Best Gaming PC Under $1000 in 2021 – Prebuilt

Have you imagined how convenient your life can be if you just bought a pre-built Gaming computer instead of constructing your own? If you are a beginner to computers who do not have time to research what best fits their preference, then buying a pre-built gaming computer will work for you the best. Why stress yourself out when you have a much convenient option?

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Have you imagined how convenient your life can be if you just bought a pre-built Gaming computer instead of constructing your own? If you are a beginner to computers and you don’t have time to research what best fits your preferences, then buying a pre-built gaming computer will work for you the best. Why stress yourself out when you have a much convenient option?

What’s also great about gaming computers, or computers in general, is that whenever you feel like upgrading, you always can (unlike with laptops). For instance, you can upgrade your PC components one by one if you don’t have a budget for a one big-time purchase.

You can also get the best gaming peripherals if you buy a pre-built gaming computer instead of building your own. So, we have gathered a list of the best gaming PC under 1000 dollars for people like you who are on a budget but still want to buy a good gaming computer.

What To Expect

Even the best gaming laptops under $800 probably cannot handle demanding games at 1080 or ultra settings. Realistically speaking, it will have a hard time running games that have high-end graphics. Now, with a 1000 dollar budget for a gaming computer, it should handle games with high-end graphics pretty well.  

We highly suggest that you should invest in a gaming PC with a 4K resolution display monitor to enjoy games with high-end graphics. If you do not have a budget, a 2K resolution display monitor could also work. In this article, we have featured the 5 best pre-built gaming PC that can run these games listed in both 2160p and 1440p resolution:

  • DOTA 2
  • Fortnite
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • League of Legends
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Overwatch
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Warframe

You’ll experience 60FPS++ on these games with the right presets. Although, if you’re a competitive gamer, you’ll probably still prefer lower game settings to have much smoother gameplay than an over finely-tuned graphics, so even at a relatively low framerate, you shouldn’t really have a problem in gaming. 

Top 5 $1,000 Gaming PCs

We came up with this list of the best pre-built gaming PC under 1000 dollars to help you figure out what to pick for your first pre-built gaming PC with this budget. If you have a bigger spending budget, however, you can also read our review on the best gaming laptops under $1500 here.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

$1,000 Gaming PCs Top 1

The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme is one of the most affordable options available. It comes with a 240GB SSD and 1TB of Hard drive, which is pretty spacious and can accommodate plenty of games and applications. The Gamer Xtreme also comes with an older Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, so it’s pretty decent and can run games smoothly.

Although the processor, RAM, and the NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card are quite inferior compared to other good pre-built PCs, they still work pretty decently. You can play games with high-end graphics quite smoothly if you adjust the game settings. You can also store games that have large storage requirements like GTAV or Grand theft auto 5.

If you are looking for the best gaming PC in 2021 under a tight budget, this can work for you. If ever you already have the money, you can always upgrade your gaming desktop for better performance anyway. It is all up to you and what you are looking for in a gaming computer.

  • 2.9GHz Intel Core i5-9400F CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Comes with gaming keyboard and mouse

SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop

$1,000 Gaming PCs Top 2

Another option for the best gaming desktop is the Skytech Blaze II. If you are looking for a pretty powerful pre-built gaming PC under $1000 where you can play or watch anything you want in 1080p resolution, then this one’s for you. This pre-built computer offers a Ryzen 5 2600 processor, GTX 1660 Graphics card, and 8GB of RAM, which isn’t bad at all.

This gaming PC under 1000 dollars only costs $830, which is pretty cheap given its quality. When it comes to in-game performance, it can handle the latest games. But of course, adjusting the game settings would make it a lot faster.

The weak spot of this gaming computer is it only has 8GB RAM. Some people may not be satisfied with this RAM, but the good news is that you can easily upgrade it by buying another 8GB RAM, which will only cost you around 30 dollars. Just ensure you buy a matching brand to avoid complications and compatibility issues.

  • 3.4 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB SSD

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Skytech Shiva Gaming PC Desktop

$1,000 Gaming PCs Top 3

The Skytech Shiva PC is probably among the best choices for gaming computers under $1000. It’s an affordable good pre-built PC that boasts of a NVIDIA GTX 2060 graphics card, which is one of the latest and leading options for graphics cards. The downside is that it does not have spacious storage, and its processor is a bit old. But for the price, it’s quite good.

This 1000 dollar gaming PC comes with 500GB of SSD, 16GB RAM, and a Ryzen 5 2600, which is an older version, but given its latest version of the NVIDIA GTX Graphics processing unit, this unit is still totally worth it.

This gaming computer’s componentry can deliver excellent performance compared to any other pre-built gaming computer under a 1000 dollar budget. The Ryzen 5 2600 and the RTX 2600 alone are a great combination. And again, you can always just upgrade when the need arises.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500G SSD

Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer PC Desktop

$1,000 Gaming PCs Top 4

If you really want a superior gaming PC and don’t mind going a little over budget, The Skytech Archangel is one of the best gaming PCs for $1000. It packs a superior hardware configuration that can persuade you into spending a little bit more.

The Skytech Archangel comes with the latest version of AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card, and 16GB RAM, which will give you the gaming experience you deserve. No more laggy games with this Skytech Archangel, only smoother gameplay. This component is good enough to max out different games on 4K resolution display monitors.

If you are willing to shell out a little more, go with this 1000 dollar gaming PC. This pre-built gaming computer is worth buying for the components offered. You can also pay an extra 150 dollars if you want a better monitor, but a 144Hz 1080p can also work just fine.

  • 3.6GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB SSD

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Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer PC Desktop

$1,000 Gaming PCs Top 5

Last but not least in this review of the best gaming computers is the Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer, which comes with a pretty powerful budget processor. The Intel Core i5-9400F is a powerful processor for its affordable price.

This gaming computer comes with a GTX 1660 graphics processing unit that gives high-quality graphics that is good for streaming games. It is one of the most improved Graphics Processing Units in comparison to older generations, which is a huge plus.

This gaming computer features a frame that has a sophisticated design with a refined look. It also has an RGB lightbar and three RGB fans to add a professional gamer vibe to whoever will own this gaming computer. It also has a CPU air cooler to avoid overheating, especially when playing games with high-end graphics or playing games for too long.

  • 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 9400F CPU
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB SSD
young man playing video game with headset

How To Find The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $1000

Not all gamers know their way around desktops. Figuring out what processor you need, what Graphics Processing Unit or GPU will give justice to the graphics of your favorite game, or how much storage do you need, are all quite a handful for those who aren’t experts on computers.

Fortunately, there are computer stores that offer pre-built gaming computers to make it easier for beginner gamers or gamers who aren’t computer-savvy. Plus, for those on a tight budget, a pre-built gaming computer is also a much easier option because it already has a fixed price.

That said, even though pre-built computers already have components, do not just choose out of nowhere- a teeny tiny bit of research is still mandatory for you to figure out what gaming computers best fit for you.

To help you out, we came up with this criteria that you should know before spending your hard-earned money on a gaming PC: 

Graphics Card

The graphics processing unit or GPU is one of the most essential components of a gaming computer. The GPU is the one that renders images and the one responsible for your graphics quality. If your gaming computer has a GPU like the GTX 1660 with a relatively slow processor like i5, it can still produce good quality images or graphics.

But still, the gaming computer’s performance depends on various other factors like how demanding the game is, or how high the system requirement of the game is. Still, many games are more demanding on the graphics card than the CPU, so choosing a good quality GPU will help your gaming experience.

For a gaming computer, getting a higher-quality graphics card is advisable. If you like to play your favorite games at 1440p++, then all pre-built gaming computer we featured should be more than capable.

To know more about choosing the right graphics card, read this handy guide.


Although processors do not push the FPS as much as the graphics processing units do, processors are still pretty important in a gaming computer. Processors are focused in processing tasks rather than rendering images fast. Therefore, processors are the ones responsible for whether you will have smoother gameplay or laggy and annoying gameplay.

If you’re a streamer, then you should invest in a high-quality processor for smoother streams. Processors are also the ones that make multitasking in your computers possible. So, if you have a low-quality processor, then most probably it would be hard for you to open multiple applications or multiple tabs without experiencing crashes.

To give you an idea, if you want your gaming computer to execute much smoother gameplay or perform multitasking without any problem, then Intel Core i5 or i7 and AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7, or 9 will be the best options for you. These processors are pretty strong and can handle games pretty well, not to mention they are easy to find on budget prebuilt gaming PCs.

One thing to note is that your internet connection also plays a major role in how smooth, fast, and snappy your gameplay can be. To ensure the best gaming experience, check out these Best Modems for Gaming.


A gaming desktop needs a decent amount of RAM. Thankfully, the RAM is the easiest one to upgrade- whenever you feel like you need more, you can buy another one. As long as it is compatible, then you are good to go. Although of course, keep in mind that it’s a waste of money to splurge on too much RAM than what you really need, so try to balance things out.

In 2021, most games require at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM to make certain that the games will run smoothly and lag-free. Though 16GB is still the best option, it all depends on you and your budget. Either 16GB or 8GB can work. But if you already have the budget, upgrading to 16GB will be a much better choice.

Anything more than 16GB of RAM is irrelevant and may never be used. Even modern games only demand 16GB at maximum and 8GB of RAM minimum. So if you already have 16GB of RAM on your gaming computer under $1000, do not buy another RAM because it will not make your gaming computer faster.


Most gaming computers under 1000 dollars have an SSD – HDD combo. Choosing a gaming computer that has both an SSD and HDD is much more convenient, since this means that you have spacious storage to store plenty of games and applications in.

Now, you probably know that SSDs are much faster than traditional HDDs. They offer excellent performance that allows the gaming computers to process data faster, which means no more long waiting time for the game to load. However, HDDs are much cheaper than SSDs, hence the usual combo setup on cheaper gaming rigs.

In any case, if you have to choose between SSD and HDD, choose SSD. Solid State Drives are 20-100x faster than the over the hill HDD. However, do not choose an SSD with below 512GB of storage capacity. For hard drives, choose at least 1TB to 2TB. This shouldn’t be hard even on a prebuilt gaming PC under 1000 dollars.


For gamers that play for 6 to 12 hours a day, their gaming computer is much vulnerable to overheating. Heat can badly impact your gaming computer badly and will harm its performance. If the temperature of the CPU is a bit too high, it may perform less than what is expected to avoid damaging the processor of your gaming computer.

This is why cooling is an important feature of a gaming computer. There are CPU liquid and air coolers that help avoid overheating. Although some games aren’t that much of a hassle for your processor and will not cause overheating, running high-end games or demanding games will still cause overheating to your CPU.

Gaming Peripherals

A pre-built gaming pc under 1000 dollars should at least have a keyboard and mouse as a freebie. Considering that you have a 1000 dollar budget for a gaming computer, you probably invested in the best gaming mouse for Fortnite already. But if you haven’t, good quality gaming peripherals are worthy of your money.

It is essential to have a high-quality mouse, keyboard, and controller for you to be comfortable while gaming. High-quality gaming peripherals are an important factor for successful gaming, while low-quality peripherals may break in-game, which will cause flaming from your teammates, and nobody wants that.

close up PC built


What are the benefits of buying a prebuilt PC?

There are three benefits of buying a pre-built gaming computer. First, building gaming computers is too time-consuming. Second, choosing a gaming component is not that easy. You have a list of factors to consider, and you have to search for every shop that has the best parts for you. If you bought a pre-built PC instead, everything would be chosen and given to you.

Besides, you don’t have to be technologically-savvy. For gamers who do not know their way around computer components, the pre-built computer is the best option. Lastly, you will get a full-system warranty!

Can I use a gaming PC for non-gaming tasks?

Yes, you absolutely can. Gaming computers aren’t necessarily for gaming only. Of course, there’s lots of work you can do with your computer. With a gaming computer that has powerful specifications, everything would be easy. It is also a great tool for rendering, editing, and documentation.

Is it better to build a PC myself or buy prebuilt?

If you have knowledge about building your gaming computer and can dedicate time to choosing the best components, then constructing your gaming computer is the best option. The fact that you can customize your gaming computer based on your preference is also exciting for gamers who know plenty of stuff about computers.

However, if you do not know much about gaming computer’s components and cannot be bothered to research or you do not have enough time, then a pre-built computer is the best option for you. As a matter of fact, some shops can even ship them right in front of your doorstep, so that is a huge plus.

Is buying a prebuilt PC for gaming worth it?

If you’re fine spending a little more for a conventionalism, performance guarantee, and direct benefit, pre-built gaming computers are more secure. There’s an endless number of options of pre-built gaming computers that will fit your budget. Just the same, however, you can still build your own computer if you have already had the time and knowledge.

Pre-built gaming computers are more expensive but still a convenient option these days. For hard-core gamers who play competitive games, a pre-built gaming computer can give them the gaming quality they need in a high-end specification that has been selected and researched by the experts.

Do prebuilt gaming PCs last long?

Like most of the things you buy, it all depends on how you use and take care of your gaming PC. Gaming computers have to be fully equipped with must-have features that help manage the severity of hardcore game playing. High-end GPUs, cooling tubes, and top quality processors are a huge must to take care of your gaming computer.

That said, on the whole, gaming computers typically last about five years. Some may last longer, and some may not. In any case, generally speaking, gaming computers will last longer than average computers. What’s also good about gaming desktops is that if one component is damaged, you can easily replace it.

Which is the best prebuilt gaming PC in 2021?

Even with a $1000 budget for a gaming PC, you have plenty of options to pick from. The gaming computers featured in this very article can effectively run any game that you want to run. And, all of these gaming computers are powerful and capable enough to handle games with high-system requirements.

Keep in mind that you still need a top-quality monitor. As for which model to choose, it all depends on what your spending budget is, what games you want to play, and your preference for a gaming computer. If you are playing less demanding games like Rocket League or League of Legends, then you can choose a much cheaper option.

The products mentioned above are so far the best gaming PC for $1000. They can all give you a top-quality performance, they all have fast processors that will surely make your gameplay smoother, they feature excellent graphics cards that can handle games with high-end graphics, and also included are decent amounts of RAM.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone has enough knowledge to build their gaming computers. Some gamers just know how to enjoy the games but do not know the technical stuff, which is fine. Therefore, a pre-built computer is the best option for them. Pre-built computers are much more convenient to buy, the components are already chosen and researched by experts.

If you have a limited budget, pre-built gaming computers are also the best option for you. You do not need to worry about computing the total cost of every piece of equipment you buy, which is much more convenient.

In this article, we have featured the best Gaming PC under 1000 dollars, which will surely satisfy your gaming needs. These gaming computers featured can run high-end games. It all boils down to your preference.