The Art of BioShock Infinite Book

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I tried to explain BioShock Infinite to my non-gamer friend last week. What occurred was me, on the tube, rambling on and on about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity without using the words “theory” or “relativity”.

They still didn’t get it, but it didn’t matter as I’d already settled on the explanation of, “BioShock Infinite is amazing. It’s just amazing!”

And it is! And so is the selection of BioShock merchandise you can get.

The Art of BioShock Infinite book is full of concept designs and illustrations of Booker, Elizabeth, the other characters, and memorable stuff found around Columbia like the songbird and airships.

If like me, you thought the game was one of the most beautiful games ever made: congratulations! You’re right! And now you can take home the artwork for yourself.