Best Lego Storage Ideas – How to Organize Legos

No one’s questioning the fact that LEGOs are fun, because, well, they are. LEGOs are some of the best toys you can play with, whether as a kid or a full grown adult. One thing that everyone hates about them, though, is the unspeakable pain that comes from stepping on a misplaced LEGO brick lying on the floor.

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No one’s questioning the fact that LEGOs are fun, because, well, they are. LEGOs are some of the best toys you can play with, whether as a kid or a full grown adult. One thing that everyone hates about them, though, is the unspeakable pain that comes from stepping on a misplaced LEGO brick lying on the floor.

What if we tell you that you can say goodbye to this pesky problem? Say hello to the best LEGO storage ideas that will make playing, organizing, and storing LEGOs and minifigures so much more fun (and pain-free).

Top 15 LEGO storage ideas

We’re sure you’re just as frustrated as everybody else as to how to organize LEGOs. So, in order to help you out, we rounded up the best LEGO storage solutions so you can finally keep those LEGO bricks out of the way, while still allowing your kids to easily be able to play with them anytime.

Akro-Mils 64 Drawer – Plastic Hardware Storage

lego storage cabinet

If you want to find the best LEGO organizer, look no further. With 64 drawers in this Akro-Mils plastic hardware storage, you can’t get any more organized than this. This is one really versatile storage solution for your LEGOs and various other knick knacks.

The cabinet stacks securely, so it can be placed on the floor or a work table. But, it also has keyhole slots if you want to mount it on the wall. The drawers are strong yet flexible, and are see-through, so you won’t have trouble finding stuff without having to open each drawer.

It readily comes with molded lengthwise and crosswise dividers, top and bottom tabs, and finger grips, plus the entire thing is made with rugged and high-impact polystyrene. All in all, it’s the perfect LEGO storage cabinet for odd bricks and minifigures.

  • Polystyrene plastic frame
  • Stable floor stacking
  • Can be wall mounted
  • 8 small dividers and 4 large dividers
  • Approx. 20x6x16 in (cabinet), 6x2x2 in (drawer)

Creative QT SlideAway Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat

toy storage basket

This next one’s not just an ordinary toy basket. It’s a revolutionary 2-in-1 toy storage that works as a play mat, and packs away all those toys as soon as your kids are done playing. All it takes is a quick pull of the bag handles so you can go from integrated play mat to toy bag, and back!

The Creative QT SlideAway is the perfect solution for kids who love to play anywhere but don’t really have the patience to clean up their toys after. When the basket is open and laid flat, it acts as a designated play space with the toys all corralled thanks to the surrounding lip.

The mat is also big enough so that several kids can play on it. Once playtime is over, lift the built-in basket handles, and easy as that, you have a clutter-free spot! The best part? This basket is stylish, and durable too. Remember, it’s as easy as pour, play, and slideaway!

  • 2-in-1 play mat and basket
  • Durable basket with sturdy handles
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  • Approx. 12×15 in (basket), 52 in (mat)

Room Copenhagen Minifigure 16 Display Case

lego minifigure display case

Have quite a collection of minifigures? Showcase them with this Room Copenhagen LEGO minifigure storage case, which has plenty of space for 16 minifigures. Just set up your minifigures on any of the LEGO plates, then close the see-through doors for safe storage.

You have the option of stacking the display cases if you want customized LEGO storage shelves, or mount the LEGO figure display case on the wall with the use of the backside holes so your collection is on display.

This is our best recommendation if you want to proudly display your prized figures and LEGO characters as they take center stage no matter where you place the display case. The entire thing is safe and secure with organized dividers and a stable bottom baseplate.

  • Easy-to-open transparent doors
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free
  • Stackable design
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes

IRIS USA 6-Case Activity Chest with Organizer Top

Activity chest organizer

Looking for a pop of color with some vertical storage solution for your kids’ LEGO bricks and other toys and keepsakes? This six-case activity chest keeps all these toys tucked away while still being easily accessible.

Each of the six cases are removable and feature molded-in handles and snap-tight closures, and the topmost part of the cabinet functions as an organizer, making this an ideal portable kids’ activity station and LEGO organization system.

The cases are also big enough to fit a bunch of folders, coloring books, and other art materials or school supplies, so it’s not only great for LEGOs, but lots of other stuff as well. Simply put, this one’s a great activity station for playing with LEGOs, studying, making art, and more.

  • 6 portable cases with kids’ sized handle
  • Accommodates letter sized papers and books
  • Organizer top with 3 divisions
  • Approx. 12x15x25 in

LEGO Storage Head

lego storage head

Check this out- a giant LEGO head that stores all your other minifigure heads and assorted LEGO bricks. Cool, right? This is a really fun LEGO storage box for your kids’ LEGO bricks and other small toys, and it looks really adorable so your little ones can tidy up with a happy face.

If you haven’t guessed yet, this one’s shaped like the classic LEGO minifigure head, and much like LEGO bricks, the topmost part of the head is designed in such a way that this storage head is stackable and oh-so-steady.

You can even get it in different colors and with different facial expressions to personalize your storage area and really up the fun, even while organizing and storing LEGOs. Really, this iconic LEGO head lets you and your kids have fun while decorating, building, and sorting LEGOs.

  • Durable construction
  • PVC and polypropylene free
  • Made in Poland, for ages 3+
  • Available in 6 styles and 3 sizes

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer

rolling storage cart

If you like the portability of the Activity Chest but would like something that can be moved from room to room with much less hassle and without lifting “heavy weights”, the Honey-Can-Do rolling storage cart is your best option.

It features lots of LEGO storage drawers in varying sizes for all your storage needs, and it’s just so flexible in the way it transforms itself to suit whatever storage solution your room requires. This is why it’s perfect not just for LEGO builders, but also for artists, crafters, and students.

Essentially, this is an easy to assemble rolling storage cart that comes in a sleek design with a chrome frame. The wheels are sturdy and can be locked in place, and the entire thing looks good enough to be in constant display, even in your kitchen or living room.

  • 12 semi-transparent plastic drawers
  • Chrome frame and locking wheels
  • Stable and maneuverable
  • Comes with assembly tools and instructions
  • Approx. 25x15x32 in (large cart), 12.5×9.5 in (drawer)

LEGO 3-Piece Organizer Cubes

Lego organizer cubes

This next one may be travel sized, but don’t you worry, as it can easily store over 500 LEGO bricks. Plus, it’s the perfect accessory for when your kids want to bring some toys along on your next family vacation.

The LEGO 3 Piece Organizer Cubes helps you and your kids stay organized by sorting LEGO bricks by size, color, build, or whatever category you want. Each of the three cubes come with clear tops so you can see which contains what.

Furthermore, the cubes can be stacked together when it’s time to put the toys away, and they also nest inside each other once all the toys are out and the cubes are not in use. They even come with LEGO knob prints! Talk about fun LEGO storage containers.

  • 3 different sized cubes
  • 500+ LEGO bricks capacity
  • Zip top closure with clear EVA window
  • Approx. 3.5×3.5×3.5 in (smallest cube)
  • Comes as a set of 3

UTEX 2 in 1 Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers

Construction play table

What about a full on LEGO workstation that comes with ready made storage drawers? The UTEX construction play table gives you just that, so you and your kids can focus on building awesome LEGO structures.

The tabletop features a built-in baseplate that acts as a construction surface for your LEGO bricks, and it can be flipped if you want a smooth and flat surface for other activities like drawing, playing with train sets, and so on. 

The best part? The storage drawers underneath the tabletop, of course. They make it so easy to keep the play area tidy, and make cleaning up faster, too.

  • Double sided tabletop with knobbed and smooth surface
  • Works with LEGO bricks and other building blocks
  • 2 convenient built-in storage drawers
  • Approx. 25.6×25.6×21 in
  • Available in 4 colors

LEGO Cinch Bucket

Lego cinch bucket

Want an easy, no-frills, portable storage basket for LEGO bricks and other toys? The LEGO cinch bucket is a durable polyester bag with a clear and easy to clean EVA base that serves as the perfect solution for storing and moving LEGOs.

You can fill this bucket to the brim, then simply cinch up the drawstring to secure the contents inside. It’s great for transporting toys from one place to another, including bringing toys on a trip to the beach. In fact, the material is easy to clean, too.

With this bucket, playtime is only one cinch away. With one swift motion, you and your kids can dump the contents out and start creating LEGO brick masterpieces. And, whenever you don’t need the bucket, just collapse it all the way down and get it out of the way. Simple, no?

  • Durable webbing haul handle
  • Recycled polyester body
  • Clear base and cinch closure
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Available in LEGO Red and Blue

Humble Crew Natural/Primary Kids’ Toy Organizer

toy storage organizer

If you’re looking for the biggest LEGO sorting cubs to keep all those toys and other kids’ stuff in one place, check out Humble Crew’s toy organizer. It’s a space saving LEGO organizer box that comes with twelve plastic bins to store all your kids’ LEGOs and other toys.

Each bin has an open top and is easy to access, and they’re removable, too, so cleaning up, organizing, and playing are all fun and easy. The bins also come in two sizes to accommodate various toys, games, and books.

Moreover, with all the different color options available, the bins themselves conveniently double as an educational material to teach kids about color identification and help them develop their cognitive and sorting skills. Sleek!

  • 12 plastic bins (8 standard, 4 large)
  • Removable and interchangeable storage
  • Sturdy engineered wood material
  • With steel dowels for support
  • Available in 3 colors and styles

Room Copenhagen Brick Box

lego brick box

Another amazing LEGO storage box from Room Copenhagen is the Brick Box, which is essentially a way oversized LEGO brick with a hollow inside to store all those tiny LEGOs and minifigures after playtime.

This iconic box design is stackable, just like your LEGO brick toys. Meaning, if you get more than one, you can also have fun with these boxes as you clean up the toys and make giant LEGO structures from stacked brick boxes.

It even comes in different sizes and color combinations, all to make tidying up really fun and playful, rather than feeling like a tedious chore. It’s neat, it’s fun, it’s creative, and it lets you build your very own masterpiece right out of upscaled storage boxes.

  • Upscaled official LEGO product
  • Stackable organization
  • PP, PVC, BPA, and phthalate free
  • Available in 12+ colors and 4 sizes
  • Approx. 10x10x7 in

LEGO Sorting Tray Dividing Set

lego sorting tray

Now, how about a smaller and more compact LEGO storage idea suitable for a small LEGO collection? These LEGO sorting trays are so great for so many reasons, like the fact that there’s lots of divided sections, so you can really sort your bricks by color, shape, and size.

We are talking about nineteen different compartments that will easily hold the pieces for a humble LEGO construction set. The case itself is see-through, it can be bought and used with a lid, then stacked on top of several other cases, and it perfectly fits on the lpd-303.

With all those features, you can really get to organizing your building projects and make for a better building and playing experience. Some of the compartments can even fit a few minifigures. For us, that’s a really good deal.

  • Thick, sheer, and sturdy
  • Comes as a set of 2 trays
  • Stackable for vertical storage
  • Can be purchased with lids
  • Approx. 12x10x3 in

Minifigures Display Case- Thimble Cabinet/ Shadow Box

Lego minifigures display case

What better way to show off your prized LEGO minifigure collection than with a LEGO  minifigure display stand? The Thimble cabinet -slash- shadow box is the greatest way to place your action figures on a standing platform.

It’s a sizable LEGO wall storage that can easily fit around eighty minifigures inside. And, it looks really sleek with its matte black background and brass finishing, which includes the hinges, wall brackets, and door latches. Even the glass door is spotless.

Plus, you can easily tell that this product was designed with a serious LEGO builder in mind, thanks to the grooves on every shelf that are put in place to prevent the minifigures from slipping. Overall, it’s a nice display case for kids and adults alike!

  • Solid wood with felt interior
  • Wall mount brackets included
  • Grooved shelving for security
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Approx. 17x14x1 in

Kids’ Fabric Storage Bin

Fabric storage bin

If you want to keep things nice and neutral while maintaining the carefully crafted chic aesthetic of your kids’ room (or yours), we highly recommend the Granny Says kids’ fabric storage bin, an excellent LEGO drawer organizer that works for other stuff too, even diapers and linen.

It comes in a collapsible, lidless design that makes saving space and transporting convenient, while also making it easy for you and your kids to find whatever you need and take them out from the bin without making a mess of things. Makes clean up easier, too.

To put it simply, this is a simple collapsible storage basket that offers a great storage space for toys, books, clothes, and more. It folds up when not in use so you save valuable space, it has durable handles for an easy time carrying, and it’s got a cute and adorable flower pattern, too.

  • Charming patterns and prints
  • Folding lidless design with handles
  • Sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble
  • Available in 2 colors and 2 sizes
  • Approx. 14x10x8 in

Homz Plastic Underbed Storage

underbed storage

Last but not the least is the Homz plastic under bed LEGO storage, which is actually so much more than for just LEGOs. That’s because it’s so big and spacious that it can easily fit lots of other toys, too, and all without taking up too much space, since it goes right under the bed.

This plastic storage box features ergonomic latches that easily lock and secure the lid and box together. The latches also come with hidden handles that offer a comfortable grip, so you can easily transport the bin to whichever room of the house you want.

More than that, it features a low profile design that easily fits under the lowest bed platforms. The wheels on the bottom also help the box slide right in and out. And of course, it’s also transparent, and stackable, even!

  • See-through plastic construction
  • Ergonomic snap latching closures
  • 4 wheels for uninhibited mobility
  • Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes
  • Approx. 40x20x6 in, 60-quart capacity

LEGO Storage Tips and Tricks

You’ve seen all the best LEGO storage and organizers, but to really make the most out of whichever LEGO brick container or LEGO minifigure case you buy, and to keep your LEGOs as organized as possible, here are a few expert tips and tricks on organizing and storing LEGOs:

Let’s Define Common LEGO Safekeeping Terms

To better guide you through the process of keeping your LEGOs in one place (and in top shape), let us first talk about the three most common terms associated with LEGO safekeeping:

  • Organization is the process of setting rules to help you decide on how and where to keep your LEGOs, such as choosing what containers to use and figuring out which LEGO goes in which container
  • Storage is the physical container that you use for, well, storing your LEGOs
  • Sorting is the process of actually putting each brick and minifigure to their rightful place, which is usually done according to the size, shape, color, etc of each LEGO brick

As soon as you understand these terms and how the process works, you’ll be better armed with the right knowledge as to figuring out exactly what organization system you need for your LEGO collection in order to achieve the results you want, whether it’s displaying your best LEGO architecture set or finding space for the biggest LEGO sets ever.

organizing kids room

The Best Way to Organize Your LEGOs

As long as you know what you’re in for, you can easily organize, store, and display your LEGOs in three easy steps:

  1. Understand your collection. Who plays with the LEGOs? Where do they play? Is the play area in just one spot, or do the players move around the house (even outside)? Are the LEGOs even for playing, or display purposes only?

Multiple players may require a large common play area. Most LEGO storage ideas work for stationary play sites, but you’ll need portable solutions if the LEGOs are often transported from one place to another. If the LEGOs are for display, you’ll need to look for suitable display cases and stands.

  1. Organize your collection. How many LEGO bricks and minifigures do you have? Is your collection relatively big or small? Do you have plenty of storage space in your house? Do you own multiple LEGO sets and would prefer to keep them separate?

More toys mean larger storage containers. If space is hard to come by, you’ll need to be creative, such as vertical storage. If you’re anal about separating things by category, you’ll need a storage solution with lots of divisions, drawers, and the like.

  1. Find the best solution for your collection. Once you answer all these questions, go ahead and look for the best LEGO organization ideas that suit your needs.

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LEGOs are fun, but storing them? Not so much. We hope this article helped you out! Loving any of the best LEGO storage ideas we reviewed above? Let us know in the comments!