Best Gaming Chairs under $100

Whether you’re an entry-level gamer or a pro who spends countless hours on games and is really passionate about your gaming rig, a good gaming chair can spell the difference between tired, painful muscles and a comfortable gaming session.

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Whether you’re an entry-level gamer or a pro who spends countless hours on games and is really passionate about your gaming rig, a good gaming chair can spell the difference between tired, painful muscles and a comfortable gaming session.

That’s because ergonomic gaming chairs are made especially to support one’s posture especially through the endless hours of sitting. The headrest, padding, armrests, and reclining structure are specifically made to cater to you while you go slay your enemies.

These details hold so much importance as they reduce slouching and get you into a comfortable position that will lessen harm to your body in the long run, especially since health issues such as neck or back pain, hand stiffness, and even carpal tunnel syndrome are quite prevalent among gamers.

Want to find the best gaming chair under 100 dollars? Keep reading!

Top 6 Gaming Chairs under $100

Through this article, you’ll discover 6 outstanding but affordable gaming chairs that will keep you from incurring health issues while gaming. Below are gaming chairs under 100 dollars that will guarantee you a safe and comfortable gaming experience. (Note: prices may change without prior notice.)

Homall Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Top 1

Our first pick is an excellent option for those wanting to splurge a little bit less but still have that high quality they’re aiming for. The Homall PC Gaming Chair brings us exciting features with its removable headrest, adjustable lumbar cushion, lockable tilt, and adjustable height.

Made from rubber PU for the wheels, the Homall Gaming Chair boasts of a smooth and scratch-free movement. Meanwhile, the chair’s back and seat are constructed with 1.8mm-thick steel. Moreover, a feature that offers marvelous comfort is the adjustable headrest/pillow.

All that said, perhaps our favorite function of this gaming chair is its rocking function, which offers an extra dose of mobility for your upper body. This makes gaming (and other computer activities) a lot more efficient and comfortable.

  • Robust, ergonomic, and comfortable
  • Steel reinforcement on the seat and back
  • Added mobility with rocking function feature
  • Affordable, value for money option

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Top 2

If you’re leaning towards a more distinct-styled gaming chair than what the other ones look like, you’ll be glad to have known the OFM Essentials PC Gaming Chair. A great way to make quite the introduction, this gaming chair gives out that “fancy office chair” vibe, in contrast to the standard gaming chairs.

Despite its unique and distinguished look, this cheap PC gaming chair offers good ergonomic support with its padded armrests that are also retractable in style. Also designed with a premium PU leather material, the SofThread leather covers the entire chair, which brings you a softer and more comfy touch.

One interesting thing about this chair is that it has less of that gaming chair look and more of a formal office chair vibe, which can be a good thing if you don’t want a flashy, over-the-top looking chair in your workstation. Among its other features are the removable headrest pillow, lumbar cushion, and inwardly-oriented seat sides.

  • Conventionally designed gaming/ office chair
  • Retractable padded armrests for customized arm comfort
  • Excellent customer support and warranty coverage

Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming

Gaming Chairs Top 3

Sure, this next one claims to be an office chair, but you’ll come to know soon that it can easily double as a comfy and sleek gaming chair. The Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair’s best feature is how the fullers give the headrest a little edge, but will still give you that office-vibe from its traditional materials and color palette.

Despite being one of the few gaming chairs under $100, this gaming chair comes with high-end features, such as soft leather upholstery, which is rare at this price point. That said, one downside of the Furmax Office Gaming Chair is the thin padding around the main seating area, although it’s still adequate in providing comfort and lumbar support.

Featuring a variety of colors together with the classic “all black” design, it gives you plenty of options to choose from, making it perfect for customizing the look of your study room-slash-man cave. Let’s be honest though; even if you own the best laptop for engineering students such as yourself, your MMORPG games will be running on it more often than your CAD software.

  • Soft leather upholstery for that high-end feel
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Easy 5-piece assembly

BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

Gaming Chairs Top 4

The BestOffice brand isn’t just well known for their excellent office chairs- in terms of affordable gaming chairs, they are one of the best brands on the market as well. Featuring both comfortability and ergonomic abilities, the BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair’s assembly time can be as low as 20 minutes, giving you that minimal, hassle-free work.

Constructed with PU leather, it gives you that soft touch and flawless construction. The reclining option also has a tight locking mechanism that keeps your chair in your desired position regardless of how much you wiggle around.

Now, since it’s technically an office chair, it does give the illusion of a traditional office chair- at least at first glance. But when you look closer, you’ll see all its upgraded gaming specs such as the bucket seat and high back which gives you extreme comfort and good posture, and the steel stube five caster base & 360-degree swivel that provides you a higher range of mobility.

  • Ergonomic design with comfort features
  • BIFMA certified gaming/ office chair
  • Comes with a 90 day warranty
  • Available in 3 colors

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Top 5

If you’re looking for that best budget gaming chair under $100 that provides almost the same benefits as those of the high-end ones, the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is never a bad choice. This gaming chair is perfect for those who are on a tight budget, but still want that extra comfort that gaming chairs offer. 

As for comfort and longevity, it’s quite commendable, especially since the seat cushion is perfectly manufactured for the countless hours of gaming you’ll be doing on your laptop for Minecraft. It’s lumbar support is quite similar to the other BestOffice chairs we’ve reviewed, which means it’s quite good.

If you’re worried about it holding up heat due to long use, the BestOffice PC Gaming Chair uses a combination of leather and mesh, which feels perfectly right to cool your seat down. The mesh also lessens the chair’s tendency to squeak due to the leather, so overall, this gaming chair is quite the steal.

  • Solid, comfortable, and ergonomic
  • Premium quality PU leather construction
  • 360-degree swivel function, adjustable height
  • Great value, comes with a decent warranty

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Top 6

Finally, this next gaming chair boasts of a sleek black frame with vibrant, attention-catching color schemes. It’s the perfect option for those who want style, flash, and pizazz.  We’re talking about the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair, taking the last place for our recommended gaming chairs under $100.

Featuring specs that are extensively hard to find in gaming chairs under $200, let alone $100, are the high curved and breathable polyurethane leather back and bucket seat that does wonders for your back, plus the removable headrest and adjustable lumbar cushion that gives you an option to fully customize your real-life avatar.

Reclining all the way back to 180 degrees, the Devoko Gaming Chair is perfect for taking that much needed break after spending countless hours on that AAA game. One feature that also gives you an option to shift between working, reading, relaxing, and just simply lying down is its easily lockable tilt. This gaming chair will leave you feeling the best of both worlds.

  • Optimized design for superior comfort and ergonomics
  • 180-degree reclining feature for total relaxation
  • Customizable comfort with lumbar pillow and removable headres

Budget Gaming Chair Buying Guide

While there are plenty of gaming chairs under $100, they don’t exactly guarantee to be exceptionally good gaming chairs. You may have had your pick in the list above, but the guide below will definitely help you in looking for the features of that best value gaming chair.

Material and Quality

In telling the quality and integrity of a gaming chair, as well as its lifespan and ergonomic ability, you’ll simply have to look at the materials used in constructing it. Different gaming chairs vary from material to material, and of course each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Taking durability into consideration, you can never go wrong with real leather. Aside from being durable, it also feels good and is pleasing to the eye.There may be a lot of alternatives but leather’s one to definitely last long. One problem however, is that real leather usually goes well above the $100 mark as it is very expensive in nature.

PU Leather

A more budget friendly material is the PU leather, which is an imitation of the real one, and is most commonly used in numerous gaming chairs. As for the comparison, it’s not that big as it will also serve its purpose in comfort and durability, but has a tendency to pack in heat. Because of this, it may not be the top choice to be sitting on for countless hours.

PVC Leather

Principally being a whole lot cheaper than the real leather and the PU leather is the PVC one. Paired together with its budget friendly quality is quite a disadvantage, its stain resistance. Because of this, the PVC leather is commonly used as a supplement to the portions of a PU leather that have a tendency to wear and tear.


This material is not quite usually provided on its own but often comes together with a PU or PVC leather chair in making it more viable. Due to the countless hours of sitting on a gaming chair, one can definitely hold up heat, making it quite irritable. The mesh prevents that from happening so by dispersing heat.

video game chairs


What makes a gaming chair exceptionally different from the traditional office chair is its specified ergonomic abilities. In response to the long hours of usage of a gaming chair, these ergonomic ones gravitate towards bringing the best comfort possible, while keeping you from long term health issues.

One of the smartest ergonomic chair designs ever made is the “racing style” chair design that is most commonly seen in the interior of race cars. Due to its high back that keeps your spine straight and the deep seat that ensures you less pain, it’s very much recommended for gaming uses, plus the traditional headrest pillow that is also included.

Also when looking for this type of gaming chair, you’ll come across a traditional headrest pillow, adjustable or not, that’s included to provide you with extra support and keep you from leaning forward too much, and adjustable lumbar pillows that just adds to the overall comfort.

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Wheels: Yes or No?

Inspired from the “racing style” chair design but breaking away from the traditional office chair ones, some gaming chairs tend to stray away from both those norms and provide quite its own unique build. These are called “rockers”, mainly because they are situated on the floor and offer the ability to rack back and forth, sometimes given the loss of reclining movement.

Naturally, opting for a “rocker” will deprive you from rolling your gaming chair around the room, and is situated in just one place, come the moment you want to move it. One upside in opting for this feature is that you can easily store and hide it, due to its smaller form.

If you’re a gamer that has a conventional PC gaming setup, this might quite not be for you as it sticks very low to the ground and will probably give you a hard time giving that right amount of level you’ll need in gaming. Contrary to that, rockers are your best option for console gaming.


Adjustability is a factor that’s quite more important than you think. You’ll want to fit your chair like it’s specifically made for you and thus, you’ll want to consider this factor in addition to the chair’s ergonomic abilities.

There are quite a number of movements providing a better sense of adjustability and as a gamer looking for that perfect chair under $100, you’ll want to know every single one of what will provide you the best gaming experience.

360 Degree Swivel

Moving seamlessly from one position to another can never be a disadvantage, and for that matter, you might want to consider a gaming chair with a 360-degree swivel. This is also exceptional for offices with multiple workstations as you’ll be able to move swiftly in between all that workload. Just make sure that the one you choose provides reliable and smooth casters.


If you’re planning to have your chair also as a dupe for that relaxing siesta chair, then a reclining option is definitely a factor you must consider for your gaming chair. PC gaming chairs can go from a full 90 degree to a 180, providing your chair a full reclining position to a completely upright one.

Adjustable Height

An adjustable seating height option is commonly seen in those of the traditional office chairs but this feature can fit your gaming chair into your preferred level of height, so you’d definitely don’t want to miss out on this one. An ideal height is that of the length of your leg from the knee down. This is typically measured in inches.

The average seating height for adults works around 20-ish inches, additionally with the option to adjust higher or lower by some more. Nonetheless, if you’re beyond or above the average height, you’ll want to go for that extra inch of adjustment that will perfectly cater your preference.

Adjustable Arms

PC Gaming Chairs on a budget offer a different kind of luxury than those of the fair-priced ones, these are the adjustable arms. These are more common in budget gaming chairs, of course the fair-priced ones do offer them, but you’ll just need a slightly extensive research.

The “4D” armrests are what you can find best for those of the budget gaming chairs. These provide both vertical and horizontal adjustments, the latter being offered in two dimensions.

Weight Capacity

You’d want to look for a chair that’s durable enough for your weight capacity, so frankly speaking, this is one of the most important factors you need to put your mind on. Various chairs, even the gaming ones, are thoroughly tested for the sake of the safety of customers to provide accuracy in measuring each and every chair’s weight capacity.

Though needed to be carefully taken in consideration, most of the gaming chairs you’ll come across have a weight capacity in the range of 250 to 300 pounds, so you don’t need to worry that much.


Frankly speaking, a $500 gaming chair doesn’t offer the premium longevity as that of the $100 ones, but it’s still a good steal if you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair. Sacrificing quality and endurance are just few of the downsides in opting for a cheap gaming chair than those of the premium, expensive ones.

Most of the gaming chairs recommended may come from overseas, but they still guarantee you a better quality than of the ones at the retail stores for completely the same price. This is why we still put these gaming chairs under our recommendation. Just remember that the wear and tear tendencies may start showing a lot sooner than expected.


Are gaming chairs worth it?

Gaming chairs are a good idea if you often sit for long periods of hours, whether it’s to play games, do some work on the computer, or even just chat with your friends and stream videos. Gaming chairs can prevent issues such as back pain, poor blood circulation, and more, since they help you maintain a proper posture while sitting.

Taking note of long term negative health effects of improper posture led by countless hours of gaming, it can straight out give you the answer that gaming chairs are really worth the expenditures. Health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, poor circulation of blood, and neck or back pain will leave you thinking you should’ve splurged a little on that gaming chair.

Ergonomic gaming chairs aren’t made just for frivolous reasons; these chairs help you maintain a good posture, as well as provide you that comfort even after the numerous hours of being deeply focused in that game you like. Additionally, various gaming chairs have bold and vibrant color schemes which can be that cool fashion statement in your gaming room.

What makes gaming chairs different from other chairs?

Chairs for gaming cater specifically to those who spend countless hours sitting while playing games, hence focusing on providing the best comfort possible while lessening future health issues that you might come across with.

Functions such as added padding, pillows, full recline, and headrest are what contributes to the overall maintenance of a good posture.

Is using a gaming chair good for my back?

The goal of gaming chair manufacturers when they make these gaming chairs is providing the best back support to gamers who don’t spend just idle time sitting, but countless hours of playing their favourite AAA games on repeat.

These innumerable moments of sitting improperly can seriously affect one’s health and that’s what the manufacturers target to get rid of, focusing on areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, head, and hips.

Does using a gaming chair make for better gameplays?

Great gameplays are portrayed by having full function of all of the joints and body parts which a gamer uses, hence you need to be in your best condition possible. This is where the gaming chairs come in. Ergonomic gaming chairs prevent health issues which may possibly cause a dent in your gaming abilities.

Situations like carpal tunnel syndrome may affect your performance, especially in games where you need to press multiple keys and buttons. An ergonomic chair may provide your body relaxation, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be feeling the need to doze off due to its utmost comfortability!

There are also gaming chairs with on-board audios which may help you to become immensely immersed in the game, especially when an enemy attacks you and the speakers boom off. Nonetheless, it’s always up to the player’s skills, these functions are just additions to the recipe.


Whether you’re contemplating having an addition to your expenditures or you’re a gamer on a tight budget, this article will surely help you as it gives you options on the best budget gaming chairs under $100. Specs and features in this price range aren’t that extensive so you can count on our list above to help you choose the perfect gaming chair for your preference.

Note to fact that prices are subject to change so you’ll want to double check for that matter. If this article gave you a headstart onto the gaming venture with these budget gaming chairs, we’ll be glad to read your comments down below!