemble

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

man cave chairs top 2

If you want the best gaming chair that lets you comfortably spend hours in front of your gaming rig and play all the action and adventure games you want, we highly recommend the BestOffice PC gaming chair, which is built for total, long lasting comfort.

It’s made to be wider than your average desk chair, and it can easily be adjusted for height. Plus, the locking mechanism relieves pain and stress while keeping your back upright, which is something that most standard office chairs cannot offer.

This gaming chair also boasts of an ergonomic design with its user-oriented construction that lets you enjoy full mobility whether you are in a meeting, working on your computer, or gaming while wearing your favorite Fortnite shirts. In fact, it’s BIFMA quality-certified, which means it is a sturdy and reliable option with a 250 pound weight capacity.

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Ergonomic design with lumbar support
  • 90 day warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy 15 minute assembly

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

man cave chairs top 3

Ow, most man cave recliners on the market only come with one cup holder, but not the Esright massage recliner chair. What sets it apart is that it features two built-in cup holders that are lowered into the armrest, which are elevated. Meaning, you get to enjoy full functionality and comfort while seating.

This chair also features four storage bags, with two on the front and two on the sides. The front storage bags are great for small items and knickknacks, while the side ones are bigger and can easily hold magazines and books.

The best feature, however, is its 360 degree swivel functionality along with the 150 degree reclining capacity. Of course, it also has a remote control that lets you adjust the chair’s heating, vibration, and massage functions, which exceptionally complements the recliner’s ergonomics.

  • Multifunctional design, solid construction
  • Wide array of innovative features
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Remote control for massage functions

Christopher Knight Home Toddman Club Chair

man cave chairs top 4

If you want a simple yet charming lounge chair that can serve as the perfect focal point for your man cave, the best option is the Christopher Knight Home Toddman club chair, which is a stunning high back chair that offers superior comfort and looks absolutely stunning.

It features a sensually curved design that looks and feels equal parts snug and cozy. The tufted design also tastefully combines traditional and modern aesthetics, putting plain armchairs to shame. Just position the chair anywhere you like (even outside the man cave and in the family room), and enjoy the comfort and style it brings to the table. 

To top it all off, the premium finish is packed with elegant details, and the neat armless style allows the chair to easily fit and blend in whatever chosen space you want to put it in. even the plump cushion and soft but durable fabric are commendable as they gently cradle your body while retaining the chair’s shape.

  • French-inspired design
  • Simple but elegant armless construction
  • Easy assembly, minimal tools required
  • 90 day manufacturer’s warranty

Homelegance Laurelton Glider Recliner

man cave chairs top 5

Taking the fifth spot is the Homelegance Laurelton Glider Recliner, which offers plenty of extra space to suit your seating comfort, thanks to its oversized seat, back, and arms, all of which are upholstered in soft fabric. In other words, this man chair offers the best in terms of extra support and comfort.

The plush microfiber cover in textured dark brown is also amazing, since not only does it easily match and blend any standard interior decor, it also looks and feels comfortable. Basically, this recliner is a great choice for furnishing your man cave or living room.

It’s even quick and easy to assemble, too, since it doesn’t require the use of special tools or intensive DIY knowledge. You can totally assemble the chair by yourself and treat yourself to a relaxing day afterwards while being surrounded by all your must-haves to welcome robot overlords.

  • Available in various colors
  • Easy and simple seat back assembly
  • Added comfort and support from oversized arms
  • Gliding action with backup lever action reclining

Tuoze Recliner Chair

man cave chairs top 6

For a chic, simple, and fashionable recliner chair that serves as the perfect addition to a modern home, check out the Tuoze recliner chair, which imparts an air of elegance to your otherwise basic man cave. It’s made with high-quality fabric that is wear-resistant and skin-friendly, and it comes in an elegant shade of blue.

It also features a thickened sponge filler that is super elastic and doesn’t deform. The chair itself is multifunctional, with a backrest that can tilt from 90 to 165 degrees, along with the footrest that you can use on demand. Essentially, this is a comfortable TV chair with which you can lie down or rest.

The best part about it is its ergonomic design with a curve that perfectly fits your back to disperse pressure. The wide armrest also features an arc design that releases hand pressure while promoting blood circulation. Finally, the solid wood and metal frame ensures the chair’s stability and your safety.

  • Available in blue and gray
  • Single fabric construction
  • Modern home theater seating
  • Strong alloy steel frame

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

man cave chairs top 7

Further down the list, we’ve got the Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner chair, which is one of the best recliners with a massage chair function, since its massage transmitters cover a wide area and make use of eight massage motors.

These motors are seamlessly integrated to work together in transmitting your selected massage motion. They are also evenly distributed in strategic locations around the seat of the chair, so you can enjoy a more extensive massage.

What this means is that all your anatomy’s core subjects are effectively reached. Your upper back and shoulders are targeted to eliminate strain, your mid and lower back enjoy alleviated pressure, enhanced blow flow, and better body posture, and your calves and other body parts are also targeted to add to the relaxation element.

  • 8 integrated vibration massage motors
  • Soothing heat treatment around the lumbar area
  • Recline, swivel, and recline tension adjustment
  • Utmost comfort with thick padded upholstery

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 3-Seat Reclining Unit

man cave chairs top 8

If you want a complete man cave seating unit for yourself and a couple of family members of friends to enjoy, take a look at the Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 3-Seat Reclining Unit, which is a top-selling man cave couch that is one of the best in the home theater chair category. It comes in two and three seat models made of leather, too.

It’s a high quality, contemporary home theater seating that comes at an affordable price. There are storage consoles featured in between each of the three chairs, which are perfect for stashing items like remote controls and other man cave accessories.

There are also cup holders in the console storage, so you can conveniently place your drink (we don’t care if it’s coffee, hot cocoa, or beer) without worrying about spilling it all over your new fancy couch. Oh, and the best part? All the chairs can recline at different angles!

  • Sits the entire family
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Modern look with comfy feel

RecPro Charles RV Euro Chair Recliner

man cave chairs top 9

Another promising option is the RecPro Charles RV Euro chair recliner, which is a nice recreational armchair that features a sleek European design and comes in a compact, space-saving package, so it can perfectly fit in RVs, mobile homes, and cramped man caves.

This chair for men is the product of RecPro’s reimagining of what recreational furniture should look and feel like. Simply put, what you’re getting here is a streamlined, slimmed down, and cross-functional piece of furniture that offers superior luxury and comfort with the benefit of a recliner chair. 

Naturally, its most defining feature is its size and weight. The compact design and construction allows you to place the chair in small spaces, but without sacrificing your comfort. In fact, it can comfortably sit large framed individuals. Plus, it’s also easy to install, and lasts for many years.

  • Streamlined profile with modern design
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Functional and stylish
  • D-ring recline mechanism

Merax Barwick PU Heated Massage Recliner Sofa

man cave chairs top 10

You might also want to consider the Merax Barwick PU Heated Massage recliner sofa, which offers superior relaxation and comfort thanks to the extra backrest, armrest, and seat paddling, all of which make for an ultra comfortable lounging experience.

All these extra padding offer an impressive soft feel on your arms, shoulders, neck, and head. This heated massage chair also features eight point massage nodes to effectively relieve stress front your body while also providing the perfect sitting position while you are watching TV.

Furthermore, the additional paddings also effectively maintain their state and shape regardless of the user’s size and weight. Unlike cheap quality recliners that can sag under heavy weight, these pads don’t flatten out after several uses.

  • 8 vibration motors
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Alternative massage modes
  • Extended leg rest comes with side pocket

Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman

man cave chairs top 11

Don’t forget to check out the Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman that boasts of its easy recline feature to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to recliners. This simple yet overly intuitive reclining feature lets you lean back to an almost lying down angle.

This makes the chair not only perfect for watching TV and reading a book, but also for taking a nap. It also alleviates lower back pain with the way that it allows for unlimited freedom of movement thanks to the 360 degree swivel action. Meaning, you can reach nearby objects without standing up from your comfy seat.

In addition to that, this man cave chair’s solid lumbar support also helps relieve lower back pain, since this feature ensures that your lower back and spine are always befittingly supported. All in all, it’s a great chair for your man cave.

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • High-quality and stylish leather design
  • Convenient 360 degree swivel
  • Easily reclines and side-to-side movements

Catnapper Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner

man cave chairs top 12

Last but not the least is the Catnapper Cosmo Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner, which is yet another excellent addition to your pimped out man cave. It’s super comfortable, but tasteful and stylish as well with its thick bonded leather upholstery.

This theater chair features a solid black color, generous cushioning, and detailed stitching to give you a pleasant visual and seating experience. The full 360 degree swivel action and smooth and easy gliding are also phenomenal features.

More than that, this man cave chair also features a padded armrest, a comfortable pillow pad seat, and lots of other extras. To sum it up, this is a richly colored, elegantly designed, amazing chair that can be the perfect addition to any decor.

  • Available in red and black
  • With comfort pillow and padded armrest
  • Full 360 degree swivel
  • Plush design

How To Find The Best Man Cave Chair

Man on accent chair

In essence, the best man cave chair is one that has all the features you want. In other words, all these features and elements make for the right, good quality product that would perfectly suit your needs and wants.

Added features also scream quality, functionality, comfort, and durability, all of which are things that you would want from a man cave chair. Below is a list of the most important factors you need to consider before you make your buying decision:

Type of Chair

There are pretty much endless types of chairs, and thousands more sub-types. In the man cave chair category alone, you’ll find recliners, massage chairs, gaming chairs, and dozens of other categories. Below are the most common ones:

Accent Chairs

The term accent chair is actually an umbrella that covers most types of chairs for the living room. These chairs typically go into the seating space next to your sofa, since they offer pretty much the same seating position and come up to the same height as most sofas. The comfort level is also similar to that of a living room couch. 

That said, there is a wide range of accent chairs available, from thin and small chairs that are somewhat uncomfortable, and much bigger ones that look like recliners but don’t come with the reclining function.


Speaking of recliners, these chairs tend to look much like your average living room chair, albeit considerably bigger and offering more comfort. The key difference is that the backrest of a recliner has a reclining function, as the name suggests.

This functionality makes these types of chairs more comfortable and versatile. One downside, however, is that recliners are usually more expensive than standard chairs, and they also take up more space than an accent chair.

Bean Bags

At the cheaper end of the spectrum are bean bag chairs, which are just thick fabric bags that are filled with some sort of filler, which can be made of various materials like polystyrene or dried beans.

These chairs sit very low, near the ground, and offer a relaxed seating position. The fabric construction and the fillers allow the chair to conform to your shape while you are sitting, which is what makes the chair comfortable. That said, you might need to place the bean bag chair against a wall if you want some form of backrest.

Theater Seats

There are also home theater seats, which are a similar design with the seats that you see inside cinema houses, except they don’t require mounting to the floor. Instead, these chairs look like your standard sofa, but come with extra armrests for added comfort, oftentimes along with one or two cup holders. They also come in 2 and 3 seater variants.


To find the right type of man cave chair, you need to ask yourself what you will be using the chair for. In other words, what do you plan on doing in your man cave? Where will you place the chair? How many people will sit on the chair? How comfortable do you want it to be?

Other questions to help you find the perfect man chair include how much space you have in your man cave, and how much you are willing to spend for a chair.


Man cave chairs are available in many different styles, but they can be divided into 2 main categories:


If you have a classic interior decor that is quite on the dark and gloomy side and looks somewhat like an English or Irish pub, the best way to complement that is by adding classic looking chairs that also match the brooding color scheme.

Avoid going for bright, splashy colors or shiny metals. Instead, opt for more wood, darker and less obtrusive metals, and of course, leather upholstery, which looks classy, sleek, and gets better over time as long as you care for it properly. It also feels really comfortable.

Basically, when it comes to classic decor, it’s all about the look. So, when it comes to man cave chairs, find lots of plush padding and thick legs.

Business man on elegant chair


On the other hand, “modern” chairs aren’t really confined into one definitive style. As long as it looks new rather than old, consider it modern. That said, common denominators of modern man cave chairs include skinnier profiles with less obvious padding and thinner legs.

You also have the freedom of playing with color, whether it’s light or bright or even offensive to the eyes. There are also plenty of cool designs that can either blend in with the rest of your Spiderman toys decor or stand out and serve as the room’s focal point.


Regardless of what kind of chair you are buying, comfort is always one of the most important factors to look for. After all, you wouldn’t want to sit on a stiff, uncomfortable, and unforgiving chair for more than a few minutes.

What this means is looking for a chair that is ergonomically designed to sit the needs of the user. Not all beautifully designed chairs feel comfortable to sit at, so you need to be careful. If you’re buying in a store, try sitting on the product. If you’re shopping online, peruse the customers’ reviews.


The feel of the seat is also important, since it is what essentially supports your weight. In this case, the seat should feel firm so that you don’t sink and drown in the chair, but also soft enough that you won’t feel uncomfortable or have a hard time relaxing.


This one’s a no brainer. Any chair you buy for whatever purpose should always be durable so that it lasts long and serves its purpose for many years to come, so you don’t have to keep buying new chairs or suffer sitting on old, dilapidating ones.

This means that the material and construction quality of the man cave chair is important, since it directly affects the chair’s durability.

Frame Material

In terms of the frame, a man cave chair is typically made of two materials:


Wood is the original chair frame material. It has been the standard choice for thousands of years, and for good reason. Good quality wood not only looks and feels great, it also lasts really long and stays in great shape. This material has a certain depth and warmth that you simply cannot get from any other material. Plus, wood is pretty easy to clean and maintain.

That said, you need to be careful about a few things, such as mold, moisture, and pests, especially if you are placing the man cave chair in your basement or garage, since these things can effectively ruin the finish and interior of the wood frame.


If you want a more affordable, more modern looking, and relatively more durable option, go for a metal frame. This would give your chair a more stylish, “up with the times” appeal, and it’s also easier to clean, not to mention ideal for humid environments.

Do make sure that the metal used is strong and thick rather than flimsy alloys, and that the metal is coated with proper layers of paint and protection so it doesn’t degrade, rust, or corrode over time.


When it comes to cheap furniture, you will find other materials like plywood, MDF, and the like. They don’t look or feel as good, and won’t last long or golf their integrity over time, especially when they get wet.

Upholstery material

Aside from the frame material, you should also consider the upholstery material:


The best and most true to sense man cave chair material is leather. Aside from the manly appeal that perfectly suits the style of most man caves, it also offers additional benefits, such as being easy to clean, requiring little maintenance, and offering superior durability. Just make sure that it’s not fake leather, and you’re good to go.


Another popular material for man cave chair upholstery is cotton, which is super comfortable and comes in a wide variety of style and color options, allowing you to find one that perfectly blends with your decor. Plus, cotton chairs are cheaper as well.

For best results, opt for darker colors that aren’t as quick to show stains, especially since cotton isn’t as easy to clean as leather.

Added Features

Finally, you should also consider other additional features when shopping for a man cave chair. These include:


If you want a space-saving solution for a tiny man cave, opt for a chair with under-seat storage, side storage bags, cup holders, and spots to stash your remotes.

Massage Function

A massage function is a pleasant addition to a man cave chair, which typically comes in recliners. Just make sure that you try out the chair first (or read online reviews) before buying, to make sure that the massage function actually relaxes you.


If you want to be able to spin around and grab stuff nearby without standing up, it’s nice to buy a chair that has a swivel function.


As you can see, there are many different amazing options when it comes to the best man cave chairs. The decision is all up to you. Just make sure that you are buying a chair that fits your needs, requirements, and preferences in terms of comfort, support, purpose, space, and budget, so you can find the perfect chair that lets you relax and enjoy.