The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book

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You know when books start to get boring as you get older? I mean reading is cool and all and I’m sure you like reading too, and there are some wicked graphic novels out there as well as classics that can transport you to a different world, but they don’t have pop-ups…

At least, not all of them have pop-ups. Some do. Some even have pop-up zombies.

(Say whaaaat?)

Yeah, the Walking Dead pop-up book has zombies.

(Walking Dead pop-up book??)

Yep. AND it’s 100% for adults (and rebel kids like Carl) only because it’s pretty graphic.


We oldies get some of The Walking Dead merchandise specifically directed at us.

Yep, a pop-up book for geriatric Walking Dead fans. We have successfully surpassed the youth. Thank you, Sir, and good day.