6 Best Gaming Gloves for PC and Console Gaming

Did you know that gaming gloves are a thing nowadays? There are quite a few reasons why avid gamers swear by them, and why you may need a pair, too.

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Did you know that gaming gloves are a thing nowadays? There are quite a few reasons why avid gamers swear by them, and why you may need a pair, too.

Most people think that since PC gaming is a sedentary activity, you don’t need to ‘gear up’ like those sports enthusiasts. But, here’s the thing: banging on the keyboard for hours on end can cause a number of issues for your fingers and wrists. You’re literally risking rattling your bones and getting nerve damage.

Not to mention, sitting on your gaming chair, no matter how ergonomic it may be, can strain your back and make your rear end sore. But that’s a topic for another day…

Today we’ll talk about gaming gloves.

What are Gaming Gloves?

These are essentially tight-fitting gloves that compress on your hand while allowing for adequate ventilation and letting you maintain full control and mobility over your fingers. These gloves provide good grip, help address cold hands and sweaty palms, and most importantly, improve your performance by keeping your fingers fast and nimble over the keyboard.

Common features of gaming gloves include sporty aesthetics, wrist support additions, and all-weather fabric constructions. Ultimately, the goal when wearing gaming compression gloves is to keep your wrists at a straight ergonomic position while you’re playing.

Why You Need Gaming Gloves

If you’re wondering whether gaming gloves are worth it, the answer is a resounding yes. Compression gloves for gaming are a must-have for gamers, whether you play on your console, gaming laptop, PC, or in a VR game environment.

These gloves are designed to provide much needed support for your wrists and fingers during lengthy gaming sessions, and to a certain extent, help in your gameplay so you can perform well with fast-moving fingers, thereby giving you an advantage in multiplayer environments. 

There are also a wide variety of gaming gloves available, such as gaming gloves for cold hands and for sweaty hands, full finger and fingerless gaming gloves, and many more. This is to help address various potential and pre-existing conditions ranging from sweating hands to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In these situations, wearing video game gloves while playing will eliminate or at least help minimize these conditions. And, even if you don’t suffer from any hand or wrist problem, wearing gaming gloves can still work wonders for you!

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Top 6 Gaming Gloves

Going by what we just mentioned, the best gaming gloves are those that allow for maximum control and authority in your hands. They should also offer a good balance between tight-fitting pressure and sufficient ventilation.

Below is a compiled list of the most promising options we found that fit this criteria. We picked out a nice range of products, from cheap yet effective gloves to the most expensive contraptions with lots of fancy features, so you should have an easier time picking out which gaming gloves for PC are best for your needs.

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

Gaming Gloves Top 1

One of the most popular computer gloves among PC gamers is the Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves, which are exceptionally breathable fingerless gloves. The way these gloves are designed ensures that you maintain total control over the keyboard and mouse, without losing any tactile response (which is a common problem with full finger gloves).

The use of high quality materials and the addition of gel padding on the palm area are what makes these gloves breathable and help keep your hands dry during hours of playing. As such, it’s an ideal choice for gamers with sweaty palms that often slip off the keyboard or mouse just when they are about to win.

Most importantly, the compression on these gloves protect your hands and wrists from damage that can arise from hardcore gaming or hours of hitting the keyboard. The gloves fit snugly on your hands, and there are wrist straps that keep your wrists stable while playing.

  • Top choice for PC gamers
  • Excellent compression grip
  • Quality, durable construction
  • 100% money-back guarantee

ComfyBrace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Gaming Gloves Top 2

A controversial option is ComfyBrace’s  Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves, which are actually intended for individuals with arthritis, so they’re not technically gamer gloves, but they do the job pretty well- at least in our opinion. It’s a controversial choice because, basically, it’s either you love it or you hate it. And if you love it, it will feel like it’s one of the best gloves ever made.

That’s because these compression gloves fit tightly, which can help you stay focused, tuned in, and get ‘in the zone’ while you’re battling otherworldly elements in World of Warcraft. However, this is also why some gamers don’t like it. The gloves can feel a little restrictive and make you feel like your reflexes are not as fast.

Interestingly enough, there are gamers who actually prefer this restrictive or compressed feeling, with the belief that it acts like weight training and teaches your hands to move more effortlessly over the keyboard. Either way, these gloves are worth a try.

  • Tight-fitting compression gloves for arthritis
  • Well-made pair that offers a solid, sturdy feel
  • Provides tactile control and keeps you focused
  • Can help alleviate muscle and nerve pain

ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

Gaming Gloves Top 3

Another choice from ComfyBrace is the Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace, which is designed for well-rounded support and superior comfort to let you play games for hours on end without feeling the ill effects of wrist and joint pain.

As such, it comes with certain features like a lightweight construction that won’t weigh your hands down while wearing the glove, ergonomic hand splints that maintain an optimal wrist position and prevent injury while gaming or sleeping, and hook-and-loop fasteners that let you find the perfectly snug custom contoured fit. 

Even better, this hand brace also offers health benefits for those who suffer from certain conditions like CTS and arthritis, as well as for individuals who have recently undergone medical treatment or had casts on their wrists. In these situations where your hand and wrist may be feeling sore and weak, this glove offers a natural, almost therapeutic sense of relief.

  • Discreet stitching and seamless design
  • One glove fits either the left or right hand
  • Offers excellent control and grip
  • Suitable for pain relief

Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis Gloves

Gaming Gloves Top 4

You might also want to check out the Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis Gloves, which are sold by Dr. Arthritis. While these are advertised as arthritis gloves and can even help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, they also work amazingly well as video game gloves.

What we like about these gloves is that, one, they are designed and recommended by actual medical practitioners, and two, they offer incredibly precise compression levels and glove sizes for different users. Not only that, you’re also getting superior comfort and high-quality wrist support to keep your fingers nimble and prevent pain, soreness, or injury.

It’s also worth noting that these gloves are made of spandex and copper nylon, and with quite a significant copper content at that. Now, we’re not going to participate in the debate on whether copper gloves actually work, but if you believe in it, then these are a great choice for you. In any case, these are a great pair of gloves that are pretty cheap as compared to other brands.

  • Recommended by medical practitioners
  • Precise compression and wrist support
  • Helps manage stiffness, pain, and swelling
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Vive Arthritis Gloves

Gaming Gloves Top 5

As you’ve probably noticed by now, few ‘gaming gloves’ are actually advertised as such. The Vive Arthritis Gloves are no exception. The reason why we really like these gloves, though, is because they are just like those pricier and fancier so-called gamer gloves, except with a more reasonable price tag.

For instance, the compression is largely the same, and since they also come in fingerless design, you still get to enjoy the feel of the keyboard or controller with just enough grip so that you can easily hit the right keys.

What we’re trying to say is that these gloves are perfect for gaming, and since they are relatively cheap, they’re also a great, risk-free way to try and figure out whether wearing gloves while gaming is something you’ll love.

  • Cheaper alternative to high-end gaming gloves
  • Allows for direct contact with the keyboard/ controller
  • Sufficient pain management capabilities
  • Soothing compression and breathable comfort

Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves

Gaming Gloves Top 6

Last but not the least is the Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves, another affordable pair of keyboard gloves. These gloves share many features with those specialized gloves for weight-lifting, especially when it comes to keeping your hands dry and protecting them from discomfort and blistering.

This is made possible by the use of high quality fabrics in these gloves’ construction. This material is great at absorbing sweat, which is always a great thing since clammy hands can impair your performance especially over a long gaming session.

Moreover, while these gloves don’t offer as much compression as the other options on this list, the upside is that your hands won’t feel restricted and you’ll also enjoy a much better grip. Of course, you can choose to ‘adjust’ the compression by going for either a tighter or larger pair of gloves since these are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Excellent tactile grip for maximum control
  • Superior moisture wicking properties
  • Great choice for gaming gloves for sweaty hands
  • Ideal for console gamers

What To Look For In Gaming Gloves

Computer gamer

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably already convinced that you need computer gloves for PC gaming. So, the question now is, how do you find the perfect gaming gloves for PC games? What sorts of factors and features do you need to look for?

Well, it all depends on your gaming setup. For example, if you’re more akin to playing games on your desktop PC or gaming laptop, then you need adequate wrist support, enhanced finger dexterity, and better flexibility. Whereas, for console gamers, you need fingerless video game gloves with moisture-wicking capabilities to let you maintain a good grip over the controller.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when playing on a desktop PC, you need to do your part in helping your video game gloves function well by ensuring that the PC is placed well on its desk, and maintaining a proper sitting position with your diaphragm and elbows in line with each other and your shoulders and wrists at a perpendicular angle.

Gaming Equipment

Again, it’s essential that you take your gaming equipment into account when deciding on a pair of gaming gloves, since this will indicate what sorts of features you need. While gaming gloves for PC games and for console games are made from the same materials, they come in different designs and offer specific benefits to the wearer.

For PC Set-ups

On one hand, keyboard gloves are designed to be well-attuned to your hands, and prioritize ergonomics above all. This ensures that any effects of constant gaming can be alleviated or reduced, and it works by helping you maintain a better hand and wrist position that allows your fingers to move more effortlessly over the keyboard.

For Gaming Consoles

On the other hand, you’ll notice that most video game gloves for console gaming are fingerless and have excellent anti-sweat properties to keep your palms dry. The fingerless design allows you to maintain good grip and use your controller as usual, while the moisture-wicking feature maintains your hands’ dexterity so you can enjoy a more consistent playing performance.

Hand Issues

If you suffer from any hand or wrist related issues, gaming gloves can be a huge advantage, but you do need to find the right type of gloves that can best deal with these issues.

Cold Hands

For instance, if your hands are prone to getting cold (and therefore numb) easily, look for gloves that can effectively warm your hands up. These gloves will be made with thicker materials that won’t interfere with your gameplay, such as fleece, knits, and even leather. They are also available in full finger and fingerless options.

Sweaty Palms

Meanwhile, if your palms are always sweaty no matter the weather, video game gloves that are made with more breathable materials would be a better option. These gloves will feature excellent moisture-wicking capabilities to absorb sweat, and have additional built-in materials on the palm to provide added grip and give you better control over your gaming equipment.

Playing Form and Type

Man playing pc games

This one is more about the types of games you play and how you usually play these games. For example, there are competitive games that require repetitive split-second presses of WASD keys over short bursts, and there are more recreational, interactive games like the Sims that let you spend hours of worldbuilding.

If you’re more of the first type of gamer, you need as much precision, accuracy, speed, and control as you can get, so you’ll greatly benefit from quality wrist support and a bit of compression.

But if you’re more of a low-movement gamer, then you’ll better appreciate comfort and breathability, which you can get from a good pair of fingerless gaming gloves.

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Glove Material

It’s also important to consider the quality, construction, and features of the materials used in making the gaming PC/ computer gloves. There’s a considerable list of things you’ll need to watch out for, including:

  • Fabric– good gamer gloves are made with lightweight, stretchable, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics. When worn, the gloves should feel like a second-skin- meaning, they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.
  • Lining– aside from the main fabric, there should also be a thin protective inner lining, usually made of lycra, to reduce friction between your arm and your playing surface.
  • Cushion– ample cushioning is needed around the wrist area to enhance your motion gestures and relieve any pressure or tension that can cause pain and discomfort. Quality glove cushions are usually EVA foam, which is the same thing used in sportswear.
  • Grip– the video game gloves’ palmar section should feature some form of grip arrangement, ideally with isometric rubber, to prevent slippage and let you keep the controller or mouse in your hand at all times.
  • Insulation– finally, if you want some comfort against cold and chilly temperatures, look for  insulating materials like neoprene to keep your hands warm. Neoprene is also great for offering maximum agility and dexterity.


There are vast options on the market when it comes to gamer gloves- or other types of gloves like arthritis gloves that perform the same functions as gaming gloves for PC gaming. These are available in a wide range of price points, and the thing is, inflated price tags don’t always translate to better quality products.

The Vive Arthritis Gloves is a good example- it’s cheaper than high-end gamer gloves but offers the same functionality. Of course, that may not always be the case, so instead of the price, it’s better to look at the product’s value for money. Ask yourself, is this product worth its cost for the quality of performance and features it delivers?

Glove Size

To make the most of your gamer gloves, the first step is to make sure that they actually fit you well. Some gloves come in one-size-fits-all designs that allow for some customizability through velcro or hook-and-loop fasteners, while some are available in different sizes, in which case you can size up or down depending on how much compression you prefer.


With powerful desktop PCs, gaming laptops, and trendy gaming consoles becoming the norm at every household, people are spending more and more hours on gaming. However, extended computer usage and overworking your fingers can cause a myriad of problems.

One of the best and most affordable solutions to this issue is to wear a pair of great gaming gloves. These are good quality, inexpensive, multifunctional gloves that provide exhausted hands and wrists some much needed support, comfort, and symptom alleviation.

You have read above what these gloves can do, how they work, and how to find the best pair that works for your needs as a gamer, whether you play games on a desktop PC, a gaming console, or even a VR set-up. Now, it’s up to you to decide which gloves are right for you.