Best Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter

Playing a racing game on your Xbox is a totally different experience when you ditch the controllers. It’s time for an immersive game of Dirt Rally or Need For Speed with an Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter. This is the next best thing to playing a racing game on an arcade machine—or maybe even better!

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Playing a racing game on your Xbox is a totally different experience when you ditch the controllers. It’s time for an immersive game of Dirt Rally or Need For Speed with an Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter. This is the next best thing to playing a racing game on an arcade machine—or maybe even better!

If you are looking to get a cool gaming setup, having a racing wheel should be included in your list along with an Xbox gaming chair, headset or speakers, monitor, and other accessories. Check out our top picks on Xbox One steering wheels.

Our 5 Favorite Xbox One Steering Wheels

There are dozens of gaming steering wheel with clutch and shifter for different game platforms. But we’ve chosen the following that will work on your Xbox:

Logitech G920

Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Top 1

The Logitech G920 steering wheel gives you a realistic experience on the oval track, the streets, and other racing courses. It is compatible with the Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox One on games like Forza Horizon 4 and F1 2018. What’s more, it can even work on your PC if you decide to give your Xbox a little breather.

The steering wheel comes with all of the important console buttons you can find on your controller. It’s covered in hand-stitched leather for a luxe feel while driving. It also comes with dual-force motor feedback that allows you to feel terrain changes and tire slips. The Logitech G920 also comes with adjustable floor pedals. This Xbox steering wheel with clutch is integrated with the throttle.

If you want a Logitech steering wheel with shifter, you have to buy it separately. The 6-speed Driving Force Shifter is compatible with the Logitech G920. The steering wheel and pedals are also compatible with the Playseat.

  • Easy-access console buttons
  • Realistic yet smooth & quiet operation
  • Pressure-sensitive brakes
  • Works on Xbox Series X and Xbox One + PC

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Top 2

Licensed by both Xbox One and car manufacturer Ferrari, you’ll feel like a pro with the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel. This racing game steering wheel is a smaller replica of that of one of the most popular vehicles by Ferrari. It comes in the brand’s signature red and black plus comes complete with its yellow prancing horse logo.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari isn’t just for looks. This racing wheel boasts durable metal construction with an adjustable wheel sensitivity. You can enjoy precise driving with its included 4 presets. The Bungee cord mechanism on the base of the wheel allows up to 240-degree rotation angles, automatic centering, and linear resistance.

For a completely authentic experience, the Thrustmaster Ferrari wheel also comes with an adjustable two-pedal set plus a wide footrest. It has a secure clamping system, perfect for long races—clamp it on a sturdy table or solid desk, sit on the best gaming bean chair you have, and start your engines!

  • Ferrari Spider wheel replica
  • Bungee cord mechanism
  • Central clamping system
  • Two-pedal set

Thrustmaster TMX PRO

Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Top 3

With a 28cm-/11inch-diameter, the Thrustmaster TMX PRO offers a realistic wheel size for your sim driving. It can even offer 270-degree up to 900-degree turns for precision and control. The force feedback on the Thrustmaster TMX PRO is adaptable and offers you different power adjustment options. Its belt-pulley system is silent, giving you a smooth driving and gaming experience.

Apart from the Xbox One steering wheel, Thrustmaster TMX PRO also comes with a 3-pedal set that is made out of metal. It gives almost the same feel like that of a real high-performance car. You can shift gears like a pro.

It’s possible to get a complete Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter from Thrustmaster to complete your life-like racing games. The Thrustmaster TMX PRO is compatible with the 100% metal TH8A shifter, which allows 2 different shifting styles.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 900-degree wheel rotation
  • Silent and responsive
  • Three-pedal set

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback

Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Top 4

Another entry from Thrustmaster, the TMX Force Feedback offers a drive system that can be adjusted so you can feel details on the road—from bumps and brakes to impacts and tire grip loss. You can adjust the rotation angle from 270 degrees to 900 degrees. The 12-bit resolution on the wheel promises precise driving.

The Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback also comes with a wheel with a diameter of 28cm or 11in. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for racing games from NASCAR to F1. For perfect grip, the wheel has a rubber coating. Instead of noisy helical gears, this Thrustmaster racing wheel has mixed gears and a belt-pulley system plus a metal ball-bearing axle. These equal to a sturdy wheel offering a smooth and fluid experience.

Switching between the system and the game is easy as the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback has built-in buttons. This Xbox steering wheel comes with 2 large pedal shifters.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 900-degree force feedback
  • Official Xbox buttons
  • Two-pedal set

Subsonic SA5156

Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Top 5

Of all the wheels on the list, the Subsonic SA5156 is the only one that already comes with a gearshift lever. You don’t need to buy a separate one and it’s already attached to the right side of the wheelbase. Minimal buttons or on the actual wheel face and there are 13 buttons on the left side of the wheelbase.

The Subsonic SA5156 has double vibration motors plus has sensitivity adjustment. Thanks to a curved base and bottom suction cups, it’s up to you how to use this steering wheel—mounted on a table, on your lap, or even attached to a driving cockpit. You’ll also get a two-pedal unit along with your steering wheel.

One of the fun advantages of the Subsonic SA5156 is it can be used on multiple platforms. It’s not just for the Xbox One but also for Playstations and PC. The Subsonic SA5156 is definitely a complete and budget-friendly option for gamers.

  • Comes with a two-pedal unit + manual shifter
  • Suction cups + curved base
  • Fully programmable buttons
  • Compatible with multiple platforms

The Xbox One Steering Wheel with Clutch and Shifter Advantage

You might be wondering why should you even get an Xbox One steering wheel in the first place when you have probably played Gran Turismo and Need for Speed all your life with a controller?

1.   Enhanced Gaming Experience

With a gaming wheel, you’ll definitely have a unique experience while playing. It’s totally different from simply pressing or pounding on arrow keys. A gaming steering wheel puts you as close to the road as it virtually can.

2.   Competitive Edge

For some players, having the feel of a wheel in their hands and pedals under their feet gives them the edge to win. Again, it’s a completely different experience when you’re simply using an Xbox controller whereas with a wheel, it’s almost like the real deal.

3.   New Challenges

Always getting the gold? If you are getting tired of winning every race an Xbox steering wheel and pedals and shifter might just be the answer for your boredom. You’ll be presented with new hurdles as you try to win first place when racing with your hands and your feet.

Don’t worry though, it won’t be too challenging right away. Many games and wheels can be configured to have assists and even driver AIs so you can easily transition from controller to gaming wheel.

4.   Complete Gaming Setup

You might have the best monitor for Xbox Series X, joystick, headset, and chair but it’s not really complete without a wheel, is it? Grab an Xbox One steering wheel and pedals and shifter for your gaming setup.

Which Xbox One Steering Wheel Should You Get?

When it comes to choosing an Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter, here are some factors you need to consider:

Games & Game Play

This is by far one of the most important things you need to think about but somehow a lot of people fail to check. It always pays to double-check if the racing game or driving simulation you want to play actually works with the Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter you’ll get. Who cares if you got a steering wheel for cheap if you won’t be able to play your favorite game with it?

If you are full-on into driving games on your Xbox One, it’s best to invest in a wheel that is known for being sturdy and durable. However, if you just want to give a steering wheel a try and play every once in a while, then you can opt for a more affordable or budget-friendly option.

Size & Weight

If you have larger hands, you might want to go with an Xbox One wheel that has a larger diameter. It’ll be hard for you to maneuver through driving courses when your hands are uncomfortably gripping a small wheel. At the same time, a heavier wheel allows you to swerve left and right without worrying the entire wheel will jerk around.

The weight is highly important in pedals too. Heavier pedals will be able to give you a more realistic experience. Lighter pedals have a tendency to move around when you step on them, which can cost you your concentration and your game.


You should always check the mount on a cheap racing wheel. If you plan on getting a gaming chair or cockpit, the wheel should be compatible with it. It’s also a good idea to see if the wheel can also be placed on your lap if you are more comfortable in that driving position.


If you have a favorite gaming brand, you might be leaning towards getting Thrustmaster pedals and shifter and that’s okay. Different brands have different specials and offers. Some are able to offer more immersive gameplay others have interesting collaborations, such as Thrustmaster offering an actual replica of a wheel of a Ferrari Spider.


Does the Xbox One steering wheel and shifter come in a set?

It depends on the product you will buy. Not all Xbox One steering wheels come with a shifter but the above listed all come with pedals. Not to worry as there are shifters available in the market. You just have to purchase the shifter separately and make sure that it is compatible with the Xbox One steering wheel you’ll get.

Which is better, two or three pedals?

This entirely depends on your driving style. If you want an Xbox One steering wheel with clutch, then definitely three pedals. Getting a three-pedal set is for players who know or would want to learn how to drive a stick or manual. However, if you prefer driving an automatic and can’t be bothered with a clutch, then go with two pedals.

Is a Kinect needed to connect the Xbox One steering wheel?

No, there shouldn’t be a need for a Kinect to be able to use your Xbox One steering wheel. This should connect directly to your console or your controller.

Is a wheel stand necessary to play a gaming wheel?

You don’t necessarily need a wheel stand to be able to use your Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter. There are actually gaming wheels that you can put on your lap. Some can be clamped onto a desk or placed on just about any flat surface.

A wheel stand, however, might be able to offer better support and stability for your gaming wheel so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Wheel stands may also come with appropriate spots for pedals and shifters so you can experience a more realistic driving position as you play.


The best Xbox One steering wheel with clutch and shifter depends entirely on you. This all comes down to your gameplay, budget, and preferences. All of the steering wheels mentioned above are compatible with the Xbox One and most of the popular racing and driving games on the console.