Best Gaming Keypad – One Handed Keyboards in 2021

Every gamer needs the best of the best gaming keypad to make their gaming experience even more comfortable and accurate. After all, a gaming keypad that can offer a smoother, and more responsive gaming experience to help you beat your competitors.

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Every gamer needs the best of the best gaming keypad to make their gaming experience even more comfortable and accurate. After all, a gaming keypad that can offer a smoother, and more responsive gaming experience to help you beat your competitors.

As such, gamers have to invest in a gaming keypad that can deliver their needs well. So, we put up a list of gaming keypads that have the accuracy and precision you need. We also indicated the price, performance, specifications, and accuracy of each model.

If you’re a gamer and looking for the best gaming keypad for you, you came to the right article because we are going to show you a list of the best gaming keypads that will surely satisfy your gaming needs.

Top 10 Gaming Keypads in 2021

In this article, we featured a list of gaming keypads that are designed based on the needs of every gamer, especially those who prefer playing one handed. These gaming keypads are called one-handed keyboards because of their function and design.

Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad

Gaming Keypads Top 1

It should be no surprise that our first pick for the best one handed gaming keyboard is a keypad from Razer since it is one of the most well-known brands that offers the best gaming peripherals for every kind of gamer. Case in point, the Razer Tartarus Pro features its customizable design that gives you the comfort you need while immersing yourself in a competitive gaming session.

This Razer one handed keyboard has keys sensitive to pressure, can be programmed in thirty-two ways, and has an analog optical key that is built-in. Just like every gaming keypad, this can also be set depending on the requirement of the game you are playing, which can surely enhance your gaming experience.

What is also mind-blowing about this gaming keypad is that it has a wrist rest that you can adjust, which is good because even after long hours of competitive gaming, your wrist will be fully rested. It even has an option where you can save a custom profile.

  • Features thirty-two programmable keys
  • Designed ergonomically and comfortably
  • RGB customizable lighting

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keypads Top 2

Another known brand for keypads made for gamers is the Redragon. Redragon maintains its reputation to be one of the most popular companies offering high-quality peripherals made for gamers. Just take a look at the Redragon K585 DITI, which boasts of excellent features at an affordable price.

With its eye-catching design and ergonomic shape that can guarantee utmost comfort even after long hours of a gaming session, this will definitely catch every gamers’ attention. The Redragon K585 DITI One-handed keyboard has forty-three keys, seven of which are programmable macros.

This best one-handed gaming keyboard is made with plastic and has an Outemu blue switch, a pretty decent feature for a gaming keypad. The downside is that it is pretty noisy, which can be a pretty big deal for some. But all in all, this is a good gaming keypad that offers top-quality performance.

  • Offers magnetic wrist rest
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Low-priced PC gaming keypad

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Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

Gaming Keypads Top 3

This list wouldn’t be complete without gaming keypads from Logitech. For lots of gamers, Logitech is a well-known brand that can offer good quality mice, keyboards, speakers, and many more.  Their customers are satisfied with the quality of their product, which makes them one of the most reliable brands for gaming peripherals.

The Logitech G13 is a keypad that you can program. It has a shape compatible with your fingers and hands, which makes it comfortable to use. This Logitech gaming keypad offers comfort even after long hours of competitive gaming sessions.

All in all, the Logitech G13 keyboard is a pretty good gaming keypad that has a shape that can offer you comfort because it’s based on the shape of your hands. It also has an onboard LED memory screen which is a definite improvement compared to other gaming keypads available in the market.

  • With on-board memory
  • Features LCD panel
  • Contoured keys
  • Smooth yet firm and durable

SADES Black Switch One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keypads Top 4

Half keyboards catch the attention of many gamers- at least, those who know that these keypads exist. For people who are used to their full keyboard, it might look like a downgrade to them if they shift to a half keyboard. However, SADES introduces a half keyboard that is mechanical to help gamers like you get used with half keyboards.

In fact, SADES one-handed gaming keyboards have a design of a full keyboard but only have the left portion of a full keyboard. This gaming keyboard pad has pretty decent quality, but the only downside is that it sometimes slides around, which may seem annoying if you are in a competitive game.

Basically, this is a one-handed mechanical keyboard as per the name of the product. It has black-colored keys, and it also has a black switch that has a fast trigger. Trust us – you can play with this one-handed gaming keyboard well. Although the switches may be a little noisy (which can be annoying to some), all in all, these keypad’s keys are built well.

  • Offers thirty-five non-programmable keys
  • Features black mechanical switches
  • With 7 color static blacklight
  • Plug-and-play ease of use
  • Durable for long term use

One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gaming Keypads Top 5

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard that has thirty-nine keys with a portable design and a keycap with two colors, then go for this one handed gaming keyboard and mouse combo from the brand Bufeng Mountain. This gaming keyboard can be used in a room with a low light without hurting your eyes. It is also compact, so you can easily carry it anywhere.

This gaming hand keyboard is designed ergonomically. It is durable and stable compared to others because the joints are reinforced. For PUBG players, you do not have to worry since this gaming keypad has keycaps made and customized for PUBG. These keys even have labels so you can easily understand what their function is, and the tactile feedback is quite sensitive.

This gaming keypad also has a wide palm rest that can support your wrist while you immerse yourself in a game. This is a pretty decent size for a palm rest with which either big or small palms can fit easily. Finally, this gaming keypad’s shape is designed to help the gamers with their postures to avoid discomfort.

  • Offers a durable USB braid
  • Features 6 quick response buttons
  • DPI adjustable in 4 levels
  • Comes with many-hued backlights
  • Wear-resistant and non-slip design texture

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Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

Gaming Keypads Top 6

Another excellent option from Razer that caught the attention of many gamers is the Razer Nostromo PC gaming keypad. This Razer hand keyboard has three parts- thumb controls, keypad itself, and wrist rest. The main goal of all these different parts is to give you the comfort you need.

For starters, you can easily adjust its wrist rest by pulling it off first, then placing it on a spot that you are comfortable in. Plus, just like any other Razer product, this gaming keypad is durable enough to last for a long time. It also features a joystick that is placed ideally to make it comfortable for you no matter the size of your hands.

What’s more is that this gaming keypad with joystick is built with glossy plastic material, which makes it easy to use. It is also designed to fit in small places which is convenient for gamers who have a cluttered desk.

  • Offers a programmable and directional eight way thumb pad
  • Can store up to twenty profile
  • No need to register the keys

Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keypads Top 7

If you are interested in a gaming keypad with forty-six keys, then the Delux T9 46-key Single Handed gaming keyboard may catch your interest. Although you cannot program every key like other gaming keypads shown in this article, this gaming keypad can still offer you plenty of keys. In fact, you can program 32 out of 46 keys, which is pretty negotiable.

Truth be told, in most cases, too many keys are not ideal for everyday gamers. Only those professional gamers or diehard gaming enthusiasts can use every switch and know its purpose. Having said that, this gaming keypad is made for professional gamers, and it can be quite challenging for beginners to use this.

What we like about it though is that this gaming keyboard is shaped ergonomically, and under the wrist, there is a non-slip mat so there’s no need to worry about slipping your hands while immersing yourself in a competitive gaming session. Its keys are even placed in a position where you can avoid clicking the wrong key, which is surely convenient while gaming.

  • Budget-friendly gaming keypad
  • 32 out of 46 keys are programmable
  • Comes in mechanical switches
  • Well-spaced keys
  • Space-saving and light

AULA Excalibur One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keypads Top 8

Another option for gamers who prefer medium-sized gaming keypads is the Aula Excalibur one-handed mechanical gaming keyboard. This one’s wonderfully designed in a traditional look yet has the features of a modern keypad. This alone makes this PC keypad worth every penny you spend on it.

One interesting feature is that this gaming one-hand keyboard comes in a black matte color and a circular shape. It also has macro keys that you can program, and has plenty of use with an LED backlight.

It boasts of 30 keys that you can fully program, plenty of hotkeys, plus a thumb pad that you can customize in 8 ways to make yourself comfortable while you are in a gaming session. If you are a beginner and you worry that you might have hard time programming keys, worry no more because you can easily program the keys of this gaming keyboard.

  • Features programmable hotkeys and macros
  • Excellent performance
  • Multifunctional mechanical gaming keypad

GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1

Gaming Keypads Top 9

If you’re not really particular with programmable keys and are simply looking for a half keyboard, the GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1 might interest you. Unlike other options featured in this article, it only has four programmable keys, which can be a good thing for beginners because it is less hassle for them.

You can find the programmable keys on the keyboard’s right corner (it has a label of G1 to G4) which you can use to easily assign macros or edit their function. Another good thing is that the wrist rest is large and detachable, and it has textured WASD keys. Plus, you’ll also find a USB connection.

This half gaming keyboard features a phenomenal twenty-nine switches that are also responsive. Every time you press the keys, it can be registered right away because of its anti-ghosting rollover. The lights are also customizable, which is ideal for gamers who really want the aesthetics.

  • Half keyboard with 29 keys
  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Can be used either wired or wireless
  • Textured WASD keys
  • Can support mobile

ACEPHA T9 Pro Gaming Keypad Gameboard

Gaming Keypads Top 10

Last but not the least, the ACEPHA T9 Pro Gaming keypad gameboard is another option for those who prefer an easy-to-carry gaming keypad. This is one of the best gaming keypads that comes in six essential and numeric keys.

It also has a soft wrist pad that is made for your comfort even after an all-night gaming session with your friends. There is a big button located on its right corner of this gaming keypad, which is a replacement for a space key. Every key is easily registered, made possible by the rollover of 16 keys.

This gaming keypad is ideal for MOBA games because every key is available. It also has ergonomically designed spacing making it comfortable to use for Fortnite gamers. Although this gaming keypad might be too flashy for the liking of some, it is still a pretty good keypad that offers good quality performance.

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Affordable yet durable
  • Comes in 7 backlight colors

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Gaming Keypad Buying Guide

We all know that you want the best one handed keyboard without sacrificing anything, especially your budget. So, we put together a list of things you should consider when choosing the best gaming keypad for you.

Switch Type

The very first thing you should consider when looking for a gaming keyboard or a keypad is the switch. The most recommended one is a mechanical switch since it has profound feedback. Although, membrane switches are another affordable option, and they are also silent compared to mechanicals.

Wired vs Wireless

Some gamers might have a hard time deciding whether they will go for a wired or wireless gaming keypad. But, one thing is for sure it is all about your preference. Do you prefer to loosen up while gaming, or do you wish to be in a firm position and make use of your spacious table? It is all up to you at the end of the day.

If you go for a wired option, however, don’t forget to account for the cable length in order to make sure that you can position your keypad anywhere you want rather than being too close to the monitor at all times.

Which is better? A wired or wireless mouse? Here’s an article that answers your question.

Profiles and Macros

Who wouldn’t want to customize their keypad’s macros, especially considering that there are some games where it would be much convenient if the keys have straightforward keybindings? Luckily, a lot of gaming keypads available in the market offer a feature where you can customize the keys depending on your needs.

For instance, you just finished playing Fortnite, and you want to play World of Warcraft. With certain macros set up, you can easily hop into different games from time to time without any inconvenience.

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mechanical keyboard with colorful backlight

Lighting Effects

The gaming community agrees that an RGB keyboard is necessary for it improves your FPS, plus it can also enhance your performance in-game. And, a lot of people would prefer a gaming keyboard that has plenty of lighting effects. Some people even prefer their motherboards, monitors, and mouse pads to have lighting.

Who wouldn’t want a backlit gaming one-hand keyboard where you can customize the illumination? Razer and Logitech mostly have a gaming keypad that you can sync with other of your peripherals so that it can show similar lighting effects, which can satisfy your eyes.

Comfort Level

When it comes to choosing any gaming peripherals, you should always consider your comfort. Immersing yourself in a game for a couple of hours may tire your muscles which can cause long-term, even irreparable damage.

Besides, playing games while your hands are in a cozier position may increase your gaming performance. So a gaming keypad that provides comfort while playing is a huge plus for every gamer. The keypad’s design, key spacing, and the placing of the joystick should always be considered because these determine how comfortable to use your keypads are.


Playing games with a one handed gaming keyboard might be a little tricky for some. With that in mind, a gaming one-hand keyboard is not exactly complete without its joystick companion. Although, if you own a half keyboard which is literally a cutout of a full keyboard, you can decide whether or not you will be needing a gaming keyboard with joystick.


Of course, your spending budget is another important thing you should take into account when looking for a gaming keypad. Always consider a gaming keypad that has the premium features that you need, but can also fit your budget.

There are lots of gaming keypads in this article that are affordable. Although their performance may not be as good as other products from famous brands like Razer and Logitech, they still work great and can be a pretty good alternative for more expensive models.

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Having the best gaming peripherals may result in better gaming, and a gaming keypad is one of them. We covered a list of different gaming keypads in this article that may fit your preference. There are some gaming keypads that give you all the convenience while gaming in one hand, joystick, and other controls that are compatible in one hand gaming.

Although, switching from a two-handed keypad to a one-handed keypad may be quite challenging and needs a little more time to be used to control. Thankfully, however, there are plenty of brands for you to choose from that are famous for offering top-quality gaming keypads.