Is Computer Science for Me? – Majoring in Computer Science

Choosing a degree to major in is very important as this will be the very core of your studies. It can change the trajectory of your life or at the very least, direct you to a distinct career path. Do you need to know if, “is computer Science for me?”, if yes, read on.

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Choosing a degree to major in is very important as this will be the very core of your studies. It can change the trajectory of your life or at the very least, direct you to a distinct career path. Do you need to know if, “is computer Science for me?”, if yes, read on.

This article covers the basics of Computer Science, like what kind of studies or fields are covered and the skills you will gain. Further information provided will include the applications of Computer Science so you will get an idea of what kind of careers you will find yourself getting into. Plus, the advantages of majoring in Computer Science are also included.

Computer Science Basics

Before you ask yourself, “is Computer Science for me?” You need to understand first what Computer Science is all about. This study is quite broad and covers everything from numerical computation and programming languages to automata theory and computer architecture. Here are some skills you will need if you want to major in Computer Science:


You might be surprised but even if your study is all about the computer, you are going to need a lot of mathematics skills to survive in Computer Science. And this isn’t just simple math, you need reasoning and logic too. You’ll bump into basics like functions, variables, loops, sequencing, algorithms, and conditionals when studying Computer Science.


This isn’t just about Python or Java, when you major in Computer Science, you need to prepare yourself with a lot of programming. Apart from the new programming languages, you’ll also want to brush up on the history of programming—yes, that includes Lovelace and Babbage.

Computer & Technology

Of course, you will have to be familiar with the computer, even the older models. Aside from knowing the history of computers and technology, Computer Science is also about the future. Technology is ever-changing and you will need to keep up with the latest codes, programs, computers, and more.

man writing code on a laptop

Applications of Computer Science

After majoring in Computer Science, you might be thinking that the only job you will get is just going to center around programming, software, or computer development. But that’s not what Computer Science is all about. Here are a few other fields that where Computer Science can be applied:


Having a background in Computer Science is highly beneficial in the gaming industry. After all, games nowadays are mostly played on computers and consoles.

Health & Medicine

The health and medicine industry is also benefiting from technology. With a Computer Science degree, you can become a data scientist and health information technician.


These days, more and more people rely on technology and computers to be able to communicate. You can develop messaging applications or even create one of your own.


Nowadays, music has been relying on Computer Science too. Digital audio technology is making waves and is becoming the standard in the music industry. Just think of all the gadgets and equipment used in studios, and who can ever forget, auto-tune.

Advantages of Majoring in Computer Science

Still can’t answer “is Computer Science or me?” The following are some of the perks of learning Computer Science:


Let’s face it, Computer Science is here to stay. This study will continue to be offered in universities and schools for decades to come. This is a very valuable course to major in as Computer Science isn’t going anywhere.

Many Career Options

As you can see above, Computer Science has numerous applications in various studies and industries. If you major in this course, you will definitely find many career options in the future. You won’t be stuck in a single track but actually have many branches to choose from.

Practical Choice

The things that you will learn by majoring in Computer Science may be used for day-to-day life. It may seem simple to you but not everyone can set up their own internet connection. There are numerous people who have a hard time installing programs on their computers. With the skills and knowledge from Computer Science, you’ll have an easier time with technology in daily life.

Flexible Working Environment

One of the best things about Computer Science is it can offer flexible working options. Do you want to work in an office? There are openings for that. Do you want to work remotely? Definitely, there is a choice for that.

What’s more, Computer Science is ideal for both introverts and extroverts. There are career paths that will allow you to work on your own or work with a team. Whatever you are more comfortable with, the important thing is, you can pick and not be stuck with a work environment you don’t want.

Final Thoughts

The question, “is Computer Science for me?” is something only you can answer. If you have decided on majoring in Computer Science, there are some things you should take note of. For starters, you will need a lot of patience for learning. Also, you will need the best laptop for Computer Science students.

Having your own computer is pretty much a must for any student but more so for a Computer Science student. A computer is more than just a thing where you can learn from lectures. It is an actual tool that you can use even after you have finished your studies—so don’t skimp on it.