Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2021

When it comes to buying a gaming mouse, every gamer has their own preferences. Some may like a fancy one with lights while others may opt for a minimalistic style. Whereas other gamers are very particular with having the lightest gaming mouse possible.

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When it comes to buying a gaming mouse, every gamer has their own preferences. Some may like a fancy one with lights while others may opt for a minimalistic style. Whereas other gamers are very particular with having the lightest gaming mouse possible. 

For most gamers, a super lightweight mouse is advantageous during games and one main reason has to do with accuracy. Many fast-paced players would rather use a mouse that has a low sensitivity because gamers tend to lift their mouse often. If the mouse is easy to lift, then aiming or making quick adjustments are effortless.

Our Favorite Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Are you looking for the best lightweight mouse that is perfect for you? Then, you might want to read this guide. Read on and discover the 8 gaming-mouse that we’ve listed for you. These mice are outfitted with a lightweight design, superb sensor, and functional switches.

Here are 8 lightweight gaming mice equipped with exceptional switches and excellent sensors

Razer Viper Ultralight Ambidextrous Wired Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 1

This lightweight Razer Viper Ultralight gaming mouse only packs a 69-gram weight. This gaming mouse is distinct from other mice. Instead of punching holes on the device to reduce its weight, it achieved its lightweight without compromising its solid body. Other than its ultra-lightweight mass, the Razer Viper gaming mouse is exceedingly functional and has no holes.

Moreover, this mouse is ambidextrous, meaning it is lefty-friendly. It is essentially for palm grippers but can also be helpful for claw grippers with a bit of adjustment on their part. This mouse is powered by a 16,000 DPI Razer optical sensor, which gives assurance that this mouse works perfectly. In addition, it has excellent tracking, with absolutely no latency.

The mouse’s switches also work efficiently because it is built with a light beam-based actuation. With the Razer Viper Ultralight gaming mouse, button clicks register quickly unlike with the traditional mechanical switches. Additionally, the switches can also do several shortcuts because of their 8 programmable buttons.

  • Ergonomic and comfortably design
  • Solid and crisp mechanical switches
  • Seamless anti-drag cord
  • Ideal for gamers with small hands

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 2

The Logitech G Pro is considered one of the best gaming mice today. This gaming mouse is proven to perform excellently, and offers comfort and build quality. Although this mouse is not the cheapest, it assures users that it is worth the cost.

This gaming mouse was among the first gaming mice to achieve a weight limit of 80 grams, making it twice as impressive since the majority of wireless mice are notably heavier than mice with wires. Due to its lightweight mass and consistent performance, the Logitech G Pro Wireless was made a well-known mouse for e-sports.

Wondering how Logitech G Pro Wireless achieved its lightweight profile? It is through the power-efficient Hero-sensor that allows a small battery. Moreover, its thin and small body size undoubtedly suits all hand sizes, especially in claw or finger grips. The mouse’s proportionate shape both suit lefties and right-handed users and has removable side buttons.

  • Wireless technology with lightning fast speed
  • Top choice for gamers
  • Ambidextrous with removable buttons
  • Infinite power thanks to G Powerplay
  • Ultra lightweight (80g)

Cooler Master MM710 53G Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 3

Lightweight gaming mice are commonly shaped with a honeycomb design, mainly to reduce their weight by creating holes on them. The Cooler MM710 follows this design, thus, making this mouse one of the lightest gaming mice available in the market.

With a weight of only 53 grams, this lightweight mouse can be considered as a gaming mouse for people who are buying a lightweight gaming mouse for the first time. It is simple and very affordable. The Cooler Master MM710 has only six buttons which makes it limited for customization that veteran gamers require.

However, the MM710 can make one feel like a giant, especially if they have big hands. If this is an issue for you, looking at other options may be better. But performance-wise, this gaming mouse is an absolute contender. It is powered by PixArt PMW 3389 sensor, which makes the gaming experience like a breeze. It moves smoothly, lag-free, and stutter-free.

  • Lightweight design with honeycomb pattern
  • Excellent build quality
  • Dirt-resistant exterior coating
  • Small, compact package

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 4

Being ultra-light is not the only thing that makes the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town great, though of course that’s a huge part of it, since this is easily the lightest gaming mouse you’ll be able to find at only 47 grams. Considering that it has a reputation of having an expensive price, this one is sold at a reasonable price being cheaper compared to its contemporaries.

In terms of gaming performance, Ultralight2 Cape Town proves that it is more than what meets the eye. With its PMW 3360 optical sensor, the precision and accuracy of the mouse are smooth and flawless. The mouse’s left and right buttons are made using Omron (D2FC-F-7N0) switches, which greatly contributed to making the FinalMouse.

The Ultralight 2 is created with a thin, soft, braided wire. Because of its swiftness, it is very convenient to use. And since it is rated for 20 million clicks, it is sure to last for a long time. Moreover, this mouse can be made bigger with its so-called “infinity skin,” a piece of foam designed to be attached to the mouse itself.

  • Ideal for gamers with small-medium size hands
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Responsive and accurate sensor

ROCCAT KONE Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 5

With the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse, you’re getting a lightweight package of 66.5 grams in the popular shape that its previous version showcases. Basically, there’s nothing not to love about it. This industry-leading mouse features an anti-wear hybrid coating that makes it durable, dirt-resistant, grippy, and of course, ergonomic.

There’s also a performance finish that guarantees you don’t lose hold of the mouse at any time, even when you’re intensely and competitively playing. The optical owl-eye sensor with 16,000 DPI gives you a deadly pointing precision, and you can even adjust the sensor and maintain sharp tracking and accuracy capabilities. 

Finally, you’ll also enjoy enhanced click mechanics, sizable mouse feet that feature rounded edges, a 2D Titan wheel, as well as a flexible and lightweight cable that makes for an ultralight gliding feel- of course, without sacrificing click accuracy.

  • AIMO illumination
  • Performance exterior coating
  • Sharp accuracy and tracking
  • Right-hand ergonomic shape

G-Wolves Hati Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 6

Although the Logitech G Pro Wireless is considered as one of the best gaming mice that was ever released, G-Wolves were crafty to compete against it. The G-Wolves Hati Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb possesses almost everything that everybody loves with Logitech G Pro Wireless. However, the G-Wolves Hati is said to be better since it is lighter and is cheaper.

The G-Wolves Hati is built with the PMW3360 optical sensor. This industry-standard mouse is delivers exactly as expected even for particularly demanding gamers. But, to be fair, that’s exactly what makes Hati special is its design.

With a measure of 124.2x 57.8 x 39.6mm, the Hati is created with a flexible design and shape so it works perfectly for anyone. Whether you are using a palm, claw, or fingertip grip, it will be doable for you. And regardless of your hand size, this mouse will fit them well, which is very commendable for a gaming mouse.

  • Amazing quality and design
  • Popular amongst gamers
  • Suitable for heavy gamers
  • Solid structure

Razer Abyssus V.2 Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 7

Let’s try looking at the performance features of this new Razer Abyssus model. Its DPI range is only 5000 with no buttons on the side whatsoever. The cursor, however, comes with an optical sensor which honestly performs pretty well. It offers a few nice color choices for the lighting, including cyan, green, and blue. In addition, its weight is decent enough at 83 grams.

Apparently, there is an option for the Razer Synapse software to modify the 4 programmable buttons in the mouse. Right underneath the mouse scrolling wheel, there is a button that allows you to set, as well as move between the DPI profiles. The DPI of this mouse is adjustable from 100 to 5000 DPI in steps using the Razer application.

It is somewhat different from the original side grip, which on either side of the mouse is coated with rubber. This particular mouse is the lightest with 83 grams. The weight and grip of the mouse blends both features, adding to its excellent consistency, which makes it perfect for gameplay. When you swipe the mouse, precision and power are guaranteed.

  • Appealing design
  • Accurate precision
  • Sold at a reasonable price
  • Suitable shape and size for small hands
  • Excellent Tracking feature
  • Lightweight is perfect

If you want to look at more options for ambidextrous gaming mice, check out the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse.

CTBTBESE Z100 65G Honeycomb Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Gaming Mouse Top 8

In layout and specifications, CTBTBESE Z100 is not distinctive at all from Model O because it has the same honeycomb structure. However, it can withstand high pressure on the top and sides. This mouse weighs about 60g without wire but reaches 65g with its 1.8-meter wire, which is still fine. Aesthetic-wise, this mouse looks classic in black color, and RGB strips its sides.

The switches of this mouse are built with the Japanese electronics company, Omron and are said to have a 20 million clicks service life. In general, this mouse has an exceptional build quality and offers all of the required features a gaming mouse should have.

The CTBTESE Z100 65G is an excellent replacement for the Glorious Model O since it offers exclusive specifications. However, it has some disadvantages that we may not notice. Compared with the Model O, this model is more expensive considering its aspects. The cloud software could have been better, but since it saves settings for the user, it is not bad at all.

  • Best-in-class power cord with a shield
  • Great alternative for more expensive mice
  • 65g weight + wire is not bad for a lightweight mouse

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Things To Consider When Buying A Lightweight Mouse

black gaming mouse and keyboard

We always want to make the most out of any hardware purchase that we make. Likewise, in picking out the best lightest gaming mouse, you want to choose which best suits your needs. Although this article mainly focuses on weight, several factors such as design and sensor may also be considered.

To help you narrow down your search in choosing the right gaming mouse, we’ve outlined some important features that you may want to keep in mind when choosing the best lightweight gaming mouse.

You may also check out this guide on the health benefits of using the right ergonomic mouse.


Whether you are buying a premium or a budget gaming mouse, the first feature (and possibly the most important) to consider is the sensor. The sensor of a mouse is located at the bottom of it. This feature tells your computer what commands and movements are being made.

While mouse sensors of today are almost perfect in tracking and precision, the advancement in technology has greatly improved its function through the years. Apparently, for the last five years, mouse sensors now provide completely precise motions and much longer life spans.

Although there seems to be a wide range of sensors on the market today, most of them were created from a couple of originals, including the 3360 and 3389.

However, not everyone requires the best sensor that the market has to offer. It all boils down to your gaming style and personal needs to pick the right sensor for you. For instance, MMO and RTS gamers don’t really need Hero 16K sensors, which should save you some cash.

But if you play competitive CS: GO and want to gain every possible gaming advantage, it’s only wise to purchase the best gaming mouse sensor that you can afford.


Another feature that you would want to compare various mice with is its DPI, short for Dots Per Inch. DPI is a measurement that indicates the mouse sensitivity. DPI determines the sensor count in each gaming mouse, and these sensors are what tracks the mouse’ movements when in use.

Take note that a higher DPI value makes for more sensors, which then leads to a much more sensitive mouse performance. Then again, high DPI counts don’t exactly make the mouse better overall- rather, the number of sensors influences how responsive the mouse is to movement.

You may find that most mice of today have a variety of DPI values, allowing the sensitivity of the mouse to be adjusted depending on the needs of the user.

Wired vs Wireless

When purchasing a gaming mouse, another question is whether to pick a wired or wireless mouse. Since wired mice feature a direct connection to your $1000 gaming PC, they need not be charged from time to time. Also, they do not have to suffer from any input latency.

The most cited downside for wired mice is that the cable can sometimes get tangled and also prevent a full range of movement. It is also considered as another potential wear and tear point for the mouse. Fortunately, these issues were addressed by adding longer braided cables that are constructed from robust and lightweight materials.

The wireless mice on the other hand are mice that are connected either with Bluetooth connections or USB adaptors, which allow users to move freely. However, wireless mice may require charging or battery replacement.

Size and Weight

You may not realize it, but the two incredibly important factors when shopping for a gaming mouse are its size and weight. Apparently, these two factors have a major effect on your gaming results.

The standard gaming mice have fallen exponentially in weight, which now weighs under half of what we once considered the norm before. Lightweight mice allow gamers to respond faster, play longer, and help reduce wrist and arm strain. Consider this: a light mouse works best if you like extended gaming sessions.

gamer testing gaming mouse

Extra Buttons

Extra buttons for modern gaming mice were added in various parts of a mouse. These additional buttons were added for quick shortcuts that can be assigned to a specific hotkey in games. You may find these additional buttons near the scroll wheel or around the sides of the mouse.

Additional mouse buttons can be beneficial to you depending on your personal preferences regarding the ergonomics and function of your mouse, and what games you play


In gaming mice, ergonomics generally means one thing and it is primarily a customized design for either left or right-handed users. Choosing an ergonomically built mouse ensures it’s personalized to the shape of your palm, which provides more support, more grip, and a better gaming experience.

Many mice today are created of various shapes and sizes, including ambidextrous designs that both right and left-handed people can use. Nonetheless, an ergonomic mouse is definitely the way to go if you’re keen on getting a convenient fit.

Now, ergonomics and comfort don’t only apply to the hand you use for gaming, but for your entire body. To keep you comfy and healthy while playing your favorite games, check out these sleek Xbox gaming chairs.

Build Quality

If you are choosing the best gaming mouse, especially one that has a super lightweight design, it is important to examine its build quality. Build quality refers to the overall design of the mouse and the materials used in its creation.

Lightweight mice have lesser weight only because their structural integrity was reduced by the manufacturers. Although it offers an advantage on the weight, it does not guarantee quality and lifespan.

It’s plain to see why build quality might be a major concern, especially when you think about how a mouse is used. Fortunately, all the mice we have selected for this guide assures a very high build quality and built with the best materials.

Battery and Charging

There’s also the battery for wireless gaming mice. Nobody wants their mouse to suddenly shut down in the middle of a game. Nonetheless, long battery life is vital for a gaming mouse. This is the reason why we always suggest wireless gaming mouse that has a maximum battery life of 40 hours.

Likewise, the manner in which your mouse charges would also have an effect here. Although there still mice that use AA and AAA batteries that only need switching out, there still are mice that require to be plugged in with a charger. Most mice will continue to function as usual while they’re being charged, and some can also charge faster by plugging a wire in.

But if you have a budget and are willing to pay more for convenience and efficiency, you may want to try Logitech’s PowerPlay wireless charging that comes with a mouse along with a mousepad that’s compatible with the mouse model you have, which functions as the wireless charger.


It pretty much spoils the mood when you are in the gaming flow but your mouse isn’t going in the flow with you. Jitter is not only upsetting for anyone using the computer but it is also frustrating especially for gamers.

A good functioning mouse that does not jitter will show a smooth line right on the monitor screen parallel to the mouse’s movement. Find out what consumers say about mouse jitter and make sure that the mouse you have in mind does not have a jitter issue.


We may assume that weight is the most important feature in a mouse, but the truth is the grip is nearly more important than a mouse’s weight. A gaming mouse may be lightweight but if it has a terrible grip, it will be annoyingly hard to control.

If you are in an intense game and your mouse slings out during the game, then maybe you should consider switching to a matt and textured mouse.

Lift-off Distance

For a great gaming experience, having a lightweight mouse that has a low lift-off distance is an advantage. It is because a mouse with a low lift-off distance stops moving when it is lifted off of the mouse pad or table a few centimeters away. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes during the game, only purchase a lightweight mouse that has a low lift-off distance.


How can I measure my hand size?

You need to measure your palm starting from the bottom, going up to the tip of your fingers. Then, you need to measure the width as well. These measurements should give you a rough idea of which hand size you belong to.

Will a honeycomb shell mouse get dirty easily?

Unfortunately, yes, since the holes are attractive to dirt particles. However, this can easily be solved by regularly cleaning the mouse.

Is a wired mouse more suitable for gaming?

It actually depends on your personal comfort and preference. Some gamers prefer a wireless Bluetooth mouse since it’s more convenient, while others like the reliability of wired USB gaming mice.


Is the lightest gaming mouse worth it?

Yes, absolutely. You will see the greatest advantage of a lighter mouse in demanding and high-speed battle royale and FPS games, where accuracy and quick aim are of equal importance. For general use, all of the medium and large-size mice we have tested were all entirely efficient and comfortable to use.