Best Gaming Desk With LED Lights in 2021

Do you want to put your high-end gaming rig and peripherals on an ordinary table? We don’t think your high-class gaming set deserves that! An appropriate gaming desk has to have enough space to put all your equipment and can handle the heaviness of your gaming equipment, which of course, is not light.

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Do you want to put your high-end gaming rig and peripherals on an ordinary table? We don’t think your high-class gaming set deserves that! An appropriate gaming desk has to have enough space to put all your equipment and can handle the heaviness of your gaming equipment, which of course, is not light.

The best gaming desks are the ones that have plenty of accessories like cupholders, headset holders, and holders for your controllers, which will make your gaming setup not look cluttered. Some also have channels where you can run your cables so that they will not look messy. Who wants a messy setup anyways?

A gaming desk with LED lights is probably the most popular for gamers. Because it just gives the typical professional gamer vibes. One cool feature of gaming desks are they sync with your case, mic, or other hardware, which gives the mood. Therefore, here are five of the best gaming desks with LED lights.

Our 5 most favorite light up gaming desks

Plenty of gaming desks have storage for your headsets, cup holders, and other peripherals, which is good because it avoids cluttered desks. Who wants to play while bumping your hand on your coffee mug? There are lots of options for you to choose from.

Below, we picked five different gaming desk with LED lights that will fit your preference and your needs. It also has a lot of other features which makes it all convenient for you. A light-up gaming desk that will satisfy every gamer.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Gaming Desk 44.5″

Gaming Desk With LED Lights Top 1

Eureka is one of the leading names on the market and a well-known brand of gaming desks. All of their products are assembled carefully in the United States. Eureka always prioritizes their customer’s satisfaction, which is a huge plus, and the products you’re going to buy will be worth every penny.

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1 – S Gaming desk is one such cool gaming desk that has a spacious gaming surface. A 44.5-inch wide working top and 22 inches deep, suitable for any type of monitor, either flat or curved. A gaming desk with led lights that occupies a little space yet offers a spacious gaming surface.

To activate this LED gaming desk you only have to plug it into your computer or laptop with a USB cable. The LED light has a cool light blue color that cannot be changed which may be an issue for some users.

  • Provides a spacious working top
  • Constructed with sleek carbon fiber
  • Durable and has four leveled feet
  • With features made for your convenience
  • Has LED lighting

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VANSPACE 47” Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk With LED Lights Top 2

If you are looking for a smaller desk that will fit in your small apartment, then the Vanspace Ergonomic gaming desk is the one for you. A 47-inch gaming desk that offers slick features that catches the eyes of customers.

This RGB computer desk has Z-shaped legs and feet, which you can adjust. The tabletop is 47.2-inch long and 25.2 inches wide, which is space-saving but convenient. And it comes with a storage box and two cable management trays for a neat and cluttered-free gaming setup.

This gaming desk features its plastic strips running down on both sides of its width, which has six-color RGB lighting. If you are looking for an affordable option yet relaxing to play your favorite games at, then go for this Vanspace Ergonomic Gaming Desk.

  • Spacious desk top made with carbon fiber
  • Has two cable management trays and a storage box
  • Comes with a cup holder and headphone hook
  • Solid and durable
  • Adaptable and practical LED lighting

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 60” Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk With LED Lights Top 3

The Eureka Ergonomic Z60 has a Z shaped design, which is liked by most people. It also has a modular design, which will worth every penny you spent on this gaming table. This gaming table provides a dual monitor stand, keyboard trays, and CPU holders that make it all convenient for you.

This LED gaming desk is 60-inches wide and 24-inches deep, which is pretty spacious enough compared to other gaming desks offered in the market. And it is also spacious enough for all your gaming equipment. Built-in grommets to put your cables? Yes, please!

The Z shaped design of this gaming desk gives an exceptional balance yet easily adjusted.  It has six-color RGB lighting on both left and right sides that has a pleasant design. The tabletop is made with a carbon fiber finish, which seals the deal. 

  • Has a 60-inch wide desktop
  • Provides cable grommets and special mouse pad
  • Durable with level feet and F1 lever
  • Easy to assemble and it only has two parts
  • Practical multi-color LED lighting

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Atlantic 45” Gaming Desk Viper 3000

Gaming Desk With LED Lights Top 4

If you are looking for a LED gaming desk that is smaller so it can fit in a small room or apartment, then go for this Atlantic Viper 3000, which is only 45-inches wide and 29-inches deep. Its desktop has a satin finish that makes it easier for you to move your mouse around, especially when playing competitive games.

This gaming desk gives you all the convenience you need. It has a low cut in front of you, so it would be easier for you to get closer while playing competitive and thrilling games. And it also offers a cup holder, phone slot, and headset hook for a neat gaming setup. This gaming desk also comes with a power station with three USB 3.0 ports where you can charge your device.

This LED computer desk has 48 blue LEDs on the side and back of the desk. The only downside is that the LEDs aren’t RGB compatible, which is not an issue for some. Check this desk out if you are interested in having a desk with exceptional functionality and worth every penny.

  • A spacious working surface made of satin
  • Provides accessories such as including trays, holders, hooks
  • Practical RGB system
  • Provides a USB 3.0 port
  • Durable and Steady

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 RGB Battlestation 63”

Gaming Desk With LED Lights Top 5

If you are looking for an RGB gaming desk that is massive enough to fit all your gaming equipment and accessories, then this Thermaltake Level 20 battle station is the one for you. It also features an electric height adjustment that has a quiet two-stage lift system that you can use while standing up.

This RGB desk is 64.9-inches wide and 29.5-inches deep, which can handle up to 330 pounds! This gaming desk also has a full-surface cloth mousepad. You won’t need to buy a mousepad anymore with this gaming desk.

The Level 20 BattleStation has RGB lighting on its edges with 20 lighting zones that you can program. This gaming desk is also compatible with other Thermaltake products like headsets and cases. And what is also cool about this gaming desk is that it is compatible with Alexa.

  • The entire desktop is a mouse pad
  • Can be used while standing up
  • Has an RGB synchronization with iTAKE

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How To Find The Best Gaming Desk with LED Lighting

You have to consider a lot of things first before choosing the right LED gaming desk to avoid regrets. You should also pick a place in your house to put your gaming desk in so that you know how much space you have. So that it would be easier for you to pick a gaming desk that will fit your preference.

Type of Gaming Desk

There are several prominent gaming desk designs, including:

  • L-Shape
  • Lapdesk
  • Standard
  • U-shape
  • Standing

There are different kinds of gaming desks the market has to offer for us, each of them has solutions to each problem. But the most favored type of desk by most gamers is the L-shaped desk. For some people, U-shaped desks are a bit too much and typical desks aren’t just enough.

In that case, the market offers different kinds of options that will satisfy everyone’s needs.  Those gamers that only have one monitor or have a mini-ITX computer do not need a very spacious desk, compared to others that have three monitors and a monster rig. The L-shaped desk will fit in every space and it doesn’t restrict you as the U-shaped desks do.

L-shaped desks are more convenient for people that have a lot to do. If you feel like playing a game all your gaming peripherals are right there in front of you. These kinds of desks are more spacious where you can put plenty of your stuff neatly.

Other desks offer excellent features like standing desks where the height can be adjusted, these types of desks are suitable for people that want to stand up instead of sitting all day long while working on their computers.

Desk Size and Shape

Before making up your mind about buying that gaming desk, you need to consider how much space you have first. What’s the use of buying the coolest light up desk if you cannot even fit it in your room?

If you have plenty of corner space, choose an L-shaped gaming desk where you do not need to worry about exact dimensions. But for those with small spaces, it is always better to get the precise measurement of the area to identify if the desk is going to fit in or not.


If you have more than one monitor and a large gaming setup, then a spacious desk would be the best match for all your needs. For those people that have plenty of cables and cords, there are gaming desks that offer a cable management system to make your setup neater and less cluttered. There are a lot of things you should consider first before deciding which gaming desk to buy.

Build Material and Quality

The materials used for the gaming desk will also be one of the most crucial factors. Of course, you have to choose a gaming desk that is sturdy yet stylish. The most typical materials used to construct a computer desk are wood, steel, PVC, and glass.


Wood desks typically are made from oak, maple, or pine. These types of woods are sturdy and will last a long time. A lot of people prefer wood desks for the traditional looks of these types of desks. Although, these desks are heavier compared to others.

Steel and PVC

PVC working tops are mostly supported by a solid steel frame, which is why it is sturdy enough and can handle the heavy stuff. Although these kinds of desks are lightweight and portable, these kinds of desks are much convenient if you are moving out.


If you are looking for a desk that is elegant looking and has a modern style, glass desks are the ones for you. Glass desks are supported by a steel frame. Although these types of desks are most likely to be imprinted by fingerprints and are more fragile than the others.

headset standing infront of gaming laptop


Assembly time is unavoidable when buying most furniture. But manufacturers always provide manual and minimizing parts to make it a lot easier for the customers. But if you do not like assembling your desk, find a smaller desk to avoid it.

Additional Features

There are lots of gaming desks that have added features that make your gaming life more convenient. Some desks offer a small cabinet to store your gears or accessible power connectors built right in your desk. So look for a gaming desk that has features that you want.


There is a wide range in the potential cost of a gaming desk, there are under 100 dollars, and there are also almost 600 dollars, depending on how high class the gaming desk is. You can always spend more if you want to, but other options are more affordable and have the features you want.

Plus, don’t forget that your journey won’t end with buying a gaming desk. You’ll also need to partner it with the best gaming chair under $100, among other gaming peripherals.


What are gaming desk LED lights?

Gaming desks that have LED lights are more attractive and give the gamer vibe that every gamer wants. The details it gives just make the gaming a lot more immersive and better, which is totally worth it for a lot of gamers.

How many LED light colors can I get with my gaming desk?

There are other LED gaming desks that just only have one color, but attracts the eyes of many, even those who aren’t into gaming. Gaming desks that have different colors of gaming LED lights might be more expensive than others that only have limited colors. But it all boils down to your preference and your budget.

Where can I find the best gaming desk with RGB lights?

There are plenty of options for you to choose from at Amazon. You can find LED gaming desks at amazon, which will fit your preference and budget at the same time. If you are not a big fan of shopping online, the gamer’s store has a lot to offer as well.

Is it possible to upgrade the RGB lighting on my computer desk?

If you want to buy new gaming lights for desks, you can buy them separately at any hardware or gaming store. But if you like to upgrade your gaming desk, it all depends on what kind of gaming desk you have rather than the LED lights it has. You can upgrade it on the surface, but there is no possible way that will allow you to put the LED system into a table and operate the lights.

Why should I invest in the right gaming desk?

Gaming desks are an important investment. The gaming desk has a lot of different features that are made for your convenience some are obvious, but some are not. There is also a gaming desk that offers you a spacious working space and comfort benefits, some may even have cable management to tidy up your setup.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for you out there when it comes to a good gaming desk with LED lights; it is all about your preference anyway. If you like a clear surface that gives you spacious room to adjust your gear and to display your collection of toys, then choose a bigger table.

Speaking realistically, all of these gaming desks with LED lights are a worthy purchase as long as it fits your preference So make sure to know what you want in a gaming desk to avoid regrets, and it is your hard-earned money so make sure it is a worthy purchase.